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My milf get lucky at the movie theater with younge

My wife and I went to the movies one afternoon and as usual we were getting very frisky. She normally wears no panties or bra when we go out to play.I was playing with her tits and pussy and I had her tank top pulled up above her tits and her skirt up on her belly. Peggy glanced out to our left and one row up. there was this handsome young man turned in our direction and he was staring at her tits and looking down at her pussy. Peggy let me know and had me lean back out of his view so he could see better. As she pushed me back, I glanced over the seat to see he was stroking his cock and it was a mighty meaty looking uncut cock. I leaned back in the seat and opened her legs to give him a better view. this k** leaned over the seat and kept stroking his cock and with his free hand he reached over to rub her thigh. seeing no opposition he smiled and nodded to me and glanced to my wifes pussy. I nodded and smiled back. he then slid his fingers up into my wife and slid them in and out a few times. My wife held his wrist and said come back here. We were in the top row and there weren't too many people in the theater and he got up to look around and Peggy saw that gorgeous cock. He stepped over the seat and sat next to my wife. Peggy leaned over and kissed him. He felt her breasts and she was a gonner.She said please eat me. then he dove down to eat her pussy. as he did she rubbed his cock. I was so turned on. I could see his eating her pussy and her rubbing his cock. she said come up here and fuck me now. he stood and dropped his pants to the floor and shoved his fat cock into her. She let out a gasp as he shioved it home. His cock was so thick that her lips were stretching out as he pulled back and it looked like he was pulling on her lips. They fucked nice and slow for a few minutes and peggy was beginning to cum. she said oh my oh gawd oh gawd this is so good and oh my ummm fuck me harder. HGe began a nice faster rhythm as she continued to cum. She finished cumming and began another as he slid in tio the pubes and hunched forward a few times groaning as he shot his load deep in her pussy. Peggy wrapped her amrs around him and kissed him and wrapped her ;egs around his ass cheeks to pull him deeper. He finished cumming and collapsed onto her. They stayed like that as I rubbed his ass and leaned over to kiss her. I told her I loved her and she said I love you too. then she kissed him on the mouth and said and I love you, too, little man. They laughed and he said you call this little. She and I laughed and both said hell no. Then he pulled out and said I gotta go. My mom is supposed to pick me up when this movie finished. He pulled up his jeans and she asked how old are you. he said I'll be 17 in 2 months.

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