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My Little s****r's Lips

My little si-ster,Jess,is adorable,petite,pert and sassy. She is almost five years younger than I am,has long,bright red curly hair,amber coloured eyes,and her nose is covered with a light smattering of freckles. I am totally smitten with Her. In Lust with Her too! Which brings me to what I am about to tell You.

I started jerking off about six months ago. Don't get me wrong. I've been playing with my cock for years,as long as I can remember in fact,it's just that I had never had an orgasm until then. And ever since discovering how to do it? I can't seem to stop! I've gotten pretty good too! I can edge for hours (Thank You Internet Porn!) and I have a very adventurous side! I'll jerk off almost anywhere. I do draw the line at wanking one out on the school bus,for now at least,but other than that? I'll beat my meat wherever I can!
I've already jerked off several times in the Church's Choir loft,slinging my cock snot all over the robes,and twice last week I walked around,with dick in hand,through the Ch-ildren's section of the Town's Library. I thought it would be fun to 'Pop-Off' in a 'Pop-Up' book or two! Guess what? It Was!

I know,I know! I'm a Disgusting Pervert,right? Yes,I get It! I'll own that. I Am One! You can Hate Me if You want to,but the Dr. at school said that I had a condition that made me Sexually Hyperactive. In fact,He told me that right before shoving two of his gloved fingers up my ass,and sucking on my dick till I came in his mouth! So,I guess it's really not my fault after all! The Doc says I can't help it! I have a Condition!

But I'm getting sidetracked here. Back to what's been going on with Jess.

My little si-ster is one of the heaviest sl-eepers You will ever find. The only thing,other than Mom,that I know of,that can wake her up is a thunderstorm. Well,about two months ago a wicked storm came ripping through our town in the middle of the night. The lightning came fast and furious and the thunder sounded like an entire symphony's percussion section for well over an hour.
I was walking down the hall,to check on Jess,when she came flying out of her room. She ran right past me,like I wasn't even there,and disappeared thru Mom's bedroom door.
"Mommy!" She called out. "Where's Mommy?!" Jess asked me running back into the hall. She was staring at me,thumb in her mouth,tears streaking down her cheeks and had a confused look on her face.
"Mom got stuck at work,Jess. They closed the roads before she could leave the Diner. It's O.K.,Sweetie,You can come sl-eep with me tonight,if You want." Before I finished the sentence,Jess had me in a tight hug around my waist and was pushing me backwards down the hall.

I knew that Mom wouldn't be home before morning,if even then,because after the thunder and lightning stopped,we got hit with such torrential downpours and high winds that the radio station said power lines were down throughout the County.

At least I was able to get Jess comfortable enough to go back to sl-eep before We lost power,and not a moment too soon either,because Jess isn't just terrified by thunderstorms,she's also afraid of the dark!

About a half hour later,I was just drifting off when Jess sat up and announced that she was too hot.
"Well,I don't know what to tell You,Sweetie. Do You want to go back to Your own bed?" I teased.
"NO! I'll just take my jammies off. You don't mind do You?"
I really didn't know what to say to that. Just hearing her ask me that question made my cock get hard! What in the hell was it going to be like with her lying next to me naked?!

Throwing back the sheet that covered us,Jess pulled her P.J.'s off. I saw that She wasn't wearing any panties,and my heart skipped a beat,then she rolled over and snuggled up against me.
"Take Yours off too. It feels great!" She giggled.
With the sheet still over me,trying to hide my hard-on,I slid my shorts off leaving them in a wad down by my feet,and covered her back up.

Jess is still young and innocent enough not to think too much about our situation,so I wasn't surprised that it only took her a couple of minutes to go back to sl-eep. Unlike Me. Because all I could think about was having a naked girl in my bed. I didn't care that Jess is my s****r. She's a Girl! And She's Naked!

I laid there in the darkness,listening to the rain and the steady,even rhythm of Jess's breathing,trying my best to think of anything I possibly could that Wasn't my si-sters lithe,nude body. Instead,the claws of temptation had a hold on me,and it's grip had grown so strong I could no longer resist tracing the features of her face and neck with my fingertips. When she didn't move or protest,I began kissing her shoulders and collarbone,slowly moving my face down until I was able to suck on her bud-like breasts,making her pencil tip nipples hard enough for me to gently nibble on.
Jess still laid there,quietly snoring! I couldn't believe it! Feeling quite emboldened by this,I rearranged her until I could eased her legs apart. That gave me perfect access to her tender vagina,and I found myself trembling at the thought of what I was about to do.

Jess turned her head to face me and sighed. For a moment I thought I might be busted,but eyes were still closed and I was pleasantly surprised when she u*********sly moved her hand towards my crotch,groping for my cock. Taking her by the wrist,I put her hand on my dick and was rewarded when she began squeezing it with her hot little fingers. Slipping my own hand back down between her legs,I rested it's palm on top of her vaginal mound and used my middle finger to apply pressure to her clit. I was amazed that it was so big,it actually stuck out from the top of her slit! Even I knew that was unusual,especially for a girl so young. Thinking about this bit of information only excited me more,and every time Jess squeezed my cock,I would press my finger down then move it in a semi-circular fashion. This went on for quite some time until she suddenly bit her lower lip,caught her breath with a snort,let go of my cock and rolled over,pushing her tiny ass back up against me.

Waiting for Jess to once again fall deeply as-leep,I slid my cock through the diamond at the top of her supple thighs and slowly humped against her backside. By moving up in the bed,I found that I could make her asscheeks lift,which allowed the lips of her pussy to spread open. Much to my delight they were wet and slicked my cock with her juices as it slid between them. Daring to push my luck even farther,I increased the speed of my thrusts. That's when Jess started moaning quietly,her body shaking as she ground her pert ass against me even harder.

I was so close to cuming,I couldn't stand it. Crawling out of the bed,I eased Jess over onto her back,and stood there staring at her cute little face,which was nothing but a shadow against the pillow,while I finished jerking myself to an orgasm. Reaching down with my free hand,I opened her mouth and stuck the tip of my cock against it. I moaned loudly as cum erupted from my piss slit and sprayed all over my si-ster's lips,face and hair. Before I was through though,I put my cockhead back into her mouth,at that point not caring if she woke up or not. Moving it back and forth over her tongue and between her teeth that sensation alone,made all the skin on my body pebble.

Jess pushed my softening cock out of her mouth with her tongue,and I watched as she smacked her lips and snuggled deeper into the pillow. I couldn't believe that anyone could have slept through that,but She had! Could my luck Get Any Fucking Better?!

As a dull grey light filled the room,I felt Jess stir against my chest. Opening my eyes,I was greeted by the sight of my dried cum still streaking her cute freckled face,where it hadn't flaked off. I had a hard time not laughing when I noticed that she had what looked like a milk mustache,because the moisture from her breathing had kept the thin coat of cum just moist enough for it to slightly shine.

"Morning,Sweetie." I quietly said and kissed her forehead. "Did You sl-eep well?"
"Um-Hum." she replied,snuggling closer. She was smiling at me when suddenly a look of shock crossed her face.
"Oh My God! We're Naked! And YOUR Thing is sticking up between MY Legs! Don't move! It's pressing against Me where I go Pee! Oh,God,I really have to Pee!" She groaned.
"Don't you remember,Jess? You woke up and took your jammies off because you were too hot. Then You told me to take mine off too." I quietly replied while smoothing her wild red hair.
"Oh. Yeah. But Your Thing! It's so big! And Hot! Please Stop Moving! Please? I feel so,so..."
"What's wrong,Jess?" I asked,and moved my hips,while pushing up just a little bit harder until I felt the lips of her wet pussy part enough to wrap around and cling to the tip of my cock. "It feels good doesn't it? Do You like it,Sweetie?"
"YES! OH,Shit!" She yelled at Me,before rolling off the edge of the bed,snatching up her P.J.'s and pressing them to her crotch as she ran to the bathroom.

I refused to laugh,but I did have a big smile when I noticed she was pissing down her legs and all over the floor before she even made it out my bedroom door.

Wanting to give her a few minutes to sort her feelings out,I waited till I heard her turn the water in the shower on. She was about to climb in the tub when I poked my head through the cracked door and said "Jess? The power's off. The lines were knocked down last night,so there's no hot water. I was going to heat some on the stove for me to bathe with. Want me to heat some for You too?"

I had never heard her so timid before,and it made me wonder what she was thinking. After a long pause she said "O.K.. B-but where will I take my bath?"
"In the kitchen,Silly! I'll go get the tub from the garden. Meet me downstairs." I laughed.

Wrapping myself in a worn out wool blanket,that I snagged from the garage,I ran out to the garden and grabbed the old tin tub. It was still raining so hard,that I was thoroughly drenched before I had taken three steps. Kicking the back door open,I set the tub on the kitchen floor and went back outside for some buckets. When I came for the final time,I was greeted by Jess standing there,wrapped in a towel while holding a spare for me.

"Mom called. She's been trying to get us all night and finally got a signal on her cell phone." Jess began. "It looks like She won't be able to make it home till tomorrow.
She said: "For God's sakes don't open the fridge! No matter what! There's instant milk and more than plenty for You Two to eat in the pantry. And Honey? Please. Please don't try to kill each other!" Then she got cut off. So I guess it's just You and Me,huh?"

"Unless someone else snuck in during the night."
"Don't say that!" Jess yelled and threw the towel at me. "You can have the first bath. I don't want You catching a cold."

Jess was standing in the tub. She had her fists on her slim hips and looked at me boldly,through glowing eyes as I poured the warm water rinsing her off. Her hair was a mass of dark red waves,cascading down over her slender shoulders and across her nearly flat chest.

"Why do You keep staring at me?" she asked.
"What do you mean?"
"You keep staring at my vagina! And Don't deny it! My ass too! Every time I bent over. But You were Really Staring At Me when I was washing my...You know. My Pussy!"
"I can't help it,Jess. You're just so cute! But You've been staring at Me,too. I'm not complaining,am I? I don't think You have looked at much of anything besides my cock till the last couple of minutes!" I said,and reached for her hand to help her step from the tub.
"Well. I can't help it either. It's so long and dangly,your balls too! It doesn't look anything like I remember it did the last time we took a bath together." Her cheeks had turned bright red.
"Oh? Well,Jess. That was two years ago. Have You spent much time thinking about my cock since then?" I asked and spread my thighs a bit so my balls could swing freely as my cock started getting hard,right in front of her.
"No! I hav...Oh,My,God! I'm Telling Mommy! You Better Stop Doing That! Make it Stop!" Jess yelled at me,but instead of running away,she took a step closer.

"I can't make it stop,Jess. I wouldn't even if I could. You're the one making it all big and hard. I'm Not! It keeps growing because it wants You to kiss it. I want You to kiss it,Jess. Please?" I was practically begging her."I'll Kiss Your Pussy,if You kiss my cock. Deal?"
"You mean,You want me to suck on it like I used to do for Daddy? Like when I was little? Before He moved away?" She asked me and knelt down on a towel.
"You used to do that to Dad? I had no idea,I thought only Mom did!"
"Nuh-Huh. I did it All The Time for Him. He told me that Mommy had stopped doing it and that if I really loved Him I should show it by 'Milking the Cream Out'. I still remember the first time I did it,too. We were sitting in the car. He had taken me to the park,so We could play after my first day of school. I love that park."

My jaw dropped. That meant Jess had been giving Dad blow jobs for over a year,because He had moved out almost two years ago!

"Do you want me to use my hands or not? Daddy said when His balls were really full, it was o.k. for me not to use them first time. But He loved it when I used them the second time. He said I could milk a Bull better than any farmer could ever milk a cow!" She giggled,then sank her drooling,mouth over the head of my cock and kept going till I could feel the back of her throat,and her nose pressed into my pubic hair!

Only once did her hands touch me. Other than that She used her mouth,teeth,lips and the movement of her head to drive me insane! In just a couple of minutes,I had to use the back of a kitchen chair to help me stand. It wasn't long after that I need to use it for sitting on,because my legs refused to hold me up! At one point I had started to put my hand on the top of her head,but she grabbed the base of my cock and squeezed it so hard I thought it was going to pop. She also clamped down with her teeth and snarled "Don't You Dare Touch Me Yet! This is My Turn!"

A moment later she sat back on her heels and began humming a tuneless song. That's what finally drove me totally over the edge. Between what she was doing with her mouth and tongue,mixed with the incessant humming,I felt my cum rushing up the shaft of my cock,filling it's head with such a tingling sensation that I couldn't breath as my balls tightened! The next thing I knew,I let out an inarticulate cry as the most intense orgasm of my life pulsed from my cock in wave after wave! Jess took my cock from her mouth and pointed it at her face letting my cum wash over Her!

When I was finally able to breath again. I opened my watering eyes and beheld the smiling visage of my little s****r. She sat on the floor at my feet,refusing to wipe the dripping cum from her face or eyes. I was amazed by the amount I had produced,especially after what had happened the night before.

"You may kiss me now." She told me,then laughed a deep husky laugh. One no girl her age should even be able to make. "I want you to show how much you love me. I want you to kiss the cum from My lips! Your Little s****r's Lips!"

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