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My Daughter The Boss

Six glorious weeks have passed and I feel like I'm still on our honeymoon. Of course we aren't married but Jane is the woman of our house and we do sl**p together, well, some of the time we sl**p and things have just gotten better. Plus there's a peaceful calm about the place as if Jenny approved of our new relationship. I just didn't know it was the calm before the storm.

It started with a shopping trip. The weather had improved and some of Jane's outside games made eating outside fun which meant BBQ food. So, armed with a list we headed to the supermarket. Now, one of my main gripes about supermarket car parks is trolleys. Why some people can't control them and allow them to 'escape' and 'sc****' others cars I'll never understand, I also know there is sweet fuck all I can do about it. So I park as far from the entrance as possible. Walking never hurt anyone and it kept the trolleys away.

The shopping itself was not the problem, in fact Jane made fun out of it with some suggestions in the vegie department. It circled around zucchinis and cucumbers... and what she could do with them but the smile on my face turned to a frown when I saw another car side on to mine. I couldn't fucking believe it. Please tell me they hadn't hit my car but as I got closer the truth became clear.

Shit. It was almost twenty yards to the next car and empty parks all the way. Jane tried to help with one of her saying and a smile. "Shit happens dad, it's not that bad."

Well, it looked like she was right but it still got up my nose, believe it or not it was my first fender bender. My perfect insurance record had just gone out the window. Not only that, I worried about the driver. They had to be d***k or on d**gs to hit a car in the middle of nowhere. I popped the boot and we loaded up but all the fun had gone and I still had to talk to the driver. Who was sitting there. That was when a small fact hit me, it was a station wagon. Not the usual for a boy racer or even the car of choice for a midday drinker. Jane went to get the insurance papers as I walked to the drivers window, wondering what or who the driver was.

After getting no response to my knocking on the window I took another, lower, glance at the driver. It was a female. Her head was on the steering wheel so I couldn't see her face but by her shaking shoulders I figured she was crying. The other thing I noticed was her white knuckle grip on the steering wheel. Now I panicked. Could she have had a heart attack, something medical. I was about to yell for Jane when she put her hand on my shoulder. "What's wrong?"

And as calm as as ever Jane took over. Just like that. She opened the door and shooed me away. I got a note pad and started to sketch the area, put down all the details. I felt like a naughty school boy about to face the principle instead of the insurance company. This time Jane scared the crap out of me when she put her hand on my shoulder.

"Dad, she's sorry but.... it's complicated. I'm going to drive her home. Can you follow me?"

Now I was completely lost. What the hell was going on. I nodded as Jane walked around the car again, I had to wait until she pulled away so I could get into my side anyway. I was still looking at the car and waiting to see just how bad the damage was when the driver, helped by Jane slid across the bench seat. I couldn't help it and I couldn't stop myself from looking. As the driver slid across her dress slid up. Why the hell would a woman wearing a red dress wear shocking pink panties?

I saw Jane's hand try and pull the hem down to no avail, she must have been sitting on the rest, in the end she left it. Trouble was she left it even higher and the driver didn't help. Her legs were open and the panties were stretched tight. It was a silly thought but I thought that must hurt just as Jane pulled forward enough for me to get in my car. I had enough time to see that the damage wasn't all that bad before I needed to follow Jane.

Ten minutes later I was sitting in the car in front of a nice brick house shaking my head. WTF. Jane had driven up the driveway and as soon as she had parked the woman had jumped out and run to the door. From the street she looked like a wet puppy standing at the door waiting to be let in out of the cold. I trusted Jane to do what was right, no matter what and settled down to wait as Jane walked to the door.

This time it took half an hour before Jane stepped out, turned back and said something, held up two fingers then walked over to me.

"Shit dad, she's in a mess. The story I got was she lost her husband and son in an auto accident three months ago and she's all alone. She's scared of cars now and hasn't been out of the house since the funeral. Dad, she hasn't any food and hasn't eaten in two days. Can we help?"

I didn't have to think, I knew how I felt when Jenny died, "Of course.... um... how? I mean what first, store's or ready made food?"

Jane smiled, I knew that smile. "Can I trust you Dad, I mean, if you go back to the supermarket could you buy some essentials and not just ready to eat meals, enough for a week at least. You had plenty in the pantry when I moved back. Sorry Dad but she really needs some help right now and Penny's going to pay. It had taken her three go's just to get into the car today and when she hit us she really freaked out. You get some food and I'll order something to eat now, well, in a hour. Should be ready by the time you get back. Dad... I really want to do this, help her."

"You don't have to explain honey, I'll be back within the hour. With some good groceries, promise." You don't have to be a rocket scientist to go shopping but I didn't tell Jane I cheated. All I did was re-buy what Jenny had in the pantry after I had used it. All I had to do now was replace everything in the pantry. No sweat.

An hour and twenty later I pulled up the drive thinking how stupid men can get. I know the checkout girl realized how stupid I was. I don't think she brought my story about a skunk getting into the pantry for a moment. Still, it did get a laugh and she did have a big smile, especially when she told me raccoons were worse. I wonder if she meant it when she told me next time I needed anything to checkout on her aisle. Jane knocking on my window brought me back to earth.

"Where have you been, I was getting worried, don't answer just listen. The house is spotless, I mean full room service in a five stare hotel spotless and Penny's worried you'll find something wrong. She's spent the last half hour changing clothes to make sure everything okay, I'll tell you about that later. If you behave. I think her husband was a demanding man but without the love. Dad, please be careful what you say. I love you and I know you wouldn't hurt anyone but right at the moment she's like fine crystal and I think the wrong words would shatter her, break her forever. Please. Now, hurry up, the chicken's been here for ten minutes."

"Well, lets eat. The groceries will take forever to unload.... I sorta got carried away."

My first real view of Penny was nearly my last. I knew Jane would bust my head if I laughed.
Here was Jane Doe, straight out of Good House Wives of the fifty's. The reason I nearly laughed was I was picturing her with shocking pink panties. I didn't think those old magazines were for real yet here she was. The poster girl for the front page. Age, I couldn't guess without some sort of reference. Hair from the fifty's, blond and fluffy but the sweater told me a story about her breasts. A beautiful story. I knew about her legs and the dress showed her hips. God Damn. She was one sexy lady and when she opened her mouth. Penny became the perfect Southern Belle. Jane was standing behind me so Penny didn't see her poke me. That was going to leave a bruise.

"How nice to have you in my home. I'm so very sorry about your automobile, I will pay to have it fixed of course. Welcome Mr......."

"Just call me Dan and don't worry about the car, let's just eat now. I've worked up a hunger."

Jane had ordered the f****y meal and on the occasional time we had it at home we ate it from the bucket. Penny served our chicken on bone china with a helping of salad. The drink had been poured into crystal glasses. I looked at the table and took a wild guess. When Penny brought the hot bread in both Jane and I were standing, waiting. I was pleased to see a blush on her checks as I helped her with her chair then repeated the action for Jane. I also remembered to keep conversation to a minimum at the table and didn't need to be told not to help clearing the plates. I had no idea about what to say after when we sat in the lounge. Jane helped.

"Don't you dare get the idea you can get away with that at home."

That was the icebreaker, I could see Penny relax, just a little and it gave me an opening, "Well, since you ladies have done so well I'd better get to the hard work. Where would you like the packages Miss Penny? There's a few of them."

Penny started sobbing. Fuck. Everything had been going fine. For once Jane didn't give me that look, you know the one. When a father says something to embarrass his daughter in front of her friends. I thought I could find the kitchen on my own as she hugged Penny. It took ten minutes to bring the groceries in and and another twenty to put stuff away. Seeing a bare pantry was more of a shock than hearing about it and I put stuff were I had it at home. Penny could change it later if needed. I still hadn't seen Penny nor Jane so I made some coffee. That was easy. Now I had to face Penny again, I couldn't find a coffee mug anywhere.

I took a wrong turn out of the kitchen into a hallway and walked straight into Jane. She in turn pushed me back into the kitchen.

"I've put her to bed Dad, it's all a bit much for her. Her f****y was well off, servants and all that but when she got married her life changed. Sounds like her husband was a real asshole but she loved her son. And I do mean loved him. She's never had anyone do what we have for her and honestly she doesn't know what to make of it. Dad, I've asked if she wants me to stay a while, sort of help out, get her back on her feet. Do you mind a cold bed for a couple of nights? I think I can help here."

The answer was right there. "Of course you can stay and I don't mind a cold bed... well, just a bit. Give me a call tomorrow and we'll sort out your car, I take it you're still going to work next week."

"I don't think Penny needs full time care but it must be lonely for her at night. We'll see what she's like in the morning. Dad, I love you so much, thank you. I'll make it up to you, I promise."

I hugged Jane as I realized we would be apart for the first time in a couple of years. I did love my daughter, now I knew how deeply. "Take care of her and call me tomorrow. Love you."

As I was driving home I thought about a lonely night but that was over whelmed by the feeling of good, that Jane was doing something worth while. Something had touched her today and I knew she would be a better person for that.

In the end it was a full week of helping. We had played musicial cars on Sunday and work had got busy leading up to the holiday weekend so it wasn't that bad not having Jane around. I did miss her in my bed though. Friday brought something new. Jane called me at work and asked if I still had the tent. I was pretty sure I hadn't thrown it out but I hadn't used it in years. When I asked her why she just said 'find it and set it up by the stream'. More orders. After digging around in the old boxes in the garage that night I not only found the tent but all our camping gear as well.

I still had no idea what my daughter was up to but Saturday morning found me down by the stream pitching the tent. This area was a fun, part time project from years back. I had moved some rocks to make a small dam which turned a paddling pool into a swimming hole, lined the near bank with more rocks and built a fire circle. I had even trimmed an old log into a seat, dug a hole and backfilled it with sand for a toilet, pee only, with a few bushes for a bit of privacy. Jenny had been the one to suggest planting some Chrysanthemum, natures source of pyrethrum to keep the bugs away and some wild Thyme. Just to make it smell good.

Everything was looking good and I was thinking back to happier times when I heard Jane and Penny. I turned and stood. I don't know who's gasp of surprise was loudest, mine or Penny's.
I think Penny's was for finding the camp site in the middle of nowhere. I knew mine was from the sight in front of me. Penny had changed and I could see Jane's hand in that change. Her hair was now... I don't know the word for it, modern, everyday would have to do and the dress and sweater were gone. Today Penny had a simple, button down the front sun frock with simple sandals. Somewhere she had lost ten years. She was beautiful and again I had to quash my urge to laugh.

Jane stood there with one hand on her hip and a smile on her face in her usual T shirt and short skirt. The thing that made me want to laugh was the difference in height. I hadn't really looked at Penny with Jane before, now. Jane fair towered over her. Poor Penny had to look up to both of us. Before I could say anything Jane was in my arms and the kisses I was getting were anything other than a Daughter and Father type. Penny just smiled.

"Oh Daddy I've missed you so much, we've got so much to talk about but first you've got to promise to help Penny. Will you Daddy, please?"

The last bit had me confused. Jane had her hand inside my shorts and Penny could see, and she wasn't turning away. "Sure honey, um... how?"

Jane smiled at me but asked Penny if it was still okay. We both looked at Penny. She seemed to stand straighter, held her head up higher and confirmed with a nod of her head and a quiet yes. Jane gave me another kiss and told me to sit. She was back ordering me about and the next order gave me a clue. "And don't touch." I sat then Jane followed. We looked at Penny again as she moved forward until she was right in front of me.

Very slowly but with a firm hand she started undoing the buttons of her dress, starting from the bottom. I still had no idea what was going on but knew if Jane had a hand in it, it probably involved sex. I started counting buttons to keep me from doing something stupid. That didn't help, it had been a quite week for me. No sex.
Slowly but surely Penny continued upwards until they were all undone. The fall of the material kept the dress in place but, with a shrug of her shoulders the dress fell to the ground. Penny stood there, no more than two feet in front of me with what I thought was one of Jane's thongs just covering her pussy.

Gone was the crying, nervous woman of a week ago. In her place was a nearly naked, very sexy female, and if that wasn't good enough to get me hard. Jane had worked her hand up the leg of my shorts and was holding my cock.

"The next part is going to be hard for you Daddy, do you promise you're going to behave?"

I didn't trust my voice at this stage so I just nodded. I couldn't drag my eyes from Penny's breasts anyway. Those pointy nipples just begged to be sucked but Penny moved to stand in front of Jane. They must have practiced this. Jane stood and lifted her arms as Penny lifted the bottom of her T shirt. In one smooth movement Jane was topless and the shirt fell to the ground beside Penny's dress. Now the skirt. This time I did see Penny's fingers falter, just a fraction, then it too joined the rest and now Jane stood in a matching thong. They both turned towards me. I stood as Jane leaned down and kissed Peggy then whispered something in her ear. Penny smiled and nodded.

I thought this was some sort of therapy Jane had dreamed up for Penny and I was not going to spoil it. I wouldn't dare, Jane would likely kill me. They both moved back in front of me and began. This was some sort of mixed dance. At first Jane started with a shirt button, then it was Penny's turn, another button. When they had finished with the buttons they eased the shirt off my shoulders. Down it went. I tried second guessing my Daughter, I hoped this was leading somewhere soon. I was leaking.

Jane was first again, the belt, then Penny, the top button. Now was the moment of truth but Jane surprised me. Her hand snaked up inside the leg of my shorts and covered my cock as Penny undid the zip. Good thinking. I was as hard as nails but getting my cock caught in the zip wouldn't have been fun. Penny grasped my shorts on either side and then I knew they had done this before. In one smooth movement, Penny drew my shorts down while Jane removed her hand. My cock sprang free.

Nobody moved. Nobody spoke. Penny was looking at my cock. Jane was looking at Peggy. I was looking at both of them. Then Penny surprised the hell out of me.

"My husband was a pig. His cock was half this size and he told me he was big. Poor Joey, I just know his cock was bigger but I never got to see it. Can I really Jane, can I ask your father to fuck me?"

Now Jane started spinning my wheels. "No Penny, the first time for you Dad is going to make love to you. The sort of loving you deserve, should have had, with a nice big cock." Jane looked up and smiled. "Then he can fuck you and you'll walk funny for a week. But you'll love every moment. Now Daddy, you need to get these thongs off or they'll be stuck there for ever. Then you can make love to Penny."

I was lost, it was all to much. Jane I knew but Penny. A silly thing broke through, 'in for a penny, in for a pound' I picked Penny up and kissed her. "I would like to make love to you... if you want to." she didn't answer me but the kiss. It told me everything. Penny was hungry, she really needed this. What had Jane done to relieve the lonely nights this week. I carried her into the tent and laid her on the sl**ping bag.

Some how I knew this was right, this was what Jane had been aiming at. The smile on Penny's face told me I was on the right track. Having a beautiful woman on her back with her legs open confirmed it. Shit, I had listened to Jane and it made sense. Penny needed, wanted a man to make love to her. She needed the whole nine yards. The next half hour was going to shape her whole future. As I slid the thong off and looked at her naked pussy I tried to remember the first time I had seen her pink panties. Hair. Had Jane shaved her last week? She knew I liked her pussy bald

I let myself go, freefall. Penny looked so beautiful lying there. So open, so trusting, and so I started. At first a gentle licking and sucking on her breasts, damn those nipples were to die for. A little lower to her belly button, a kiss and a suck. Penny was a wild woman. What ever Jane had done during the last week had worked so well. Now I treated her just like Jane, OH FUCK. Penny was bouncing off the ground. I put my hand on her waist and held her down as I headed for her vagina.

I tried to put it all together, the Southern belle, the asshole husband, the son. Something Jane had said. I really felt for this small woman beneath me. Suddenly it was Jenny beneath me and she was smiling, waiting for my tongue. This felt so fucking right. I dived in.

Penny took it to the next level. She bucked and heaved, throwing her body into my face as I sucked her clit. There was no end to her thrusts and I came to understand Jane's plea's. Penny had missed out on a whole lot of loving and was trying to make up for it. Fast.

Then it was quiet. I gave Penny a gentle lick... and the flood gates opened. The Southern Belle had gone. "Fuck me Dan, stick your fucking cock in me and fuck meeeeeeeeeee. Please....

I looked at Jane and she just nodded. That was all it took. I slammed my cock into Penny's cunt.

Heaven, I was in heaven. Penny's pussy was heaven and I was here to stay. Jane didn't wait either, she took over where I had left and started sucking Penny's nipple.

Penny screamed.

My cock belonged to some one else, I had lost control of it. Penny didn't seem to mind. She just kept climbing the mountain. This was some sort of a wild woman. She kept getting closer to her goal as I watched. This was going to be an all time high. Then she screamed her pleasure.

And I climaxed.

"Penny, Penny, are you okay?" It was all Jane. My darling Daughter was worried about Penny. WHAT about me, her father.
Penny smiled up at Jane. "So that was an orgasm..... looked at me..... Fuck me again Daddy."

This time Jane did hit me. I wasn't expecting anything like this and. It hurt.....

"You were supposed to make love to Penny first, then fuck her. Daddy, what's wrong with you."

Both Penny and I tried to answer at the same time. I was still a little breathless so I let Peggy go first. When I heard what she said I was glad I had.

"Jane, don't be mad at Daddy. You were the first to suck me and Dan was the first male to go anywhere near my sex with his mouth. Honey c***d, forgive me but I just got carried away, his cock... Oh my, Daddy's beautiful big cock. I just know Joey would have given me the same pleasure. I been dreaming of something like this forever but never, in my wildest dreams, did I think it would be this good. Dan, you have a wonderful daughter, she's helped me so much this past week. Freed me from the guilt. I thought my lusting after my son was the reason for the accident, taking my son from me. I thought I was a bad mother, wanting my son to come to my bed, wanting his cock so much. When Jane explained how good it was with you, how loving I knew it was his fault. That pig messed with my mind and his small cock... even now you're bigger than he ever got."

That brought me back to the real world. My cock was still fully at home in Penny. Listening to Penny talk about wanting her son had kept me hard. Having a naked daughter lying next to Penny and playing with her pussy sorta helped as well. I was thinking about round two when Penny clamped down her vagina. Her husband's small cock was giving me the benefits. She was so tight but her words stopped me dead.

"It's your turn Jane. Mommy's going to share Daddy's cock with you. Just lie back and we will do all the work."

Jane smiled her wicked sexy smile and opened her legs. "We've been reading some stories on xhamster, i****t stories. Penny loves the f****y one's and role playing. You're to old to play the part of Joey but you're perfect for the daddy part..... she smiled at Penny.... and remember Mommy, you have to lick my little pussy. Make sure I'm ready for Daddy's big cock. You wouldn't want Daddy to hurt his Daughter."

Penny put her hands on my chest and pushed. I knelt and watched as she rolled over, her head between Jane's legs. This was just like the first time Jane had played 'The Boss' and I was just as hard. I thought about Jane's request for the tent, how this was so different from the lounge. Exciting, naughty and outdoors added to the scene while the mommy/daddy part topped everything. My daughter certainly had a hidden side to her and the contented sounds told me she liked it. A lot. So did I and I was ready when Penny looked up at me, beckoned me closer.

Penny looked so small, so vulnerable yet so sexy as she took my cock, ready to guide it home. I took a chance, "And after I have finished with my big Daughter I'm going to suck my little Daughter's pussy again. It was so sweet." I had it right. Penny's smile lit up the tent.

As it happened Penny didn't have to wait. Jane, aka the Boss, moved over and told me to lie on my back. She wasn't finished with the orders. "Hold Daddy's cock so I can sit on it Penny, then you can sit on his face. He's getting pretty good at sucking me like that, I make him practice on me. Lots."

I thought Penny's face would break if her smile got any bigger. This jumping between titles and names was fun. "Hold it straight Mommy, sometimes I miss and it goes into the other hole." Jesus, she not only held it straight, she held it hard. Very hard as the head entered Jane's passage. And stopped.

"You can let Daddy go Mommy. He's in the right hole." Jane was playing the game as well.

Penny grinned up at Jane, "Just a minute Daughter, I need to check."

And by the smile on Jane's face I knew where Penny's finger was. I filed that for later because the hand was suddenly gone and Jane was fully impaled. Just like the first time Jane sat still, we both were. Enjoying the feeling and feeling the love. Only now there was a third. Penny knee walked around until her knees were touching my shoulders, her pussy just out of reach she had one more thing to do it seemed. She leaned forward and I watched as she sucked Jane's breast.

Satified by Jane's moan of pleasure she sat back and looked down at me. "Are you ready to suck your little Daughter's pussy Daddy? I'm so wet and it's so naughty Daddy. Your big cock in my s****r's pussy, I can't wait for my turn again."

Damn it. Penny's 'little girl' voice and her sweet bald pussy inches from my face. I couldn't wait either. Enough talking. I moved my arms between her spread legs, grabbed her bum and pulled her down to my waiting mouth. And sucked. Jane must have been watching and as soon as I had a mouthful she began to move. The slowest dance of love ever.

When I said I had a mouth full I meant it. I had sucked all of Penny's sex into my mouth. Now I put my tongue to work, deep in her sheath. We moved into second gear. Jane was moving back and forward rather than up and down, that's what Penny was doing. I knew Jane was rubbing her clit over my pelvis. Penny was trying to fuck herself on my tongue. If I was the first male to have oral sex with her I wanted her to remember it. In a good way.

Jane cried out and a moment later Penny answered with a cry of her own. I couldn't see for myself but knew something good was happening up there. I guessed it had something to do with nipples, I knew how much Jane liked her's pulled or squeezed. We moved into top gear. The finish line was close and I had an overdrive button still to use.

I felt Penny's legs shake and Jane was moving faster. It was all a matter of timing and I began the count down. At five I began lifting my hips, pushing deeper into Jane while pulling Penny's ass cheeks apart slightly. At four I started bucking for Jane and started sucking Penny's clit. It was getting close, I was getting close so I skipped three and two. I lifted my hips clear of the ground as Jane slammed down and at the same moment poked my stiff tongue into Penny's ass.

Even with Penny's legs locked over my ears I heard them. Both of them and let go myself.
OH MY GOD. I think I had the males version of an orgasm. I had never felt the release like that before. I WAS FUCKED. So were the girls. They rolled sideways, off me but still locked in their embrace.

It was Penny who broke the silence, speaking to Jane as if I wasn't there. "Is he always this good? he put his tongue into my... you know."

Jane giggled. "As the song goes, 'you ain't seen nothing yet', anyway, you enjoyed it, didn't you. Tell the truth s*s, you want Daddy to do it again."

Penny didn't answer but did roll over. And then again until she was lying on my chest. Looked into my eyes, kissed me.... and started crying. Jane was beside her in a flash. Not talking, just holding her close. I wrapped both of them in my arms. I thought this time it was more a release than anything wrong.

As the sobbing eased Jane poked me, "We brought lunch but left it in the fridge. I'll get it, you just stay with Penny." A smile and a wink, "And behave while I'm gone. Let Mommy have a rest."

I think Penny had made her peace with herself as she lifted her head. "My Daughter shouldn't be running around naked, put something on."

Jane smiled and squatted next to us. Most unladylike, a little trickle of cum at her open lips.

"Yes Mommy but I'll only wear one thing. What should it be? You decide."

Penny looked at me. I could see the sparkle in her eyes, the grin starting as she answered. "A hairclip. Can't have you looking like nobody owns you can we Daddy." I burst out laughing.

Jane had to have the last word. "I get it, the last time I wore a hairclip was... you just want me out of the way. Well, I'm going but you have to clean Daddy's cock, and make a good job of it s****r. I'm gonna check when I get back. And don't use the stream, it's to cold for Daddy."

Peggy's grin faded. "I want to... I wanted to do it with Joey.... but I haven't... you know. Dan, you and Jane have given me back my life, not only but you've opened my eyes to a new world. It's just..."

"The one thing that's most important in my life is to never use f***e. I'm a big man and it would to very easy to fall into the trap of using my size. So no, I'll never f***e you into something you don't want to do. But, I will be here if you want to try and anyway, Jane lied, the waters not cold. Come on, time for a dip."

It was only after, sitting on the log getting sun dried that I thought about my own words. If Penny had seen me, us, walking toward the car. No wonder she had been afraid. I put my arm around her shoulders and pulled her into a hug. I was explaining why when Jane returned with lunch.

Lunch was just like the sex before. I can't remember salad and cold cuts ever tasting so good. It had to be the company. Jane and Penny had me smiling, laughing, just feeling good with their switching roles. Mother and Daughter, s****rs, little girls or just themselves. It didn't matter what, Jane and I included Penny. I think being naked had something to do with it as well.

And like all adult conversation, we got to sex. I thought this was still part of Jane's therapy and let her lead, until she dropped to her knees in front of me, gave my cock a kiss and looked at Penny. "Did you?"

Silence. Jane had her answer and carried on like nothing had happened. "Did you tell Daddy why?" Penny was a long time answering. Even then I hardly heard her say no.

"Do you mind if I tell Daddy, we talk about everything."

I could see Penny was upset but Jane was speaking quietly, coaxing her along. Trying to help. This time I heard Penny say no. "Daddy, it's 'help' time again." I just nodded my understanding. Without really understanding anything. Jane stood and pulled Penny with her, walked over and sat Penny on my leg then got back on her knees. This time she sucked my cock into her mouth. Right in front of Penny.

"This is the best thing that Mother Nature provided. It can give you so much joy and it can be a lot of fun to play with..... There was a pause as Jane looked at Penny ... are you sure?.... a nod from Penny .... Daddy, HE really was a pig. A dirty pig, HE was the same as you, uncut, but HE didn't keep himself clean."

I thought there was more but Penny stopped Jane. The best way possible. She put her hand on my cock and moved the foreskin. "It wasn't until I had Joey.... the nurse showed me how to pull the foreskin back and told me how important it was to keep it clean. She told me if I didn't start now Joey would have to have his foreskin cut like they did in the old days. I couldn't allow that to happen to my darling and knew then there was something wrong with my husband. I... I just didn't have anyone to talk to. I kept doing it every time a bathed Joey and he seemed to enjoy it. I even changed his bath time to straight after school so we wouldn't be caught. He didn't know or didn't care, one thing less to upset his routine. Dan, this is so hard for me.... I loved playing with my son's cock.... am I a bad mother?"

I was stumped. What a question to ask me. Was I a bad father for making love, having sex with my daughter. Luckily Jane answered for me. Just one word, but with f***e. "NO."

Jane got to her feet and sat on my other leg. Once again she was the 'Boss', "Nipples Daddy, play with our nipples. You okay Penny? Want to continue?" Penny nodded yes and sat a little straighter as I cupped her breast. She even smiled as Jane took her free hand. Her other was still gently stroking me.

"It was about four years ago that things got bad. I knew I didn't love my husband anymore and Daddy died suddenly, a heart attack. Joey and I got even closer. Sometimes I would walk into the bathroom while Joey was in the shower, other times Joey would come into the bedroom while I got dressed.... we were seeing more and more of each other and then it happened."

I knew it was wrong but why do people stop telling their story just when you really want to know, 'what happened'

Once again Penny straightened, took a deep breath. "I walked into the bathroom before Joey got into the shower.... he was naked and so was I. I wanted him to see me..... and he was pulling his foreskin back and forward.... he was masturbating.... I stood there watching my eight year son playing with his cock and I wanted time to stop. I wanted to be the one touching his cock but I couldn't move, couldn't say anything and when I did manage something it was not what I really wanted. I just asked if he was still keeping it clean. That was it. After Daddy died and I started getting the royalty checks my husband quit his job and stayed home and it was to dangerous to continue our little peek shows. I.... I never saw my son's cock again.

"I'm so sorry Penny." Straight away I knew that sounded lame and pulled her closer. Holding her breast helped. So did Jane. "I'll share Daddy's cock anytime you want it s*s. You can play with it for as long as you want. Want to tell Daddy the best part?"

"Yes, but can we change places, just a bit. Daddy's hard and it would be a shame to waste such a beautiful piece of Mother Nature."

"You've become a real cock hound Penny, if I didn't know how well Daddy's cock can get hard again I would say no. Remember what happened Wednesday, we could do that."

"Me, a cock hound, you're a pussy hound. I was on a down, you took advantage of me."

I didn't know what happened on Wednesday but knowing Jane I could guess and in the meantime I had a naked female working on getting my cock into a warm home. Penny was following Jane's instructions. And just like magic, Penny was sitting on my lap. My cock embedded in her pussy. God it felt good. I looked at Jane.

"The best part. What have you been cooking up now?"

Jane whistled, turning. Butter wouldn't melt in her mouth. Yeah, right. I knew my daughter. It was Penny who answered my question. "Dan, Jane has made an incredible offer. I want... need to sell my house. I can't live there anymore, too many memories and she... Jane offered me a room in your house.... could I?"

That one didn't need thinking about. Of course Penny was welcome.... but.

"Mommy loves me too Daddy." Now I had an idea about what had happened last Wednesday. Penny clinched the deal.

"And I want to suck your cock."

That weekend we became a f****y. Jane gained a 'Mommy/s****r/lover', Penny got a 'Husband/Father/Son' and I, shit I had everything. And memories, the best was when Penny started twisting on my lap.

Jane recognized it and put her hands on Penny's shoulders. I swear there was an evil glint in her eyes. "You want to piss don't you? Come on, admit it, you need to pee."

As soon as Jane said it I knew she was right. Trouble was I needed to go as well. Trouble was Jane had another agenda. Her own love of water games. Penny was in trouble. "Take her to the Hole Daddy."

To be honest, Jane's love of golden showers had upset me at first, then I got hooked. It was fun, the warmth of her piss on my cock was something else. Pissing on my daughter had been fun. Penny, how would she react?

I still had trouble with Penny's size. She was so small and when I lifted her she had this thing about molding into my body, her head tucked into my shoulder. She was like a kitten. And she was a sexy kitten. "What are you going to do Daddy?"

The hole wasn't a hole, the seat was warm from the sun and the wild Thyme did give a pleasant smell. All you had to do was stand on it. Penny held me tightly as I sat on the carved log and Jane took over. The crude words seemed so natural.

"Spread your legs like you're going to fuck Daddy then piss."

What Jane didn't tell Penny was she was going to hold my cock so I would piss on her. What I didn't know was Jane was bursting to go as well. So there we were, me sitting on the seat over the hole. Penny sitting on my lap. And Jane standing behind her. Close behind her. I think it was Penny who started first. As soon as I felt the warmth of her piss I let go. Penny's squeal told me Jane had joined us. Then it was quiet.

Then I was laughing. The look on Penny's face as she looked up at Jane was priceless. "You peed on me."

"And you peed on Daddy, naughty Mommy." Then we were all laughing. The laughter stopped when Penny dropped to her knee's and kissed my cock and I heard a soft command from Jane.

"Do it Mommy, kiss Daddy's cock, suck him."

Slowly, oh so very slowly Penny opened her mouth and swallowed my cock.

Jane was beside her in an instant.

"Mommy, Daddy and I are going to suck your pussy forever......."

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