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My first time giving a blowjob

This is my second story to post here. My first effort was a true story about my first time with a male, who happened to be my uncle. After that first time we continued to play, mostly just mutual masturbation and he performed oral sex on me a couple times. I was so excited to return the favor, I wanted his dick in my mouth in the worst way.

I had just come in from doing some outside chores, he was sitting on the couch, drinking a beer. We were both nude, which was the common mode of dress around his small farm. Depending on the type of outside chores that needed to get done we might be somewhat dressed but we tried to limit that. I grabbed a beer out of the fridge, cracked it and took a sip and walked into the living room. I moved over to him where he was watching the news on TV. I sat down on the ground in front of the couch, sipping my beer. His hand went to my head, fingers moving through my hair. I started rubbing his thigh, then kissing it, my hand continuing to rub his bare leg. I could hear him moan slightly as my kisses moved up and down his leg. My hand went to his stiffening cock, gently squeezing it. I slipped my body between his legs and positioned myself, kneeling in front of him, my hand slowly stroking his throbbing stiffening cock.

I looked up at him, into his eyes. He was looking down at me, his hand still gently and tenderly rubbing my head. My head went forward, kissed his cock, then I opened my mouth. I was so excited, seeing his cock in front of me, smelling him, the sensation of feeling him inside my mouth for the first time, the first time for any cock. My hand went to his balls, gently fondling them as my mouth went up and down on his shaft. I concentrated on keeping my teeth off his throbbing manhood, my tongue tasting him. I could hear him moaning, his hand growing more firm on the top of my head. It felt so natural, what I was doing, taking that cock into my mouth and pleasuring him. I lost myself in the moment, I don't know how long I was sucking on him. I remember his moans growing louder, his legs tensing, his hand grasping my head more firmly.

I wanted to taste him so bad, to have his load shoot into me. When he did come, it took me by suprise and I couldn't handle his load, I tried to swallow as much as I could but it came so fast . . .

That first time wasn't my best performance, I definitely perfected my technique over the years to follow. But that first time I will always remember.

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