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I Love Trading My Wife's Soiled Panties And H

Two months ago I placed an ad on Craigslist to trade pictures of my wife, and her sexy little satin panties with other guys in the local area. I was amazed at all the responses I got and quickly became excited to find several local guys who wanted to meet up with for an exchange.

What an interesting result….
There was one guy who turned out to be a lawyer, and another guy who is a construction worker.

I choose to meet each guy one at a time at the local coffee shop. I showed each guy all of my wife’s pictures, before I traded them my wife’s dirty sexy little satin panties. As it turns out, it was the most erotic feeling I have ever experienced knowing they were taking my wife’s satin panties home, and knowing they would be look at the photos as they jerked off like crazy.

During the meeting with the lawyer, he told me that he was looking for a fuck partner for his wife and suggested down the road that we should make something happen. The construction worker whose wife is hot as hell (just about as hot as mine) is constantly sending me the latest photos of his wife every week.

This guy is awesome, and we have met several times already and traded back our wives cum covered panties for fresh pairs (his favorite seem to be my wife's sexy little dark purple satin bikini string panties). This new fetish of mine has really worked out fantastic, as I get so turned on sniffing and masturbating with the another guys wife's panties, but most of all it really gets me aroused knowing other men are saturating my wife's satin bikini sting panties with their seed as they look at her exposed pictures. What a FUCKING thrill!!!

I have actually had one guy (the construction worker) drop into the coffee shop when I was with my wife to "accidentally" meet her. I had told my wife that I had met him earlier having coffee and we became “coffee buds”.

It was exciting for him to meet her; knowing that he jacks off all time soaking the crotch of her panties with his seed while seeing her not only naked in pictures but doing all kinds of nasty things to my cock.

Last week this new found fetish went a little further when the lawyer met me in a restaurant parking lot to show me a video he made of himself jacking off onto my wife's sexy little blue bikini string first I was hesitant, but my curiosity got the better of me and I went anyway. As it turned out it was rather cool. He had made a copy of her picture and enlarged it for the video in which he taped himself jacking off and shooting his load all over her crotch in the photo. Then he asked me if I minded if he jerked off in the parking lot while re-watching the video. I said I didn’t mind but this did make me feel weird.

Little did I know my cock began to stir and I began which surprised me, and about halfway through I got a tremendous hard-on and found myself in a daze. With out knowing and mostly driven by instinct I pulled out my cock and began jerking off with him looking at my wife.

Now I have never cum in front of another guy before, but it was like a weird threesome, so I went with it. As I was about to cum he reached over and grabbed my cock and finished me off into my wife’s overly cum saturated panties he was giving back.

God, I hope I’m not gay.....but it did feel good.

After this the lawyer mentioned that he wanted to meet next time to jerk off together....I probably wont go there, but it’s nice to know the option is there. I am totally amazed at the number of men that have answered this ad…. 79 total I think. That’s allot of panty trades, for guys that want to jerk off, and sniff....but I think I’ll have fun for awhile, but I’m gonna have to take my wife shopping for more first. I would love to hear from all the horny guys out there who have tried this or want to….

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