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Hot F A M I L Y Fucking

-= Chapter 1 =-

"Oh, Mom!" Billy gasped. "Oh, shit, I'm sorry! I guess I should have locked the door!" Kathy stood motionless in the open door to the bathroom, gaping wide-eyed at her naked son as he dripped water on the tiled floor. Billy was the younger of her two boys, and she'd u*********sly continued to
regard him as a mere c***d, despite his age. But what she was staring at now proved that at least in one critical area Billy was fully grown. His enor-mous, half-swollen cock hanging between his thighs would have been more at home on a donkey than on such a slender,
innocent-looking young boy like Billy.

Kathy instantly felt her pussy moistening and the nipples of her firm, round tits stiffening through the thin terry-cloth of her robe as she stared at her son's big prick. Her face reddened at the same time... how could any decent woman feel sexual desire for her own
son? she wondered.

"I... I'm sorry, Mom," Billy apologized. He grabbed a towel from the rack, swiftly wrapped it around his waist and edged past her into the hall. "I guess I'm getting into bad habits while Kenny's away. I'll remember to lock it next time."

Billy disappeared into his bedroom, shutting the door behind him. Kathy leaned against the bathroom wall and took a deep, quivering breath. The image of her c***d's huge, man-sized cock was branded in her mind's eye, and her pussy was throbbing as she thought of his cock. Her pussy was growing so wet that she could feel the moisture of her fuck-juices on her inner thighs.

Only three days before, her eldest son, Kenny had madea pass at her. It hadn't amounted to much, just a leering attempt to prolong an innocent, maternal embrace, and a warm, lecherous hand stroking her full, peach-shaped ass through her panties. But Kathy had been horrified that Kenny would want to make a pass at her.

Kenny was now spending the week with Kathy's k** s****r, Debby, across town. Kathy had explained the problem frankly to Debby, who had once worked as a teacher's aide in a high school. Kathy desperately hoped that Debby would be able to help Kenny with his bizarre desire to fuck his own mom. Though, Kathy knew, it wasn't really so surprising after all. It would have been different if she'd been ugly, but Kathy was an incredibly gorgeous woman.

Her hair was long, wavy and golden blonde, framing a beautiful, blue-eyed, ruby-lipped face that had aged little in her thirty-seven-years, and which stilll earned her frequent offers to be a professional model. She was a bit taller than average, with long, show girl
Legs, a slim waist and the kind of full, firm, saucily- wiggling ass cheeks that men couldn't resist pinching whenever she dared to venture outdoors in shorts.

But her best features were her incredible tits. Kathy's shoulders and bone structure were delicate, almost girlish, and yet her tits were huge... two great, firm, milky-white melons that jiggled invitingly in even her most restrictive D-cup bras. Her nipples were luscious, too... a deep red in color and as wide as a baby's palm, with rubbery tit-buds that protruded nearly an inch when she was horny.

She was nearly always horny these days, Kathy thought shamefully. Ever since the divorce, she'd begun finger-fucking herself, first one, then two, then even four or more times a day. Her pussy got dripping wet when she did housework in the morning, and, even after jacking off, her cunt was frequently just as hot and wet when
she went to sl**p at night. Countless men had offered dates, but she'd turned them all down. The men she was really attracted to, in spite of all her shame, were her own two sons.

Yes, yes, yes! Kathy thought miserably, groaning with frustrated lust. It had turned her on so, so much when Kenny had fondled her ass she'd had to send him to Debby's or she would have wound up fucking him. And now... the completely accidental sight of her second boy's enormous cock, his massive tube of fuck-meat hanging so enticingly between his young, muscular legs.

A sudden image of herself sucking Billy's giant cock flooded into Kathy's mind. She imagined herself on her knees, whipping her fist, furiously up and down his big, stiff prick, slurping loudly and shamelessly on his cock-knob. The flush in her cheeks turned nearly crimson, and Kathy realized that she'd lost all control over herself.

`Yes, oh, yes', she thought dazedly. `I need to fuck my
own son!'

-= Chapter 2 =-

Shaking with lust, the fuck-hungry mom impulsively left the bathroom and went to Billy's room. She knocked lightly, her heart pounding in her chest.

"It's open." She entered his bedroom, her short, terry-cloth robe swishing around her naked thighs, her big, firm tits jiggling braless as she moved. Billy was reading in bed, with the covers bunched around his waist and the light from the nightstand shining on his lean, bare torso. Kathy stared shamefully at his bulging crotch as she sat on the edge of the bed.

"What's up, Mom?" Billy asked, grinning. "You gonna give me a lecture about keeping the bathroom door locked?" "No," Kathy whispered distractedly. "I... actually, I was going to use it as a... as a sort of opportunity, Billy. You're really getting to be a growing boy, honey. I think it's time we had a little talk about sex."

"Oh, that," Billy said, and laughed. "You can save yourself the trouble, Mom. I already know about all that stuff." `Hmmm, you do, do you?' Kathy thought feverishly. `Has some little teeny-bopper been fucking and sucking herself silly with your big, beautiful prick?' Suddenly, Kathy felt jealous, and that just made her hornier. "Billy!" she blurted suddenly. "Did you know that you have an extremely large... um penis... for a boy your

Billy looked at his mother curiously, surprised by her boldness. Kathy instantly felt her cunt throbbing even harder as she realized that her son was trying not to look at her big tits. Deliberately, she squirmed in a way that made her robe's waist sash loosen, so that Billy could see even more of her deep, spongy cleavage. "Yeah, sure I knew," Billy mumbled. "I mean, I can tell from looking at other guys in gym class. Some of them
even... you know... said stuff about it."

"You know, I know what it's like to be so sexually endowed, Billy," Kathy said, again nearly blurting out the words. She gestured at her tits. "I've had these since I was just a girl. Other girls used to tease me, and the boys... well, they all wanted to fuck me, Billy. It's alright to use that word with you, isn't it?"

Billy just stared at her, and his face reddened. The robe had now gaped open to her waist, exposing her navel and girlishly-rounded belly, and the inner slopes of her enormous, milk-white tits. Billy stared hungrily at his mother's tits, and Kathy suppressed a moan as she saw the obvious stiffening of his formidable young prick under the covers.

"Billy!" she blurted. "Why are you staring at Mommy's tits like that?" "I-I can't help it!" Billy mumbled. "Is it making you horny, son?" Billy was too shy and confused to speak. Kathy stared, transfixed at his crotch. Her youngest son was really getting a hard-on, a cock so stiff and massive that it turned the covers over his waist into a tent. Kathy couldn't control herself. She shuddered as she slid her hand down, resting her fingers feverishly over his huge prick.

"Mom!" "Is looking at Mommy's big tits what's causing this, Billy? " Kathy asked, feverishly squeezing his prick through the covers. "There's no need to be ashamed of it, darling. Boys your age get stiff, throbbing cocks all the time. It's perfectly natural. Tell me, Billy, would you like to see Mommy's tits?"

-= Chapter 3=-

Billy just gaped at her. By now, Kathy was so horny that she knew she'd go mad if she didn't start sucking or fucking very soon. Her fingers trembled as she completely undid the waist sash then shrugged the short robe off her shoulders. Billy's eyes bulged as he gazed at his mother's naked tits, at the crimson, suckable nipples protruding a full inch from the creamy surface of her incredibly firm-looking breasts. "Oh, Mom!'

The boy's eyes were all over his mother's gorgeous naked body, and when she saw his gaze on her hairy crotch, Kathy opened her thighs wide, giving her son a good long look at her moist, gaping cuntslit. Billy's man-sized fuck-tool bucked and throbbed under the covers, obviously as stiff as a prick could get. Kathy's mouth watered as she realized how desperately she longed to suck the salty prick-juice out of her son's hard young cock.

"Oh, son, this really is making you horny, isn't it? Oh, sweetheart, I know you can't go to sl**p with a cock so stiff. It would hurt too much, and you'd have an awfully wasteful wet dream. Here, Mommy better give you some relief." Kathy pulled the covers to the foot of the bed, exposing her boy's naked body and his gigantic, stone-hard cock. His incredibly long, fat pole of meaty cock-flesh arched stiffly over his belly, capped with a puffy, helmet-shaped knob that oozed milky pre-cum. Kathy's mouth watered as she stared at her c***d's magnificent cock, imagining herself slurping down his cum. "Oh, Billy, what a monster!" she said.

Kathy slid her robe off completely, then knelt naked on the floor, facing the bed. "Sit up here, honey. Right on the edge of the mattress. Mommy's just got to take care of that big, beautiful prick for you”! Billy did as his mother asked, red-faced yet trembling with lust. He gazed down at her, his huge fuck-pole throbbing right in front of her face. Kathy whimpered with i****tuous passion as she wrapped both hands around his prick, amazed that so much of his stiff cock still protruded from the grip of her fists. "Does this feel good, Billy?" The shameless mother asked, jacking her son's prick with her hand, pumping her fist fast and hard up and down his huge throbbing erection. "Does it, honey? Is this making your cock feel better?"

"Y-y-yes, Mom," Billy stammered. "Oh, yes! "It feels good to me, too, Billy!" Kathy hissed. She beat his cock-meat as fast as she could, excitedly watching the pre-cum oozing from his piss-hole. "Would you like Mommy to do something to make your cock feel even better?" "Y-yes!"
"All right, Billy!" Kathy said. "I'm going to suck your prick for you now, honey. I don't want you to tell anyone about this, but I don't want you to feel ashamed of it, either. Because Mommy really wants to suck your prick, Billy. Mommy wants to an awful, awful lot. Will you let me, Billy? Will you please let me suck your big, fucking prick?" Billy just moaned. Kathy dropped her hand, pressing her lips in a lewdly sucking kiss on the spongy tip of his prick. She tasted the pungent saltiness of her c***d's cream, and her pussy ached as she imagined how much cum was stored in his balls, how much of his hot, sappy jizz would soon spew down her throat.

Gradually, the naked mother let her lips part, making loud, wet, smacking sounds as she took her son's cock deep inside her mouth. Hungrily, she licked her tongue around the swollen length of his prick-shaft, delighting in the taste of his fuck-rod. Kathy shut her eyes, concentrating on nothing else in the world but the taste and feel of her son's cock in her mouth. She started sucking, her cheeks flushing brightly and puckering with her suction around the tasty stiffness of Billy's fuck-meat. Kathy clung to her son's cock with her hand, holding up his wand of prick-flesh as she slurped and sucked loudly on his cock-tip.

-= Chapter 4=-

Up and down her head bobbed, shamelessly fucking her face with Billy's giant fuck-stick. "Oh, Mommy!" Billy groaned. Dazedly, he looked down at his naked mother, shocked and excited by the spectacle of his cock-loving mom with her lips stretched to bursting around the steely stiffness of his prick. "Harder, Mom!" Billy dropped his hands to her head, curling his fingers in her long, golden blonde hair. He bucked his lean hips off the bed, nearly choking his mom as he tried to jam his cock farther between her lips. "Harder! Oh, fuck, Mom, I'm stiff now! Suck it, Mom, suck my cock!"

Encouraged by her son's eager words, Kathy sucked his fuck-pole even harder. His hot, salty cum-juice was oozing heavily out of his piss-hole, promising a gusher of jism soon to come. Kathy bathed his prick-head with her tongue, eager to lap up and savor every drop of his spunk. His prick was growing even stiffer, pulsing rhythmically on the roof of her mouth. Kathy knew she had her son close to blowing his wad. Relentlessly, she sucked on his aching cock, the bedroom filled by the constant slurping, gurgling sounds of the frantic blowjob in progress. Her hand jacked on his fuck-rod again, frantically beating his cock up to her cock- filled lips. "I-I'm gonna cum, Mom!" Billy yelled. He pulled her hair gently in his excitement gasping and wiggling his hips on the edge of the bed. "Ungghhh! Oh, fuck, you're such a good cock-sucker! I never knew my prick could feel this good! Please, keep sucking it as hard as you can!"

Kathy obliged her horny son, sucking his burning prick as hard as she could. Her fist was a blur as it whipped up and down his cock-shaft, urging his load of juice to spray out of his balls. Kathy moved her other hand between his thighs; sighing around his cock as she felt the heaviness of his hairy, wrinkled ball-bag. Lovingly, she fondled his congested balls, slurping and sucking madly on the rigid stiffness of his prick. "I'm making it, Mom!" Billy cried. "Oh, fuck! Please keep sucking! ARRUGH! I'M CUMMMMMMMING!" Billy's creamy torrent of cum blew into his prick- sucking mother's mouth, splattering on the roof of her mouth, then shooting past her tonsils down her throat. Kathy clung happily to her boy's erupting cock, feverishly gulping and swallowing as she sucked, determined to nurse down every drop.

His jism was delicious... the tastiest cum she'd ever swallowed in her life. And his load was every bit as huge as she'd hoped it would be. A tidal wave of cream blasted again and again out of Billy's cock, making his prick pulsed wildly between her lips as it vented its load of boiling sperm. Kathy swallowed every drop. Her swirling tongue cleaned the last traces of jism off of his prick-head. She jacked her fist up and down on his cock, as if hoping to coax out even more cream. Finally, flushed with both
shame and passion, Kathy slid her wet lips off of his rock-hard saliva-dripping prick.

"Well!" Kathy exclaimed nervously. She felt a little frightened by the knowledge of what she'd just done to her boy. She Shamefully licked the stray drops of cum from her mouth. "That was... that was quite a step we just took, Billy. I hope you don't feel... feel ashamed of yourself, for letting Mommy suck your prick." "No," Billy murmured. "I don't feel ashamed!" There was a long silence. Kathy continued to stare hungrily at bobby's giant prick. She realized, with an ever-worsening ache in her pussy that his cock wasn't softening at all. If anything, his saliva-covered prick looked even stiffer.

"Why, B..Billy!" Kathy gushed. "You've still got a huge hard-on. I guess Mommy' sucking didn't really provide you the relief you need after all, did it?" Billy didn't answer. Kathy could feel her pussy-lips pulsing in and out. Her clit felt very swollen, and Kathy knew that nothing could gratify her horny little clit-bud the way a good licking could.

-= Chapter 5 =-

"Billy, I know all this is new to you," Kathy said. She rose to her feet, her long legs flashing and her enormous tits jiggling as she joined him on the bed. "And I do want to give you a chance to explore my body. I'm going to lie down next to you darling, and you can do anything to Mommy that you like!" Kathy sprawled on her back beside her c***d, wiggling her ass on the sheets, spreading her long legs very wide. Billy turned onto his side next to her, gazing wide-eyed at his spectacular voluptuous mother. Kathy whimpered as her horny c***d slid his hands up her waist, filling his fingers with the weighty, spongy softness of her enormous tits. Lewdly, Billy Kneaded and massaged her gentle tits, rubbing his palms across her rubbery distended nipples.

"Ungghh! Oh, Billy, that feels so good! Suck them, baby! Oh, my sweet, sweet baby, suck Mommy's tits!" Billy opened his mouth wide and lowered his head, wrapping his lips eagerly around one wide, crimson nipple. He sucked her goose-bumped tit-cap very hard, as if he were a nursing baby again, trying to suck milk out of his mother's tits. Billy cradled her huge breast in both hands as he sucked it, coating Kathy's firm
creamy tit-flesh with a slick sheen of saliva. "Ungghhh! Oh, Billy! Suck the other one, honey!"

Billy switched boobs, sucking his mother's other enormous tit even harder than he'd sucked the first. Kathy spread her thighs even wider, shuddering and moaning as she started to buck her ass excitedly off the bed. Her pussy throbbed rhythmically, like a heart displaced between her thighs. With a low whimper of lust, Kathy cupped her drooling cunt mound with one hand, and squeezed. "God! Billy! Oh, Billy, I want you to lick my pussy now!" she moaned. "Please, darling! Mommy's cunt is so wet! I need you to suck my cunt and make me cum!"

Billy was only too eager to oblige. He slid between his mother's legs, planting wet, horny kisses on her undulating belly along the way. Eagerly, his naked mom let her thighs fall lewdly apart, completely opening her curly-haired fuck-slit for her boy's lips and tongue. "There it is, Billy! You've never looked at a pussy before, have you?" Billy shook his head and gazed excitedly at his mother's cunt. Her puffy, lust-swollen cunt lips were fringed with fleecy, light-brown hair, which rose from between her legs to cover her lower belly in a generous triangle of pussy-fur. Billy could smell his mother's
wet pussy, and the tantalizing aroma of hot, horny cunt made the boy's erect prick throb even more powerfully. He lowered his bead between her legs and sniffed her
pussy. His mother's crotch smelled like pure sex to young Billy, with a moan of lust, he lowered his face even further into her aromatic crotch.

Sticking out his tongue, Billy ran the tip of his tongue experimentally up the slippery pink slit of his mother's gaping pussy. "Ungghh! Oh, Billy!" Kathy slid her hand down, delicately peelings open her pussy-folds with her fingers to expose her glistening pink pussy, and the hard, swollen bud of her aching clit. "See... unhhhh...see the little bud at the top, honey? That's Mommy's clit. It would feel so, so good if you'd suck it for me, darling. Please, baby, suck on Mommy's clit!" Gently, Billy pushed Kathy's fingers out of the way and replaced them with his own, holding her cunt-lips wide open. Avidly, he began sliding and sluicing his tongue up and down her saturated cunt-slit, lapping up the tasty cunt-juice that flowed from the depths of his mother's hot, throbbing fuck-hole.

"Ungggghh! I said, lick my clit, Billy!" Kathy groaned impatiently. "Please, darling, lick my clit!" Tentatively, Billy brushed his tongue across his mother’s erect clit-bud at the top of her fuckhole. Kathy immediately started humping her son's face very hard, her big tits bouncing and slapping sweaty together as she humped her cunt against Billy's face.

-= Chapter 6 =-

"That's right, Billy! Ungghhh! Lick harder! Oh, fuck, put your lips on it! Suck it, Billy! Suck mommies’ clit!" But Billy just kept on licking her clit, teasingly probing it with his tongue. Kathy's beautiful face was a mask of sexual ecstasy, as she deliriously twisted
her head from side to side on the bed. The lust was mounting almost painfully in her tortured pussy, and Billy wouldn't do as she asked, she wanted him to just get her just gets her off and make her cum. In desperation, Kathy dug her fingers into the nape of her son's neck, trying to pull his mouth harder onto her clit.

"I said, suck it, Billy! Please, oh, please... suck my fucking clit!" Finally, Billy wrapped his lips around his mother's itchy, little clit. He sucked it gently, but f***efully, as if he'd been eating pussy for years. His tongue brushed back and forth on the very tip of her clit, sending spasming waves of ecstasy pounding through his naked mother's body. "Put your fingers in my cunt, baby!" Kathy cried, on the verge of cuming. Billy straightened two fingers and slipped them up his mom's gushing wet cunt. Sucking steadily on her clit, he began jacking off her pussy, grinding his knuckles on the swollen outer folds of her hairy cuntslit. Kathy arched her ass completely off the bed as a mighty orgasm pounded suddenly and violently through her trembling loins.
"Fuck! I'm cumming, Billy!" she moaned. "Suck your mother! Suck your mother! Oh, fuck! Oh, shit! I'm cuuummingggg!" It was one of the most intensely satisfying climaxes Kathy had ever had. Her ex-husband had been a truly gifted pussy-licker, but the knowledge that it was her own son sucking her off made Kathy's orgasm even more satisfying.

Desperately, she clutched her c***d's head with both hands, her ass pumping and humping frantically off the bed, fucking her pussy against his mouth again and again. And Billy eagerly kept sucking her clit with his lips and fucking her cunt with his fingers, not stopping until the last convulsive spasms had coursed through his mother's cunt. "Oh, Billy!" Kathy cradled his head lovingly, exceedingly grateful for the intense pleasure her son had given her. "I swear, you're a natural, darling! That was just so good!" Billy rose to his knees between her thighs, licking the last traces of her pussy-juice from his mouth. Kathy gasped as she saw the incredible size and stiffness of
her son's cock. His prick was harder than it had been before he'd cum in her mouth, as if a fresh load of creamy sperm would start spewing out of his prick at any moment.

Kathy felt her cunt throbbing again, imagining her little boy's man-sized fuck-tool pistoning back and forth inside her suddenly-insatiable cunt. "Billy, would... would you like to fuck mommy now?" Kathy mewled eagerly, staring at his cock. "Would you
like that, Billy? Would you like to slide that big, hard cock deep inside my cunt and shoot out all your cum?" Billy nodded eagerly, he couldn't believe this was all happening. So many times he had gazed at naked women in magazines with his fist jerking his cock and imagined fucking them. Now he was going to fuck his own gorgeous mother! And by the look of her she really wanted it bad! Kathy lifted her legs in the air, until her knees hovered over her shoulders, her curly-haired fuck-slit
wide open and dripping in readiness for her son's huge prick. "All right, sweetheart!" she moaned. "Just move forward so I can reach your gorgeous big cock. I'll put it in
for you baby, and then you can fuck Momma's pussy as hard as you want!"

-= Chapter 7=-

Kathy's virgin son moved forward on his knees looming over her naked body, until Kathy was able to grasp his huge prick. Eagerly, she tugged him forward by his cock, looking down as she nestled his spongy cock-tip between the pouting lips of her hairy, juicy cunt. "All right, Billy! You can push it in now! Go ahead, baby, shove that big fucker right up Mommy's belly! Fuck my cunt, Billy, fuck mommy's horny cunt!" Billy leaned over her, supporting his shoulders on outstretched arms. Lustfully, he gazed down at his mother's hairy fuck-hole, watching intently as his bloated cock-head disappeared into her gooey pink cunt- slit. Then instinctively, Billy started humping, awkwardly at first, then more steadily, eagerly sliding his long, thick prick into the welcoming tightness of his mother's hot, wet cunt.

"Oh Billy! Uuuungghh! It's so big! You've got such a nice big prick, baby! I can't believe it!" Billy's massive fuck-rod stretched his mother's tight cunt as it bored its way in, spreading the pouting lips of her pussy to the bursting point around the meaty
thickness of his cock. Kathy started humping when her boy had a third of his prick embedded in her pussy, excitedly bucking and grinding her blushing ass-cheeks up off the bed in an attempt to get more of his immense prick into her neglected fuck-hole.
"Y-you're doing well, Billy! Oh, fuck, your cock feels so good inside me! Ohhhh shit! Just go ahead and ram it right up my pussy, Billy! Fuck me! Fuck me hard!"

Billy wiggled his hips as he thrust his prick into his mother's widely-stretched cunt, making his cock slide easily into the gooey, warm tightness of her juicy fuck-hole. Finally, with his mother humping like a bitch in heat beneath him, the young stud seemed to catch on to the rhythms of fucking. Billy started thrusting steadily, fucking his rock-hard prick deeper and deeper into his mother's pussy with every stroke. Kathy grimaced with pleasure as her boy started to give her the fucking she had craved since
her husband left her. Her glove-tight pussy began contracting wetly and rhythmically around Billy's deliciously-fucking young cock. "Ram it all the way in, baby!" Kathy gasped, and lifted her legs as high as she could, dr****g her ankles over his shoulders. "Fuck my pussy deep, Billy! Ram that big fat prick all the way in!"

Billy pounded hard into his mom's hot, buttery cunt, sinking the remaining few inches of his formidable young prick to the hilt in her creaming pussy. His elbows bent, letting his weight down on top of her, crushing her enormous, stiff-nipple tits under his chest. For several ecstatic seconds, Billy lay motionless, just savoring the juicy, sucking pressure of his mother's pussy around his cock. "Don't stop, Billy! " Kathy pleaded. "Work your ass, honey, up-and down, move you prick in and out! Please??!! Oooooh, Billy Fuck Mommy! Please!!!" Billy pulled his cock slowly out of his mother's clinging pussy, withdrawing until only his helmet-shaped cockhead parted the tightly-stretched lips of her cunt. Then, shuddering with pleasure, he slammed back inside her again, sinking his cock even farther up her hot, slippery cunthole.

Billy's giant fucker seemed to reach all the way to Kathy's womb. Kathy's ankles bounced on his shoulders as she humped her ass in a frenzy of i****tuous lust, panting and gasping as she pumped her throbbing pussy against the base of his prick. "Fuck your mother! Fuck your mother!" she begged, the words an obscene chant. "Harder, Billy! Unggghhhh! Fuck me deep with your big, hard prick!"

-= Chapter 8 =-

Billy gradually quickened his pace, sliding his bl**d-gorged prick-shaft in and out of his mother's incredibly tight pussy. It had been a long time since Kathy had had anything this long and thick stuffed up her twat and Billy were reaping the benefits. The wet, swollen lips of her pussy clung to his cockshaft, clasping and squeezing his horny young prick in an incredible grip, every time he slammed it into her cunt. With the second load of jizz churning in his balls, Billy fucked his horny, insatiable mother faster and faster, making the bed springs squeak with the fury of their wild, i****tuous fucking. "HARDER!" Kathy bucked her tightly-clenched ass off the mattress, frantically fucking her hung c***d as fast and as hard as he could. "Unnngghhh! Your prick is enormous, Billy! Oooohh, I had no idea! Unh . . . unh, it feels so good in my pussy! Harder! Don't be frightened, you won't hurt me, Billy! Fuck my cunt as hard as you can, baby!

Billy fucked his horny mother as hard as he could, panting into her sweaty face as he drilled his enormous fuck-pole wildly in and out of her juice-filled pussy. Kath humped up to meet his strokes, her cunt getting wetter and hotter, her pussy-slit contracting repeatedly around the satisfying stiffness of his fucking prick. Mother and son fucked in rhythmic unison, oblivious to everything except the torrid energy of their coupling. Their bellies slapped wetly together, and Billy's pistoning fuck-tool relentlessly pounded into the gushing depths of her pussy. Finally, Kathy felt her pussy starting to spasm and contract uncontrollably, and she knew she was about to cum all over her son's rampaging cock. "Fuck your mother! Fuck your mother! Unnggghhh! Oh, shit, Billy, oh, fucks shit! I'm cumming now! Fuck me, fuck me hard! I'm C-CUMMING!"

Kathy's pussy spasmed violently, nearly making her faint with the convulsive intensity of her orgasm. Her fuck-oils spewed out of her cumming cunt, making her furry pussy-slit suck audibly around Billy's cock. Billy gasped and sank against his mother's belly burying his young prick to the balls in his mother's cum-throbbing twat. Kathy felt her son's second load of jism for the day fill her cunt, bathing the well-fucked inner walls of her pussy with a soothing tide of warm, creamy cum. Billy's virile young cock seemed to swell even more, stretching his mother's ravaged fuckhole to delicious limits. He heard her whimper with pleasure as his cock throbbed hard and deep inside her belly, gushing hot sperm all the way up to the place he came from... his mother's hot, quivering womb.

A wanton feeling of utter contentment flowed through Kathy's loins as her son vented his load into her pussy. Smiling up at him, she flexed her cunt-muscles, helping Billy shoot all of his jism deep inside her cunt. Absolutely exhausted, Billy collapsed beside his mother, and Kathy hugged and kissed him lovingly, silently thanking her strong handsome son for the wonderful fuck he had given her. They lay cuddling in each other's arms, kissing and fondling until eventually, they both fell asl**p.

-= Chapter 9 =-

Kathy awakened at the crack of dawn, sprawled naked beside her sl**ping c***d on the rumpled, cum-stained bed. The first thing she saw when she opened her eyes was Billy's enormous prick, resting in a half-swollen tube of cock-flesh across his thigh. Kathy felt her pussy ache as she studied her son's big prick, remembering how incredibly well his cock had felt the night before, when he'd slid it up her needy pussy and fucked her for the very first time. But the gorgeous mother's lust was now diluted with shame. I fucked my own son, she thought, over and over. What kind of woman would fuck her own flesh and bl**d? Staring at her sl**ping son's cock, Kathy realized that now was perhaps her last chance to end her i****tuous liaison with him before it had a chance to start. She could explain to Billy that she'd lost control of herself the night before, that what she'd invited him to do was an unspeakable sin. Billy was an obedient c***d, unlike his older b*****r, Kenny. Billy might really try to forget it had ever happened, that he'd fucked his mom at all.

But as she continued to ogle his prick, Kathy realized it was impossible. Already, her nipples were painfully stiff, and her pussy was wet and throbbing, proving the
intensity of her lust. `God help me, I need his prick again!' she thought, blushing with horny shame as she slid her fingers up her son's thigh, taking hold of his anything-but-boyish cock. Immediately, the boy's massive fuck-rod began to grow in her hand, throbbing up toward full stiffness in small, rhythmic jerks. Billy moaned in his sl**p,
writhing on his back. His naked mother shamefully jacked his erecting cock-meat, gliding her hand up and down his cock-stalk until his magnificent tool was as hard as iron. Billy had a huge hard-on again... his gigantic fucker trembling and twitching in a rigid, fleshy arc over his muscular young stomach. Billy's eyelids fluttered, and Kathy knew he was about to wake up. But not before I start sucking him, Kathy thought, and greedily plunged her lips over her son's prick.

She opened her mouth as wide as she could, nearly choking herself as she f***ed his mighty hard-on down her gullet. The prick-loving mom stopped with half of her c***d's cock-meat between her lips. She ovalled her mouth in a wet circle around his cock, then torridly started sucking, the gurgling, slurping sounds of her blowjob bringing her son completely awake. "Mom! Mom, what're you... ohhhh!" The intense pleasure of Kathy's cock-sucking quickly got the better of him. Billy sighed and settled back on the sheets, smiling as he watched his horny, naked mother suck lovingly on his rampant prick. Kathy slurped more loudly on his tasty cock, gripping the base of his prick tightly with her fist. She pumped her hand swiftly up and down as she sucked, beating her son's thick cock-meat between her lips.

Billy's cock was even stiffer now, completely swollen with a ball-clogging load of jism. Tenderly, Kathy bathed her boy's flared cockhead with her saliva, digging her tongue lewdly into his piss-hole to lap up his oozing spunk. She bobbed her head as she sucked his prick, shamelessly fucking her face with the throbbing stiffness of her son's rock-hard fuck-meat. "Suck it!" Billy held his mother's head, shuddering and grinding his hips off the mattress. "Unhhhh! Oh, Mom, you're gonna make me shoot off again! Suck it harder! Oh, shit yeah suck my prick, Mom!" Kath desperately wanted to swallow another spewing load of Billy's cock-juice, but she needed to feel his big, wonderful prick stabbing into her pussy even more. Reluctantly, she slid her mouth off his hard-on, giving his spongy cock-crown a last, loving kiss. Then, as Billy watched her, his naked mother crawled up onto all fours and wiggled her gorgeous ass at him. Billy
recognized it as what his more experienced friends had called the dog-fucking position. His mother's enormous
tits hung pendulously beneath her slender body and her inviting cunthole gaped wet and pink from between her
thighs, framed neatly by the creamy globes of her perfect ass.

-= Chapter 10 =-

"Fuck me now, Billy!" Kathy moaned, looking seductively back at her son over her shoulder. Her earlier reluctance completely forgotten. The horny mother dropped-her shoulders low and arched up her ass, wiggling her ass invitingly at her c***d. "Fuck your mother, Billy! Mommy's so horny this morning! I need your big, fat cock up my cunt!" Billy rose to his knees behind her, staring down at his mother's round, peach-shaped as cheeks, and at the wet, hairy lips of her cunt. Holding his stiff cock in hand, he moved forward until his cum-oozing prick-knob pierced her pussy-folds. Immediately, Kathy started humping, desperately thrusting her horny cunt back against the satisfying penetration of her c***d's rock-hard cock. "Unnggghhh! Oh, Billy! Billy, that feels so good! I said, fuck me, baby! All the way in, Billy! Ram you big prick all the way up Mommy's cunt!"

Billy held his mother's hips, looking down at the juncture of their bodies where his bloated cock-tip disappeared into the clinging lips of her pussy. The young stud pushed his prick in her cunt again, making Kathy gasps as she felt inch after inch of Billy's long, hard cock slide relentlessly up her gooey snatch. "Ohhhh, Billy! Ooooohhh, fuck!" Kathy clawed the sheets and humped in a frenzy of desire, groaning and gasping as she ground her sopping wet pussy against the root of his cock. "Fuck your mother, Billy! It's almost all the way in now! Give it to me, Billy, every single inch!"
Billy slammed forward, burying his enormous prick to the hilt in his mother's hot, clinging fuck-slit. He clutched her hips and fucked her cunt in a hard, driving rhythm, pumping his bl**d-swollen fuck-pole in and out of her juicy, sucking cunt. "Harder, Billy!" Kathy's face was a contorted mask of ecstasy as her son pounded her pussy, giving her the relief she'd needed so badly. She bucked tirelessly to meet his strokes, her huge tits jiggling and swaying over the bed. "That's good, Billy! Unggghhh! Now you're fucking Mommy! Harder, Billy, fuck my cunt as hard as you can!"

Billy did as his mom asked, slamming his aching cock in and out of her creamy cunt as fast as he could. Kathy was in ecstasy, her whole body seeming to throb along with her tight, furry pussy-slit that spasmed repeatedly around Billy's prick. Suddenly, Kathy felt a forbidden need coursing through her loins, making her tightly-muscled sphincter contract lewdly in and out. "Billy... Billy, please touch my asshole!" Kathy blurted shamefully. "Please! Oh, Billy, keep fucking me! Put your finger in Mommy's asshole, Billy! Fuck my asshole with your fingers while you fuck my juicy cunt with your big hard prick!" Billy was surprised by his mother's wanton request, but at the same time excited. Kathy felt his pounding fuck-pole growing even stiffer up her pussy. Hesitantly, Billy slid his hand into the crack of his mother's ass-
cheeks. Kathy gasped as his finger found her tightly puckered shit-hole and then began to burrow deeply into the tight, buttery grip of her quivering anus

"Unnggghhh! Oh, Billy! Billy, that feels so good! Jack off my asshole, lover! Play with my shit-hole! Fuck my juicy cunt!" Billy did as his mother asked, gliding his finger all the way up her shit-tunnel, then darting his finger rhythmically in and out. Kathy humped with all the energy in her loins, moaning as she felt her pussy spew fuck-oils around his cock, and her asshole contracting around his finger rooting around in her bowels. "Harder, Billy! Fuck my pussy! Play with my asshole! Unggghhh! I'm cumming now!" Kathy squealed as Billy finger-fucked her asshole faster, furiously darting his finger in and out of her shitter. "Unh... unh... unh, fuck my cunt, baby, fuck my cunt! I'm cuuummmiiinnnngggg!"

-= Chapter 11 =-

Billy fucked his mother's cum-throbbing pussy as fast as he could, guiding her through the sweet contractions of her orgasm. But, excited though he was, he didn't shoot his load into her pussy. Kathy finally had to pull away from her c***d, making his gigantic fuck-pole slide out of her cunt as she collapsed flat on her belly on the bed. "Billy!" she moaned at last. "I... I want you to do-Mommy a special favor now. There's another kind of fucking, honey, that you don't know about yet. It's an awfully dirty kind of fucking but I really do like it a lot. Will you fuck my asshole for me, Billy? Please, baby, will you fuck your mother up the ass?" "Sure!" Billy said eagerly. "Oh, shit yeah, I really want to do that to you, Mom!" "Then get the Vaseline from the bathroom, honey!" Kathy wiggled on the mattress, hornier than ever as she realized that she was about to feel her shitter invaded by her son's gigantic prick. "Hurry, lover! You've got to juice up mommy's asshole first, but then you can ass-fuck me as hard as you want!"

Billy ran for the bathroom, naked, his huge cock bobbing and twitching stiffly before him. When he returned, he found that his fuck-crazed mother on her belly with her knees bent and her legs spread. She had thrust a pillow under her hips, slightly elevating her ass so that he could slide his cock easily into her shitter. She held her rounded as cheeks wide apart with her hands, completely exposing her pink, puckered anus to her horny son. "Lube my asshole, Billyyyy!" Kathy moaned. "Hurry, lover, get Mommy's asshole all greased up so you can really fuck the shit out of it!" Billy joined his mother on the bed, uncapping the Vaseline jar and smearing the goo liberally, all over his throbbing cock. Kathy shuddered as she felt him applying the cool jelly to her asshole, darting his finger into her puckered anus to coat the rubbery interior of her tight little asshole.

"That's enough!" she cried. Her asshole felt hot and itchy, eager for her son's cock. "Get on top of me, Billy! Fuck my asshole! Screw momma's hot fuckin' ass, lover!" Billy mounted his mother, aiming his fat, bloated cock-head at the indented ring of her shitter. Kathy groaned loudly as she felt the first pressure of his cock-tip between her as cheeks. She spread the firm creamy globes even farther with her hands and wiggled slightly beneath Billy, trying to help her boy embed his huge prick securely in her tight, buttery asshole. Billy pushed down, sinking several inches of throbbing cock into his mother's asshole. Kathy grimaced, her anal sphincter stretching painfully around the incredible thickness of her boy's large cock. But the pain was slight, and the way Billy's prick scratched the horny itch in her asshole more than compensated for it. Billy's naked mother quickly started humping again, rhythmically thrusting her burning asshole onto the gratifying hardness of Billy's cock.

"That's good, Billy! Keep pushing it in now, baby! Oh, fuck, it feels so good up my asshole! Deeper, Billy! Mommy's asshole wants your big, fucking cock!" Billy moaned, feeling his mother's tightly muscled shitter gripping and sucking convulsively around his cock. "Uuuuuuhhh, fuck Mom! Your ass is so hot and tight!" Relentlessly, he thrust his prick into her shit-hole, thrusting inch after inch of his long, stiff cock into his mother's asshole. "Oh, Billy! Oh, fuck!" Kathy released her as cheeks. Billy had nearly two-thirds of his young prick stuffed up his mother's asshole. Hornily, she thrust her hand under her belly and started rubbing her drooling cunthole, fucking first two, then three fingers feverishly in and out of her wet pussy as she pumped her asshole onto her son's stiff cock.

"Fuck my asshole! Fuck my tight, little asshole!" she cried "Ram it in, Billy! Ahhh, I need every inch of it! Unnnngggh, Jesus! Fuck it all the way up Mommy's ass!"

-= Chapter 12 =-

Billy collapsed on his naked mother's jiggling as cheeks, spearing his enormous prick all the way into her ravished bowels. Kathy shuddered and immediately started humping very hard, not giving her son a chance to savor the pressure of her asshole around his cock-meat. Billy met her rhythm, panting on her shoulder as he sawed his stone-hard cock through the rubbery grip of her shit-tunnel. The Vaseline squished around his prick as he fucked his mother's asshole, lubing her narrow shit-channel for the thrusting strokes of his prick. Kathy finger-fucked herself madly, alternating between furiously rubbing her clit and stabbing her fingers deeply into her flooded cunt. Her asshole sucked and spasmed around her son's stroking cock, signaling that she was close to an extremely powerful cum. "Harder, Billy, harder! Fuck my asshole, Billy! Fuck Mommy's ass! Ahhhh, I'm gonna cum! You're making me cum now, Billy! Ooooh, your big prick feels so fucking good! Harder, Billy, harder, make your horny mother cum!"

Billy ass-fucked his naked, writhing mother as fast as he could, slamming his lust-swollen fuck-pole furiously through the exquisite tightness of her shit-tunnel. Kathy sank another finger deep inside her pussy and squealed as she felt her orgasm start deep in her belly, making her cunt ooze fuck-juice onto her hand, and her asshole spasm and suck uncontrollably around Billy's hammering prick. "Fuck your mother! Fuck your mother!" she cried. "My asshole's cumming, Billy! My asshole loves your huge, fucking prick! Ahhhh, shit, I'm making it now! Fuck Mommy, Billy, Mommy's CUMMING!" Kathy's hot, ravaged asshole exploded, repeatedly squeezing down around the pounding stiffness of her son's huge cock. Billy gasped as he finally let the morning's first load of jism squirts up from his balls. His giant prick bucked and trembled deep inside Kathy's asshole as his massive fuck-pole spewed out its sappy contents of cum. Kathy felt her son's hot load of sperm gushing deep inside her asshole, bathing her tender shit-channel with a soothing tide of cream.

"Oh, Billy! That's right, cum in me!" Eagerly Kathy flexed her shitting muscles around her boy's erupting cock, helping him to vent every drop of his cream. "You're shooting off in my asshole, baby! Oh, yes, it feels so good up my ass!" Billy kept on ass-fucking his mother, moaning loudly as the last of his spunk shot up from his balls. There was so much jism that his mom's tight little shitter couldn't hold it all. Kathy giggled shamelessly as she
felt his milky cum bubbling back out of her horny asshole, drooling down the crack of her ass-cheeks around the base of her son's plugging prick. And to think she'd resisted Kenny's advances, Kathy thought, thinking of her older son. Kathy pictured her s****r Debby's little house across town, wondering if Debby had yet tried to talk to Kenny about the pass he'd made at his own mom.

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