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Kinky Threesome in the Office

Every time we had sex in my office, our lust for one another grew. At first we were afraid at getting caught but then we started to take more chances. Cathy and I couldn't hold back.
Last week, we had a fairly easy shift together and Cathy found herself down in my office for a one-on-one "staff meeting." We just don't get down and dirty right away but instead get acquainted through deep kissing. Cathy's lips are so soft and I love kissing her more than any woman I've ever met. Only a few seconds of kissing leads to a rock hard cock.
Following a quick make-out session, it wasn't long until Cathy had taken me by the hand and placed in on her crotch. My office is downstairs and I can hear people coming because of the creaking stairs. The office was busy on this day and a lot of creaking floors above me. But we needed each other so bad that it hurt. We had to fuck, period.
After fingering Cathy's pussy for a few minutes, I loosened my pants and out sprang my cock.
"Oh, Brett, my God I love your cock. Let me blow you," Cathy cooed in her cute voice.
"Not a problem," I replied.
Cathy got down on her knees and swallowed my cock while I sat in my office chair. She can take my full 8 inches to create the most incredible sensations on my shaft. It would only be a few minutes before I could coat the inside of her mouth with cum. But first, I would need to please my lovely co-worker.
"Fuck me, Brett. Please."
"But what if we get caught? Can we straighten ourselves up in time if someone begins to walk down the stairs?"
"I'll go over here to this desk and you sit in your office chair ... just don't forget to put your cock away."
"Let's do this," was all I could say.
Cathy situated herself on my desk and motioned for me to come to her. I waddled over with my pants down around my ankles. My hard cock led me right into her wet pussy.
"Fuck me with that huge cock," Cathy blurted out.
"OK," was the only intelligent response that I could up with.
We began to fuck and my cock felt so good inside her pussy. She's always been a great fuck for someone who is only 25 years old.
"Slower, baby, I want to feel your huge cock inside me," she said.
"OK" – another well-thought response offered by my vast vocabulary.
Within a few minutes, Cathy was straddling me on an office chair. She needed to get off and this position did wonders to her clit. When I told her that I thought of her when I fucked my wife, she went over the edge with a climax.
"You're naughty, you think of me when you fuck your wife?" she asked.
"Always ... I've always wanted to fuck you and I always needed your vision to cum in the old hag's pussy."
"How sweet," Cathy responded. "Now we need to get you off."
Cathy bent over the desk and I plunged by dick deep into her pussy. A few minutes later, she again sat on my desk and I hit paydirt. I pulled out just in time to see heavy streams of semen shooting onto her tits and stomach.
"It's so warm ... do you want to lick it up?"
Cathy knew that I enjoyed cum and I took the opportunity to lap it up. I nice big glob of it was on her right tit and I took my time sucking it clean. I was in the middle of licking a stream of cum from between her tits when it happened.
The door swung open.
"Holy shit!" Sonja blurted out when she walked in. "I can't believe what I'm seeing."
Sonja is a 5-foot-9 blond with incredible looks, an extremely nice ass and the best tits this side of the Continental Divide. Cathy had always wanted to suck on those huge breasts and I've had a fantasy or two about her myself.
"Jesus, Sonja. We're sorry. We just couldn't help ourselves. Please don't say anything," I pleaded.
"Yes, Sonja ... we'll get fired if you say anything. Brett and I just have this physical relationship. My boyfriend thinks sex is too tiring to deal with and Brett's wife has cobwebs in her pussy."
Sonja stood there for a moment taking in this sight. Cathy and Brett had put their clothes back on by this time while trying to figure out if they needed to update their resumes.
"I just can't believe that you two were fucking down here," Sonja finally said. "Brett, were you licking up cum?"
Turning red in the face, I thought it was an interesting question. Perhaps Sonja was turned on by what she saw and wouldn't tell on us after all.
"Um, yeah, I know it seems strange but I love licking up cum," I said.
"Wow, that's really cool," Sonja replied with a smile.
"I think it's hot that you two are fucking. How long have you been doing this?"
"Only a couple of weeks," Cathy said. "But we fuck almost every day whenever we can find a few minutes alone."
Just then, Sonja realized that she needed to get back to her desk. She handed me a message and then headed back up the stairs.
"Shit, I hope she doesn't say anything," I told Cathy. "Is it my imagination or did she look interested there for a second?"
"Yes, she did. God I wish I could suck on those tits of hers," Cathy said with a smile.
We had just been caught by a co-worker and Cathy was smiling while thinking about Sonja's tits.
"I wouldn't mind sucking on those myself – of course it would be better if they were coated in cum."
"You're so nasty. Come here," Cathy said. I went to her and we started to kiss again. But this sex session was over for now. We needed to get some work done.
Three long hours passed before it was quitting time for the rest of the office. After everybody left, Cathy showed up in my office ready for more action.
She came over to me at my chair and sat right on my lap. We kissed passionately as her long hair fell into my face.
"I want you again," Cathy said. "I've been thinking about Sonja all afternoon and the fun I could have with her pussy and those tits."
Cathy enjoyed sex with other women and I have a thing for huge cocks. Our bisexual fantasies have been a part of many conversations.
"Hey, you two," Sonja said loudly as she walked into my office.
We thought she had gone home for the evening. But there she was in my office, approaching Cathy and myself humping against one another in my chair.
"Walking in on you today has been stuck in my mind," Sonja said. "I want to watch."
Not believing what she had said, I had to confirm.
"You want to watch us fuck?" I asked.
"Yes, but I insist that you lick your cum off her. That really turned me on."
And with that, Cathy and I started another lovemaking session. With Sonja watching, we went at it with wild abandon and another load of cum was ready to burst out of my dick. After I pulled out, Cathy got on her knees and took it on the neck and tits. I couldn't believe that I had cum so hard for the second time in about 3 1/2 hours.
"Lick it up, Brett. I want to see you lick your cum off Cathy's tits."
Jesus, did we create a monster. Sonja's walking in on us had evolved into a fantasy. This beautiful blond was asking me to clean up my cum off Cathy.
"As you wish," I said moments before lapping up my load.
"Can I taste?" Sonja said. "I really shouldn't but I'm so turned on right now."
I backed away and Sonja walked over to Cathy. She kneeled down and started to lick cum from her neck. Cathy thought she had died and gone to heaven – this beauty queen that she thought would never go for girl-on-girl action was licking cum from her neck.
Sonja soon moved downward to her tits and Cathy's nipples grew erect. So did Brett's cock and he fell backward into a chair to watch the show. His cock stood tall and proud even though he had cum twice already that afternoon.
Sonja spent a lot of time on Cathy's nipples and within a few minutes, she went in for a hot kiss. They immediately began to explore one another's mouths and Cathy moaned with pleasure.
"I always wanted this," Cathy admitted. "Can I suck on your tits now?"
Sonja undid the buttons to her blouse and out popped those two beauties. Cathy went to work immediately by lightly biting her nipples followed by stuffing as much as possible into her mouth.
"I'm so wet," Sonja said to break a long silence. "Do you like to eat pussy, Cathy?"
The girls were pretty much ignoring me. They were so into each other that it was incredible to watch. My dick obviously agreed and it hurt after getting hard again.
Sonja took off her tight jeans to reveal an incredible pussy. Cathy dove in head first to sample her juices.
"That feels so good ... keep doing that," Sonja said. "Brett, play with your cock while I watch."
I did as she ordered while Cathy continued to eat her out. Sonja was soon moaning loud and got nasty with her orders.
"Cathy, rub your pussy against mine," she asked.
"I can do better than that and Cathy produced a huge dildo out of her purse."
"Yes, fuck me with that," Sonja said.
Cathy bent Sonja over the desk and fucked her from behind while fondling a tit at a time. Her new lover moaned loudly and soon had a powerful orgasm. At the same time, I shot yet another load across the room. It was too much to take in; I had to cum, I just had to.
Cathy and Sonja then began to make-out as their tits rubbed together.
"I could get used to this," Sonja said. "Brett, maybe I'll let you fuck me while I eat Cathy's pussy. We'll save that for next time."
"So, everything's cool with our jobs? You're not going to say anything?"
"Not as long as I can play with you both, too. It's so hot being involved in an office threesome. I can't wait until we can be together again."
And with that, Sonja went home to her husband and c***dren. Darn, I wish he would be willing to be part of our party. I could use a huge cock in my mouth and ass.

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