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Breaking in the new doctor..

Katerina lived with her husband James and her 18 year old son Grayson in a suburban community living out the suburban dream and lifestyle. She lived a normal life and worked as a social worker while her husband was a well renounced lawyer. After they had their first son James lost interest in their sex life and hasn't hardly touched Katerina in 18 years. As you can imagine how horny Katerina became so she started cheating around in her office and whoring around on the streets for a little bit of extra shopping money now and then. Katerina was a very beautiful woman. With full red lips, electric blue eyes, fiery red hair, beautiful long legs and body and full double D cups.
All men wanted Katerina and she usually gave it up pretty easily. She's even slept with some of her sons best friends when she caught them peaking at her through cracked doors. One afternoon at a routine gynecologist visit, she discovered she had a new doctor and he was gorgeous. Much younger than her older doctor( which she slept with him as well) so of course she felt she needed to break in her new doctor. She decided she couldn't bear not to have him so she seduced him one afternoon.
She started the visit as normal telling him if there was something bothering her but there really wasn't but she wanted him to look in her vagina cause it has felt "uncomfortable lately." This doctor didn't like gloves so she wanted his fingers inside her hot wet cunt. She saw his eyebrows rise as he stuck his fingers inside. He asked how that felt she replied with a grunt and told him it was deeper inside. He pushed his fingers farther in and put his thumb on her clit. She knew then and there that she had him where she wanted him.
She sat up and grabbed him by the hair and pulled him into a long breath taking kiss. At first he resisted and told her they should not continue she shut him up with her tongue. He started grabbing at her tits and squeezing them which she loved. She stood up and pushed him down upon the table and practically ripped his clothes off. She then saw one of the biggest dicks she had ever seen besides her husbands. His dick was nearly nine inches long and so smooth it made her shutter just to look at it. She took his dick in her hands and caressed it slowly teasing him and slowly stuck it in her mouth making him squirm. She slowly slid his head all the way in and began sucking his dick.
She doesn't know how but she managed to get the whole thing in her mouth and she kept sucking harder and harder til he came loads and loads of cum down her throat she looked up and smiled at him. He was already beginning to grown hard again so he sat up and picked her up and laid her on the table and put her legs in the stirrups. He dove face first in her cunt and she screamed out in surprise at how much she loved it and at how good he was. He stuck his fingers deep inside her and sucked viciously on her hot clit.
He did this until she finally came then stood up in front her and she saw how hard he was again. She begged him to put it inside of her. Finally he walked a step forward towards and rubbed his cock up and down her clit sending shutters through her body she begged him some more until he finally put it in her. He didn't even try and stretch her, he just dove right in and began pumping frantically. At first it felt like she was a new virgin, but then she stretched and he felt so good inside of her. She started rising up her hips to meet his thrusts and you could hear their screams all over the office. She could feel his huge balls slapping up against her ass.
She started to feel her second orgasm coming and she pulled him to her even further. He leaned down and started biting and twisting her large nipples and breasts and this made her cum all the harder. He felt her cum and he started pumping faster and harder making her orgasm become two more orgasms as he shot his huge second load inside her hot cunt she held him there as she looked in his eyes and kissed him again.
He pulled out then started freaking out at how much cum he shot inside of her because he didn't want her to get pregnant she laughed and explained to him she has no uterus so she can't get pregnant anymore. She left the Gynecologist office feeling very full and very satisfied and couldn't wait for her next visit with him.

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