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My Other Daughter Part 4

I had been watching the Notre Dame Oklahoma game. Downstairs all alone so I was oblivious to who was in the house. Suddenly I heard a knock at my door.
"Daddy is everything ok?" Ally asked.
I replied "yes." Yet I was wondering when she had gotten here.
"Can I come in?"she asked.
I said sure and when the door opened I knew I was in for a ride. She was dressed in a black thong with garters and matching nipple less bra. To top it off she had a cat mask on.
"What's up Ally?" I asked already knowing the answer.
"I'm horny and want to get fucked hard and dirty!" she replied with a naughty grin on her face.
"But this time I want you to tie me up and fuckme with this and your big cock." In her hand she held a 10" dildo that looked amazing.
"I know you have a door harness you put mommy in cause I have seen it so get it out and put me in it." She demanded.
Soon she was in it with her hands cuffed to the top of the door and her legs suspended and help open. I could see her pussy was already dripping from the wet spot on her panties. My mouth went to work. Kneeling under her I licked her pussy through the very thin thong until she was moaning and panting.
"If you don't keep quiet I will shut you up." I warned.
"But daddy you keep sucking my pussy what else can I do?"
I stood up grabbed the dildo and put it in her mouth.
"Suck it" "Take it in your throat" "l
As it glided in and out of her throat I began to lick the shaft and taste he throat lube. Pulling it out I kissed her open mouth and spit into it.
"Take it again deeper this time." I ordered.
I now wanted to taste her asshole so I again kneeled below her and pulled the thong up to her knees. What a nice little asshole. I licked it until her pussy juice fowed down onto her asshole so make sure it wos wet enough. Then I probbed 1,2,3 fingers and licked some more.
Standing up I plnged my cock into her asshole and stroked hard and fast from tip to base for 10 strokes or so.
Now was the time. I took the dildo and slowly pushed it in to her dripping pussy while I slowly stroked my cock in her ass.
"Harder daddy, harder. Fuck me harder!" Ally cried.
I hit it super hard now. Slamming the dildo in with matching strokes. Soon we both climaxed in exhaustion. Damn this vixen could take it.
Fourth quarter was now beginning. Ally got dressed and left leaving me with a ND memory I will never forget.

ed to taste her asshole. So I again kneeled below her and pull

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