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The Club

As I leaned against the counter waiting for the pizza to heat, I watched her. Vanessa moved with the grace of a dancer. She was stunning, and I was so in love with her. I had tasted every square inch of her and still couldn't get enough. As hungry as I was for food, my pulse raced with the thought of making love to her again. For the thousandth time, my pussy tingled with anticipation. I rubbed it as I thought back to how Vanessa and I became lovers. It had been one of the most interesting nights of my life.

I was a partner in a corporate law firm with a spacious corner office and a magnificent view of downtown Los Angeles. I had been with the company for five years generating millions in revenue. One of my biggest clients was the Gay & Lesbian Coalition. The perks that came with my job included a six-figure salary, a new BMW every year, a plush apartment in the valley, and use of a secluded cabin getaway in the mountains. I was 33, married once and divorced-no c***dren. My life was my work; I was totally married to the firm. Other than client dinners and official company functions, I had little social life; no, I had no social life. My last date was almost a year ago. That was also the last time I had sex; and not very good sex, either. Unfortunately, lovemaking was not part of my 12-hours-a-day schedule. My most intimate lover was made of plastic and came with batteries.

Last week, my secretary, Cindy, along with Pam, one of the firm's legal clerks, said they wanted to take me out to celebrate my birthday. They promised that they had something special planned. At first, I declined but they kept encouraging me until I gave in. I admitted that I could use a distraction, no matter what is was, anything to get away from my work for a few hours.

We left straight from the office in Cindy's car. I still had on my business suit, heels and hose. As much as I tried to get them to reveal where they were taking me, they gave no hints, only giggled and said I would love it. Both girls were in their early twenties and I had heard they partied hard. They tried to hide it but I could tell from the way they looked at each other that they were lovers.

We arrived at a prestigious office building in Hollywood; one I'd visited a number of times for meetings with clients. We entered the elegant lobby and walked over to the elevators, our heels clicking on the marble floor. The gleaming brass elevator doors opened with a whoosh. Cindy gave Pam a wink and pushed the button for the penthouse. When the doors opened again, we entered a small, thick-carpeted lobby. Directly ahead was a double-door entrance to a suite. The name on the brass plate read Satin Sheets, A Private Club. A young, attractive receptionist sat behind a desk next to the door.

"Good evening, ladies. Do you have an appointment?" she said.

"Yes," said Cindy, nodding toward me. "It's in the name of Leslie Morgan."

The girl smiled warmly at me. "Oh yes, Ms. Morgan. It's your birthday, right?"

I nodded, growing more intrigued by the moment.

"We're going to make it special for you," she said.

"Very special," Pam echoed with a wide grin.

"Sign in please." The girl opened a guestbook.

I took a beautiful feather quill pen and signed where she indicated.

"Have fun," she said with a wink.

The receptionist pressed a button and the doors swung open. Cindy and Pam each took an arm and led me into a dark room. The doors closed behind us and as my eyes adjusted, I realized I was in a lavishly decorated lounge. There were two-dozen or so candlelit tables, the flickering flames created warm, orange islands. The room was carpeted in a rich red texture and there was the rhythm of rock music coming from a small dance floor in the middle of the room. I could see couples at many of the tables, and the dance floor was packed. As my eyes adjusted, I saw that all the couples were women and realized I was in a very high end, exclusive lesbian nightclub.

My mouth opened slightly and I stood frozen as I looked around. I had heard of such places but this was my first look inside one.

"You okay, Leslie?" Cindy pulled on my arm. Then she saw the expression on my face and for a split second, I saw her turn pale. Her eyes grew large and she covered her mouth with her hand. "Oh my God Leslie, we just assumed . . ."

"Oh, shit," Pam said. "Well, Cindy, you've really fucked up this time."

"You assumed I was gay," I said.

"It's just that with your biggest client and no men in your life and all." Cindy stammered.

Even in the low light of the room, I could tell she was embarrassed.

"We can leave right now," Pam said, starting for the door.

"Wait." I reached for her arm. "Look, I think this is really sweet of you both, and I'm touched that you wanted to do something so special for me." I smiled at them both. "It's just that-"

"We're so sorry, Leslie," Cindy said. "I won't blame you if you never forgive us."

"Ms. Morgan?" A beautiful, tall woman in an exquisite evening gown walked up. The front was cut to her navel and a slit up the side went to her waist. It did little to hide the fact that she was naked underneath. She extended her hand.

"I'm Melody, your hostess. We have your table ready."

I considered telling her we had changed our minds and were leaving but I hated making Cindy and Pam feel bad. After all, they had the best of intentions. "Tell you what," I said, turning to them. "Since we're here, let's have a drink, listen to a few songs, and all go home with no hard feelings. Okay?"

"Are you sure?" Pam asked.

"Yes." I smiled. "I'm sure."

Melody led us to a table near the dance floor. She took our drink order before leaving. We sat in silence for a few moments as we watched couples dance. I noticed that the women were all elegantly dressed; I even recognized a few from the society pages. There was a great deal of money represented. I also knew that some of them were married so this must be a secret and very expensive diversion from their normal lives.

"We're really sorry," Pam said after a few moments of awkward silence.

"No more apologies," I said, smiling. "I'm fine. It was a sweet idea. I'm touched that you wanted to give me such a nice gift."

"Actually," Cindy said, "This isn't really the gift."

"What do you mean?" I was definitely surprised.

"Well, the real gift is . . ."

Pam said, "It's for someone to . . ."
"To what" I said. "What are you talking about?"

"Satin Sheets is a lot more than just a dance club," Pam said. "It's a-"
"It's a place where you can arrange a date," Cindy said sheepishly.

"A date" This was getting crazier by the moment.

"More than a date," Pam said. "Much more"

"Explain," I said. I couldn't believe what was hearing. Were they insane? But I also couldn't believe how my heart fluttered and my pulse quickened at their erotic suggestion. Had they really arranged for a woman to be my date, to have sex with me? And all I wanted was something to take my mind off work. Be careful what you wish for, girl.

"We started planning months ago, Leslie. Pam and I wanted so much to see you smile. You know, get out, party, have fun, and enjoy something besides work, work, and work."

"We pooled our money and bought you a night at Satin Sheets," Pam said.

"And just what does a night at Satin Sheets consist of?" I asked.

A petite young girl dressed in a micro-mini, stiletto heels, and a silk vest appeared to deliver our drinks. Her vest was open in the front and she wore nothing underneath. My eyes went from her face to her naked breasts and back to her face.

She gave me a "thanks for admiring" smile and said, "Are you the birthday girl?"

"Yes." Not only were her breasts beautiful but the rest of her as well.

"You're a very lucky lady," she said.

"Why is that?" I asked.

She leaned in close, her bare breasts inches away. "Vanessa." She smiled as she turned and walked away.

I looked from Cindy to Pam. "Vanessa?"

"Your date," Cindy said.

A blast of heat swept through the room-at least I felt it. My palms turned sweaty and nervous perspiration formed rivulets between my breasts. I felt my crotch moisten and start to itch.

Cindy and Pam smiled broadly.

"Are you all right?" Pam asked.

"Yes," I said, taking a long sip from my drink. God, just thinking her name made me sweat. I was curious about the date Pam and Cindy had arranged for me. Did I have the courage to stay and see what would happen? If I did, would I have sex with her? My heart hammered against my chest and I wondered if Pam and Cindy could hear it over the driving rock music.

"We can leave if you’re really wanted" Cindy said. "But we've already paid for your birthday gift. It would be a shame not to . . ."

"Not to get laid?" I said with a nervous laugh.

"Leslie," Cindy said. "Have you ever . . .?"

". . . Made love to a woman?" I completed her question.

They both nodded.

"Yes." I watched expressions of relief on their faces. "My roommate in my last year of college was a lesbian, and she had an enormous crush on me. There were two beds in our dorm room but for a couple of months, one of them hardly got used. She kept a constant grin on my face." I smiled at remembering how much fun it had been.

"So you'll consider staying?" Pan said.

"Well . . ." I hesitated.

"Ms. Morgan?"

I looked up to see Melody.

"Yes?" My heart fluttered.

"Everything is ready."


"This way" She extended her hand

I looked pleadingly at Cindy and Pam but their smiles gave me no way out.

"Have fun," Cindy said, slipping her arm around Pam's shoulder.

"Lots of fun," Pam said.

"You too," I said, standing on shaky legs.

"We always do," Pam said, giving Cindy a kiss on the cheek.

I nodded at Melody that I was ready to follow. This was it. She took my hand, leading me toward the back of the room.

"Is this your first time?" she asked.

"Pardon" I watched the slit in her dress reveal incredibly long legs and the bare curve of her bottom.

"At Satin Sheets"

"Oh, I thought you meant . . ."

She smiled. "No, I'm sure that a woman with your beauty has many lovers. I was just wondering if it was your first time with us."

"Yes, my first."

"I hope it will be memorable."

She took me through a large door and we entered a long hall, lined with many rooms. The lighting was soft. Each room had a gold plaque with a different symbol of the Zodiac on each. We stopped in front of Capricorn.

"Here we are," she said.

Melody opened the door and I entered the most beautiful bedroom I'd ever seen. It was candle-lit and warm. There was a large sectional couch along one wall, dark blue wallpaper and d****s, and a huge canopy bed. The sheets were cherry-red satin with thick pillows. On a table, an assortment of liquors, wines, and a tray of fresh fruit lay waiting.

"We've tried to anticipate your every desire," Melody said. "There's even a delicious assortment of girl toys in the bed stand." She winked. "We do love our toys, don't we?"

I could only nod as I breathed in the faint aroma of incense.

"Happy birthday, Ms. Morgan," Melody said. "I hope it will be one you'll never forget."

It already was, I thought as I found myself alone and more nervous than at any time in my life. I tried to control my breathing. Slowly, I walked to the bed, felt the sheets; walked to the couch and sat. I was getting cold feet big time. Was it too late to leave? I wanted to run and yet, I tingled at the thought of what was about to happen. If I left, I could just tell Cindy and Pam that I would reimburse them for whatever they had spent. That was it; I'd go now before it was too late. I stood and took a step toward the door.

"Hello, Leslie."

Her voice came from a far corner of the room-a dark corner I had not noticed. I strained to see her but she was hidden in the shadows. She must have been there all along.

"You seem nervous."

"I am," I said

"Don't be. Not tonight."

She stepped into the soft glow of the candles and I gasped. She was stunning. Her silken blonde hair framed her face and caressing her shoulders. The luminous gray-blue eyes reflected the heat of the candle flames. She wore a flowing robe that hung from her like smoke. Her milky white breasts formed perfect globes above her midnight-black lace bra. Below a flat stomach was a mere wisp of bikini panties-the narrow cloth patch, black to match the bra, was slightly wider than her slit. Her labia peeked out from each side, pink and baby smooth. Her legs were long, slim, and bare-high heel sandals exposed delicate feet and delectable toes. She was a vision of erotic seduction. And she was about to make love to me.

"I'm Vanessa," she said, walking across the room to stand before me. She smiled, touching my cheek. "Happy birthday"

"Thank you." I trembled like a schoolgirl on her first date. Her fresh, clean fragrance excited my senses.

"They told me that tonight is a present from your friends. I hope you're not disappointed."

I shook my head, finding it hard to make my mouth work.

"Would you like something to drink? It might help you relax."

"Yes, that would be wonderful."

I watched her walk to the side table-each movement sensual. The way she shifted her weight said she knew exactly how to use her body to excite me. It was working. Her hair seemed to be blown by an invisible breeze; her beauty overwhelmed me. Every nerve in my body went into hypersensitive overload. My skin tingled. I could not remember ever being this aroused before.

Vanessa brought me a small crystal glass of Amaretto.

"You're not having any?" I said, taking a sip.

"I'll quench my thrust the first time I make you come."

That did it. "Oh my God," I said as my legs went limp.

"That's so sweet," she said with the warmest smile as she brought her hand to the back of my neck. "This is going to be fun." Then she kissed me. Her lips were as delicate as butterfly wings; they tasted like desire. "Can I undress you?" she whispered.

"Please," I said, wanting desperately to have her lips on mine again.

Vanessa slipped her hands under my jacket, pushing it back over my shoulders. Her palms grazed my nipples causing sparks to shoot down between my legs. She smiled as my jacket dropped to the floor behind me. Then she started unbuttoning my blouse. "I want you to tell me everything that pleases you, Leslie."

"All right" At this point I would have told her anything if she promised to do it to me.

Her delicate fingers worked like quicksilver. In seconds, she opened my blouse like unwrapping a priceless gift.

"For instance," she said, pushing the garment over my shoulders and letting it fall. "Do you like being eaten?"

"I love it." Although it had been a long time since someone went down on me.

She ran her fingertips down my bare arms and took my hands in hers. "When you're alone at night and you make love to yourself, which hand do you use?"

I squeezed her left hand with my right and she brought it to her lips. "Which finger?"

I indicated my middle finger.

"I'm so envious of this finger," she said, taking it into her warm mouth.
Vanessa ran her tongue along its length in the most arousing, obscene, erotic thing anyone had ever done to me. I was suddenly on the brink of an orgasm.

Vanessa made love to my finger while her eyes were locked on mine. Then she kissed my fingertip. "And when this is bathed with the warm cream from your orgasm do you like to taste yourself?"

"Yes." I was burning at the stake.

"So, after I eat you, you'll enjoy tasting yourself on my lips?"

"I've got to sit down," I said, as the room started spinning

"I won't let you fall, lover." Vanessa slipped her robe off and it floated to the floor like soft morning mist. She reached around running her hands up my back while softly kissing my neck. She smelled like springtime. My heart raced. I never felt her unclasp my bra, but suddenly it was gone.

"You're beautiful, Leslie." She caressed each breast before placing a kiss just above my nipples.

I had to do something before I fell. I also need to taste her mouth again. Taking her face in my hands, I pulled her to me and we kissed softly, seductively. I reached around and unclasped her bra, then brought my hands to her breasts, feeling the warmth of her alabaster skin.

Vanessa unclasped my belt and skirt. She whispered in my ear, "Leslie, do you like to make love or do you like to fuck?"

"Do we have time for both" I giggled, never having considered the difference.

"We have time for everything," she said, running her tongue around my ear.

She squatted and pulled my skirt down, her face only inches from my crotch. She steadied each leg as I stepped out if it. Then she removed my heels and slipped my hose down and off. I was naked except for my panties, which were soaked.

Vanessa leaned in, placing a soft kiss on the thin material covering my sex. "You're already wet," she said, inhaling deeply. Then she hooked a finger in the elastic and pulled the front down exposing my thin patch of fur and finally my slit. "This looks delicious," she said, kissing my moist lips.

Her warm breath on my vagina made me tremble. I felt my clitoris throbbing, and when she touched it with the tip of her tongue, I came.

Vanessa wrapped an arm round my ass to steady me while she covered my pussy with her mouth. I heard delicate sucking sounds as she drank every drop I gave her. When I stopped shaking and caught my breath, she spent a moment licking me clean.

"I want more," she said, looking up and running the pink tip of her tongue over her lips.

"I think there's still a lot more down there," I said, feeling like the ecstasy dam was about to break.

"Now that we've got that first little orgasm out of the way," she said, "Let's get down to business."

"Okay," was the only clever thing I could think to say, my vision was blurred, I was dizzy, my body tingled, and I had no idea how I was able to remain standing. There was a blast furnace roaring between my legs and I could have injured someone with my nipples.

Vanessa led me to the bed and had me lay on my back in the middle; my head propped on thick pillows. As I watched, she sat on the edge, brought her foot up and unclasped her sandal-each movement slow and seductive. She repeated with the other foot. Then she stood, untied the string holding the tiny bikini, and let it drop away. Like a sleek cat, she slipped onto the bed, stood, and straddled me-her hands on her hips. She spread her legs, showing me her beautiful bare sex. Her labia was pink and puffy, the slit open slightly letting delicate inner lips peek out. Her hood barely hid her swollen clitoris. A soft moan came from deep inside me as I realized that what she offered me I wanted to the point of pain.

Vanessa spread herself open with her fingertips. Candlelight reflected off her moist, pink inner walls. She pulled her small hood back and her pearl popped out. "You like?" she asked.

"I love." My heart pounded as my mouth and pussy watered. All I could think about was sucking that beautiful clitoris and tasting those sugar walls.

She slid a finger in, and when she took it out, it glistened in the soft light. "You're making me very wet, Leslie."

"Fair is fair," I said, feeling drops of moisture running down to my ass.

Vanessa got on her hands and knees, and positioned herself over me. I watched as she let our nipples kiss. Then she lowered herself. That first rush of skin on skin took my breath away. I wrapped my arms and legs around her, determined to never let this angel get away. She brought her lips to mine and we kissed. Our tongues danced together as I tasted the sweetness of her mouth. Our pussies found each other and became slippery as we rubbed them together.

Then Vanessa broke our kiss. "We're getting ahead of ourselves," she said with a grin. "Were supposed to be making love but there's definitely fucking going on down below."

"Is that so bad?" I asked, almost begging.

She put her fingertip on my lips. "Fucking comes later. Love making comes first." She kissed me softly and then started placing kisses all around my face. Soon, she worked her way down my neck and was poised over my breasts.

I used to have nipples. Now they were rocket nosecones ready to blast off. When she took the first one into her warm mouth, the boosters ignited. I tried to touch her but she held my hands down at my sides while she gently licked and sucked each nipple. Soft kisses were place all round each breast. My chest heaved and she stopped for a second and looked up at me.

"Relax, lover," she said. "We've got all night. Just enjoy." But her breathing had increased drastically.

"Vanessa, I'm on fire for you," I said.

Something changed in the way she looked at me, almost as if I were no longer a customer for the night but someone she might even care about. She seemed surprised I had feelings for her.

Vanessa moved up and looked deep into my eyes. "You really want me?"

"Is that so hard to believe?"

"The women that come here only need me to get them off and then leave. I never even get turned on doing it. But you've got me flowing like a river."

"Then I vote we fuck that river and make love later."

Her eyes sparkled as she smiled. "I second the motion."

I attacked her mouth with mine, kissing like maniacs. My thigh came up between her legs and we were humping like whores on payday. Wet pussies squished and our sweaty tummies slapped. My ears filled with the sounds of slurping and sucking, squealing and moaning. Suddenly, I could wait no longer. "I want to eat you," I said between grunts.


"Hurry," I said, out of breath.

Vanessa manoeuvred around until she faced the foot of the bed. Looking back, she carefully lifted her leg over me and positioned herself inches from my hungry mouth. I saw what I wanted and my heart leaped. She was pink, swollen, and so aroused. Her lips flared open like a flower and her clitoris was completely exposed. Streams of honey ran down the insides of each thigh. I pulled her ass to my face and shoved my nose into her wet hole. From somewhere deep inside me, I growled like a lioness about to feast. My first lick was from her clitoris all the way up to her rosebud anus. I breathed in a mixture of bitch in heat and the perfume she had dabbed between her legs. And the taste was a banquet of salty sweat, tangy female musk, and thick, sweet girl-cum. My lips curled around her throbbing clitoris and I sucked it hard before assaulting it with my tongue. At the same instant, Vanessa spread my vagina and started a licking fury. We were obscene. To call it fucking was polite. It was raw, a****l, and alien.

I went from her pussy to her ass and back in a frantic attempt to devourer everything. My face was covered with saliva and cum. The harder I licked, the more she gave me. Our bodies, soaked in sweat, squirmed and jerked, arched and entwined. We rolled back and forth in fuck frenzy.

Like an avalanche, the orgasm swept over on me. At the same instant, Vanessa's cum thickened, her hips moved in quick jerks, her toes curled, and she stiffened. I hugged her ass tightly and sucked her clitoris as I came, giving her a flood of honey. Her pussy quivered and a short squirt of hot cum shot into my mouth. I savoured it for a moment then swallowed, waiting for more. I was not disappointed. As I sucked her clitoris again, I was rewarded with a second squirt that I quickly swallowed and hoped for a third. I brought my knees up and locked my legs around her. As Vanessa gave me my second orgasm, I again took her clitoris between my lips and sucked hard. This time she filled my mouth with three quick squirts. I swallowed and lapped her pussy, licking up every drop.

I ran my hands over her ass, placing soft kisses on her pussy-adoring it worshiping. It was so beautiful in the afterglow of sex-a pink, slippery oyster. Then I realized she was doing the same thing between my legs; kissing my vagina tenderly as it trembled with tiny aftershocks.

Finally, Vanessa rolled onto her back, her chest still heaving. I took her hand and we interlocked our fingers. I turned on my side and kissed her leg, rubbing her soft thigh and tummy. Then I slowly turned around, lying beside her. I propped up on my elbow and brushed the long blond hair from her face.

"I just went to heaven," I said.

She caressed my cheek. "I can't remember when I've come that hard. It was wonderful."

I scooted closer and lightly touched my lips to hers while I played with her nipple. Then I whispered, "Now that we've fucked, let’s make love."

Vanessa wrapped her arms around me and we held each other tightly. Our hearts beat together as we bodies entwined. We kissed for a long time, soft, gentle, sweet. Hands roamed, exploring, memorizing, and loving.

"I can't believe what you're doing to me," she said, sounding almost helpless. "This has never happened before."

This exquisite creature, this sensual woman, this delicious vision, was melting in my arms, and I in hers. In the soft glow of the candles, I looked into her eyes. "I never want this to end."

"I know," she said, and kissed me.

Our tongues explored the warmth of our mouths as our bodies moved slowly and seductively against each other. I trembled, knowing where that delicious mouth of hers had been only moments before. I sucked her tongue and remembered it licking me to the most incredible orgasm of my life. Suddenly, being with her meant more to me than anything else in my world. I was adrift on the deep blue ocean of her eyes, lost in her soft, strong arms, warmed by her sweet breath, seduced by the dampness of her fleece against my thigh, and d***k on the scent of arousal from between her legs. I was falling in love.

We made love again and again until the night was over. When it was time to leave, I took her home with me. I called in sick and we spent the entire day trying to wear out our pussies. Within days, Vanessa had moved in with me. The following weekend, we made the drive up to the firm's secluded mountain cabin. I arranged ahead of time for it to be a special night. We arrived at sunset, and rather than going inside, I took her down to the lake nearby to see the moon rise.

The woods were quiet, only the chirp of crickets filled the cool autumn night. We walked hand in hand to the water's edge and watched the moonlight shimmer off the lake.

There we stood in silence for a long time. Then I looked at Vanessa and saw more than moonlight in her eyes, I saw love.

"Will you love me forever?" I said.

"Longer," she said. We interlocked our fingers and she squeezed my hand.

I pulled her into my arms. She felt wonderful against me as our breasts pressed together. "I thought I had everything," I said. "I thought I was truly happy. Then you came into my life and I realized I had nothing before that moment."

"Oh, Leslie," Vanessa said, kissing me.

I adored her mouth so warm and delicious; those incredible eyes that were always smiling at me; suddenly she was my entire world. I couldn't get enough of her fingertips on my bare arms, the freshness of her corn silk coloured hair, the spice of her skin, the heat from her sex on my face. It had only been a week and yet my hunger for her had grown into a constant craving. The thought of Vanessa lying in my arms with our naked bodies intertwined made me swoon. I craved her breath in my ear whispering my name, begging me to never stop loving her. I needed her lips on my breasts, biting and teasing until I screamed. And I trembled at how she filled my mouth with her sweet ambrosia at the instant of ecstasy.

Our kisses grew deeper and our hearts raced. She ran her hands through my hair, knowing it drove me crazy.

"Let's go to bed and make love," I whispered, looking into her eyes.

"Yes," she said, breathlessly.

Arm in arm, we walked back up the trail toward the cabin. Inside were candles casting golden light around our bed, and topaz satin sheets waiting to caress our naked bodies. There was ruby wine in goblets to warm us, and a crystal bowl of fresh cut strawberries to sweeten our lips and flavour the secret places we shared so completely. Most of all, there was love. It filled the room just as surely as the scent from our aroused sex, telling the world that two precious flowers were about to spread their petals and come into bloom. It was pure, soul-bearing love between two women who could not live another day without each other.

We slowly undressed each other and stood in the glow of the candles sipping the wine. Vanessa was radiant; her smooth, flawless skin resembled a work of art.

"You're exquisite," she whispered, running her hand across my cheek, down my neck, and through the valley between my breasts. "I need you more that air."

We stared deeply into each other's eyes as I cupped her breast, letting my thumb make love to her nipple. I stepped back and let my gaze wander from her lips down her long neck, drinking in her beauty. She watched as my eyes drifted to her thin, V-shaped patch of fleece. She shifted slightly, opening her legs enough for me to see the object of my desire. I grew light headed at the sight. The hand of Venus had sculptured her; a pink lily flared open and ready to bathe my tongue in its nectar.

"Are you hungry?" she asked, knowing what I wanted.

"Starved", I leaned forward and kissed the top of her breast. Then I knelt; my eyes feasting at her beautiful sex only inches away. "Am I dreaming?"

"No, sweet baby," she said placing a finger under my chin and drawing my gaze up. "What you see is yours." She traced my lips with her fingertip "Yours completely."

I kissed her palm before she caressed my cheek and lovingly played with my hair. I set my wine goblet aside and placed both hands on her high, broad hips. Leaning in, I kissed her fleece before lowering my face. I inhaled deeply, letting her fragrance excite me. Heat ignited between my legs like a furnace. My breasts swelled, my nipples itched, and moisture rushed out of me.

I turned and kissed her thigh; tiny kisses forming a line back to her Mons. I repeated the kisses on the inside of her other thigh, always coming back to the centre of the universe. Vanessa's scent grew stronger as she responded to my loving. I kissed her moist lips and let my tongue venture out just enough to capture a drop of dew on her petals. I envisioned the busy bee collecting nectar, happy in his work.

I relished the flavour like a rare vintage. Then the bee buzzed back into the heart of the flower.

"Oh my God” Vanessa said, moaning.

This time the busy bee worked harder to find the nectar, searching deeper, convinced there was an abundance hiding inside.

"Oh Leslie!" she said, squealing

I felt her hands on my shoulders; her legs became unsure.

I reached around, venturing down the silky valley between her cheeks. At its deepest point, it was moist, warm, and so inviting. Searching, I came upon its most secret place: her small portal of endless pleasure. While I focused all my kisses on her moist pussy lips and my fingertip gently probed her delicate anus, I slipped my other hand between my legs. My fingers ran through my damp fur and spread my lips open. I slid two fingers up inside. Floodgates opened, soaking my hand.

Vanessa teetered. Her outer lips turned dark pink and puffy as bl**d rushed to them, intensifying her pleasure. I bid her tiny rear entrance farewell knowing I would visit later and brought my hand back around. I placed my thumb just above the hood of skin protecting her most precious possession. Pressing in slightly and pushing up, the hood retracted revealing her treasured pearl. I formed a small circle with my lips and embraced it. I was now at the very core of her sex.

This time Vanessa could not speak but only sucked in air, leaning all her weight onto my shoulders. I immediately retreated, placing a soft kiss on her clitoris and extra kisses on her fully unfolded flower exposing the dark moist entrance. I stood and moved her to the bed where we could experience soft skin on skin, breasts on breasts, lips and tongues eager to please and penetrate, fingers that roamed and searched until they found hidden places where they could disappear inside. And words of love, whispered and prayed, cried and screamed.

I lay down and pulled her to me; the first touch of our bodies pressed together brought moans of pleasure. The subtleness was over. The slow, erotic dance was ending. The gentle foreplay was a memory. Suddenly we were cannibals feasting on female flesh, driven by a lesbian hunger that seemed unquenchable. Fires burned out of control and all we had to extinguish them was the moisture from our mouths. It was a feeding frenzy as two busy bees found their flowers and licked up the dew that flowed freely. Our bodies became one, our hearts pounded out a rhythm of lust, and cries of passion filled the cabin. We made love on satin sheets. We were in love. We gave love.

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