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Handjob Holly - Part 2

As Holly wiped the rest of the spunk from her wrist and forearm, she noticed one of the directors crossing the studio from the darkness behind the cameras. 'Oops' she thought, 'This is not good'. He was older than the demo guy she had just wanked off, and was always smartly dressed for work. He came face to face with Holly, who was fearing the worst.
"We are claiming we have technical difficulties until this is sorted" he said. "In the meantime, can I just say... that was spectacular!"
Holly broke out in a wide smile. "Well thank you! I do try my hardest. But shouldn't we..."
"No no no, it can wait." he interrupted. "I was recording and watching a feed upstairs from these guys". He gestured towards the visibly turned-on cameramen. "It's the hottest thing I've ever seen to be honest".
Holly beamed again. This guy was in his early 60's, a big plump guy, always jolly. But for now he seemed different, an emotion Holly had never detected in him before. She glanced down and saw a definite bulge, and all became clear. "Frank, are you struggling with that?" she asked, biting her bottom lip. Frank was embarrassed like the model was and began muttering and shuffling his feet. "It's fine" she smiled. "Keep those upstairs busy. Boys?" she looked at the cameramen. "Record this!"
Now it was Frank's turn to gasp and blush. Holly unbuttoned his trousers and whipped them straight down to his ankles, then straight away went for his shorts. They came down too to reveal Frank's excited dick. "Lovely" breathed Holly. She took hold of his semi-hard cock and stroked it slowly. Even as it stiffened to it's full length, it wasn't as long as the model's, but it was much fatter.
"Oh my God Holly" he gasped. "That feels wonderful. My wife doesn't do this any more."
As she slowly wanked him up and down, she discovered her fingers couldn't reach right around it's girth.
"Aww, poor Frank" she teased. "Does she never do this either?" She pulled him by the hand towards the sofa and pushed him gently so he fell onto it. As he sprawled backwards on the seat, she fell to her knees between his legs and plunged her red lips down over his cockhead.
"Aaaahhhhhh" he cried, looking down at the angel blowing him. "Oh Holly it's been so long for me. I've dreamt about this for years!".
Holly stopped sucking and looked up into Frank's red face, still wanking him. "Cum for me Frank. I know you really want to", she said. Then she took his cock into her wet mouth again. The cameramen were there, recording the action for the guys upstairs who were probably tossing themselves silly. "Guuuuuuhhhhhh" shuddered Frank, instantly close to the point of no return. She wanked the base of his cock fast while stroking his huge hairy balls, much to his delight, and the cameramen's. One of them had his cock out!
"Oh God", moaned Frank lurching forward. "Oh I'm...". He was trying to warn Holly of his impending climax, but she didn't care. She ran her tongue all around his glans inside her mouth and sucked extra hard. Poor old Frank had no chance as his balls churned and he shook heavily. "OOOOHHHH FUUUUUUCK!" he bellowed as a big blast of spunk coated Holly's tonsils. She squealed and took his cock out, smiling broadly and licking the fat shiny bellend as the tossed the rest of his spunk out. Frank grunted and groaned as his hot semen streaked up his belly, and for the first time in his life, on a face. Holly made sure she made some of Frank's cum hit her face as she knew he would enjoy seeing it.
When he'd finally finished, he slumped back with a sigh. Holly licked her fingers clean again as the cameramen filmed her, now with raging cocks of their own.
"Holly" gasped Frank, covered in his own spunk. "Come to my office tomorrow for lunch, I think it's time we discussed a pay rise for you."
"No problem" smiled a spermy-faced Holly. "Can't wait!".

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