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Oh I so want her

Well we started chatting on a local chat site we both married and so dying to explore sex out side marriage.
Her hubby doesn't give her the orgasm she so craves and I don't get to experiment in the bedroom.So I guess both our sex lives are so boring.Our chats started out friendly at first then lead to our boring sex lives to my suprise we both wanted the same things in the bedroom just pure raw sex with mind blowing orgasms.
So we arrange to meet after sending our private pics back n forth boy was she an absolute goddess why her hubby doesn't enjoy all dat still keeps me baffeled.

So we met at a local mall she was totaly shy since all dat was on our minds were all those nights of steamy sex chats. She wore a simple jeans n t but her heels were nice n long making her butt stick out like a dream I couldn't help my self but just had to grab it she turned around looking shocked I just placed my lips onto hers and with in a second our tounges were twisting in each other. The passion n the lust between us was so intense as soon as we got to the car park she look arnd scared and she didn't say a word I guess the shock was so intense I kissed her again pulling her towards me my hands on her butt my cock as hard as a rock she sure felt it poke her her thru her jeans we started making out my hands feeling every curve of her clothed body oh she smelt so great her lips tasted like strawberries her hair smelt like a garden of roses.

If I could have I'm sure I would have taken her there n then.

Her cell rings she wakes up from the dream it was her hubby looking for her his home early from work and as reality hits the both of us we knew it dat was the one and only time we were gona get to spend with each other and here her hubby just blew it but till this day I wish I had just taken her.

Well atleast as she jumped into her car she losend her jeans and shove a finger into her honey pot and pulled it out shoved it into my face the smell was so intoxicating and I slipped it into my mouth wow she tasted so sweet making me want her even more then she told me she had to go giving me one last kiss.

So here I am still dreaming of having mind blowing sex.

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