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The dream that became real

ok wear should i start? I guess we could start while I was at work.

While I was at work at the movies i walked in on my coworkers haven sex only iut wasnt normal sex i had no idia latoya was a hermaprodite.

They didnt notice me cuse i was watching them all of a sudden i seen a 13inch cock go into jack ass hole then he said mm yess harder she started saying she going to pee in him he said no but she said to late then she said mmm i can feel ur shit on my dick she then stuc his dick in her pussy as she fucked his ass for some reson my dick was geting real hard my cock is lick 10 inches now my cock bumped the door and latoya turned and looked at me ass she started raming him harder while looking at my dick then I ran off I thought nothing of it cuse I didnt want to be a fag i whent to my office booth.

I started dozen off then I feel asl**p in my dream i was walking around in one of the thearters it was dark then all of a sudden a porno pot on the screen to lesbiens with a duble sided dildo wure fucking i sat down look around then started watch i slowly started rubing my cock as it got hard then i unzipped and started rubing.

Then while I was watching the porno in my dream all of a sudden i couldent move this black women with huge duble ds apeared from under my set and started sucking my cock real hard like she was trying to drink my pee.

She began fingering my ass I struggled but couldnt move still.

Then her tongue got real long like 20 inches and she slide it up my ass hole mmm i said cuse it felt so could i couldnt contral my voice i moaned load then i woke up cuse my coworker bob said i was asl**p it time to go home so i drove home and whent to bed then in my dream i was at the movies but this time i was geting off and get out the door when these threr naked girls walk up and start kissing me wee head back in the thearter through the back and goto were the movie projects from and the rip my cloths off then start sucking my cock they bend over and i start fucking them mmm yesss ass the other wan licks my ass and the other sits on my face. all of a sudden i feel her ass hole get hoter and biger and i feel her booty checks get huger and larger and rounder then i open my eyes cuse i feel nothing on my ass or dick and theres that black chick agen i here her say lick it bitch then i start licking thing she just a chick she starts moaning and sucking my cock then i feel som thing long start to grow down to my dick i feel her puusy geting wet she say close ur eyes so i do then she starts sucking my dick then she stck her tongue in agen she said let contenue were we left off i said wat then her tongue was in my ass soo deep i thought she was in my stumic.

she said open ur mouth i said y im give u something sweet then i did and she stuck something hard and sweet in my mouth it tasted so good i had to open to see wat it was and i freeaked it was i gient black super dark black dirty cock that had coten candy on it she said bitch i didnt saY U COULD LOOK THEN SHE STUC IT REAL DEEP I FELT GO INTO MY STUMIC TRHOUGH MY MOUTH I STARTED BARFING UP FOOD ASS SHE BEGAN SHUVING IT ALL THE WAY IN MY ASS I FELT PUSH ON MY STUMIC ASS SHE f***eD IT IN AND OUT OFF MY ASS I THEN WOKE UP MY ASS WAS HURTING AS IF IT REALY HAAPEND I GOT DRESSED AND WHENT TO WORK THE BOSSED SAID I HAD TO WOKE IN THE THEARTER CLEANING WITH LATOYA TO DAY i freaked said y he said she needs help i said fine then we got into are last thearter i herd something lock but i thought it was just up stairs she said i saw u yester day and it made me wet all day i said how u wure fucking jack she said that cuse i pretended he was u .

realy i said y cuse ur soo hot and cute i said realy she said im inlove with u i said no ur not ur lieing she said let me prov it she got on her ness then started stroken my dick she said i know u let me when i seen ur hard dick yester day that when i know i could have u baby i used jack cuse u been teaseing me all day with ur nice booty then she bent me over and tarted to lick my ass i said dont then i fel her tongue go deep then grow in side me she said i know u dream off mee i said how is that she said cuse i dream of u she said dose it plesure u baby i said yes dont stop she said ur shit tast good on my tongue then she puled her dick out and started sliding it in my ass hole she said how about that baby my dick got hard i said mmm harder then it happend she rammed me soo hard her cock actly when in side my stomic she said it so hot in side u then she said im going to cum i said no she said i cant stop feels so good haaaa yess fuck then my stumic startid get fat as if she filling me up with cum and she is then she pulles it out and her cum spilss out all over the floor then she pust her pussy on my facce im lickingh it real good as she sucke my dick i start to pee in her mouth and she actly startes drinking it then i start fucking her pussy and sucking her di k then we both cum inside each other after words we clean up if u like this story message me ok

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