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Rental contract

My new FWB and I are looking for a place to play. found an ad on CL and this is the response she sent, Hope you enjoy. I'm not sure what to laugh or rub one out:)
Please tell me what yall think!

My lover and I are interested in your room, however before we enter into an agreement, I have a few codicils based on our needs.
1. We only need the room for approximately 10 hours a week, we’re both married, so play time is limited and quite frankly can only handle a few hours of pussy licking, clit biting, cock sucking, ass tonguing, tits flying, ball pounding sex. I get dehydrated from multiple orgasms (more about that later) and eventually his legs start quivering. So I would like to re-negotiate the rent based on actual occupancy. Say perhaps a fourth of suggested rent-$91.00. After all, the rest of the time you would have complete privacy for your own sexual adventures.
2. In regards to furnishing, I don’t think that desk is actually built in and would be leery of being bent over it with a dick pumping hard into my clenching pussy. Is there a bed? Does the mattress have a cover? (I am a squirter/gusher) I also didn’t notice a swing, carabineers, or any other assorted systems for restraint/pleasure. My man will be happy to install these for you, with a rental adjustment of say, $25.00. per month (includes purchase)
3. My toys require a special cleaning solution as they are frequently covered in sex juice and need to be cared for carefully.(safe sex;-) Also, I would prefer cleaning up my own puddles, unless you would like to be dressed in servants clothing as you do so, that could be arranged.
4. Let’s address the noise factor now. I am loud, sometimes screaming fuuuuuck at the top of my lungs, usually mewling, moaning as his cock spreads my thick juicy lips, groaning as he thrust his hips, driving his long shaft deep into my trembling cunt, sometimes squealing when his cock head hits my cervix wall. Also he growls at me a lot, telling my pussy what he likes. I am not good at practicing self-control, Hence the restraining system. He really likes to fuck me to an oblivious cumming mess and all I can do is mutter sex words in response! Is this going to be an issue?
5. We would occasionally enjoy entertaining like-minded friends. This would include but not limited to, bi and bi- curious men and women, Dommes and their subs, and swingers in general. Of course, all refreshments/appetizers to be provided by us. Do you see this as posing a problem? We certainly would not expect to be charged for company!
6. Is the room equipped with cameras? How about the bathroom? Again, lover boy would install, given proper credit, perhaps $50.00. (we, naturally would have to charge a small fee for any videos/pictures used for your own pleasure)
7. Considering that we don’t need a w/d, Wi-Fi, cable/satellite (we make our own porn) and taking into account my cleaning services, we feel that an additional $16.00 rental adjustment is called for.
8. The room doesn’t seem to afford much privacy and we surely don’t want to dislodge you, however, if you intend to masturbate, ejaculate, we would enf***e boundaries on how/where that would occur.
Taking into account the afore-mentioned adjustments and considering that you would be provided with hot wild monkey sex porn-live, how much would you be willing to pay us to rent your room?
Waiting for your response, The good witch;}

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