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Fumble In The Dark

Even a week after the event, I'm STILL kinda in shock that this actually happened...! :D

My 'step'son (I regard him as that despite not marrying his mother - just as well, as we've been split 4 and a half years now) has an ASD (Asperger's Syndrome) and one of his wee obsessions through it is Japanese culture.
So, in an attempt to make something constructive from his disability, I signed both of us up for a Japanese class. I only really attended to make sure he didn't have some kind of social meltdown - another side effect of his AS.

Anyway, fast forward to August this year, and I decided that, as he was coming more out of his shell and became more comfortable actually holding conversations with other people in the class (something that is a minor miracle compared to 2 years ago when we started attending), that it was time for me to step back from attending so much and being a bit of a 'helicopter parent'.

Scotland hosts an Anime festival annually in October, and "K-On! The Movie" was the star attraction; the showing in Glasgow was to be it's first cinema screening outside of Japan (a European Premiere, if you will), so some of the k**s decided it would be a great idea to organise a field-trip to go see it.
The organiser of the occasion was the oldest girl called Fatima (not her real name), 19yrs old, a hijab-wearing, rather bookish-looking girl - the kind of girl you'd expect to be studious and chaste. She always attends class wearing her glasses, a bulky and shapeless top (modesty, remember - not allowed to reveal her 'shape' openly, but you can tell she probably has a good figure on her), denim trousers and flat, sensible shoes. Really... not a girl you'd normally look twice at except that, beyond the glasses, she obviously has a nice face and seems fairly friendly and chatty for a muslim girl. In the 2 years I've been going, I've probably only had one conversation with her - though it was pleasant enough.

So October 20th arrived, and a group of us met at the agreed location before walking to the cinema. Being Scotland, the weather was brutally cold as usual (I thought ൺ Shades Of Grey" had been about Scottish weather), so I was decked out in a beanie hat, scarf, leather gloves and a winter jacket that reaches my knees. Thankfully, when the six of us (me, my stepson, Fatima and 3 other girls younger than her) arrived at the cinema, we found ourselves in the queue well in front of the bog-standard Cosplayers in attendance! Always a good move - so we managed to take up half a row of seats sat together. As we filed in to the row, Fatima and I had a wee "after you... no, after you" contretemps, which resulted in me saying "Ach okay, age before beauty it is then..." jokingly, while I felt a little selfish leaving Fatima the aisle seat.
Getting settled in my seat proved a bit more difficult than normal with all my winterwear, and Fatima could see I was struggling... she kinda half-sniggered before suggesting "Look, why don't you put that massive jacket across both of us? My legs are kinda cold in this weather anyway...". I saw this as a logical idea, and so did as she suggested.
The Anime's producer (I think) gave a quick introduction to the film before the Cosplayers applauded the lights dimming for the start of the film.

The movie was about 5 minutes in when I felt an unexpected sensation under the winter jacket. I registered about a nanosecond of shock before realising it was Fatima's right hand on my left thigh! Now, the movie had started, so I wasn't gonna create a scene - besides, with her being 19 and me being 42, I wasn't gonna complain either! :D
Her hand stayed there for a few minutes to the point I'd forgotten it was there - until she moved it a bit further towards my crotch! At this point, I turned my head towards her slightly, hoping to catch her eye in an attempt to read what she had in mind. She glanced back at me and the corner of her mouth raised in a devilish little smirk. I couldn't help but smirk back, and this seemed to give her the green light for what was to come. She quickly and deftly put her hand directly on my crotch and checked my reaction. I raised my eyebrow slightly while giving a subtle nod of approval, and both our faces turned back to the screen.
She started to rub me through my jeans under the jacket. Of course, it quickly had the desired effect, and she knew fine well she had gotten me hard in no time at all! At this point, I casually moved my left hand onto her right thigh...
It took her a few minutes to do it without being noticed (and it felt like a fucking eternity for me), but she soon released my stiff cock through my fly and was very slowly but firmly tugging it back and forth - not exactly masturbating me, more of a 'comfort' kinda thing. My left hand had found her own zipper, unzipped her fly, and I was touching her cotton panties.
She managed to adjust her own position in her seat unobtrusively so I could get my left hand inside her pants and make my way to her most sensitive place. I was somewhat surprised to find she was not 'au naturel' and bushy as I had expected, but kept her pubes short and trimmed. I cupped her pubic mound for a moment, teasing her a little with the anticipation...
Using my middle finger, I started massaging her outer lips as slowly as she was tugging me - again, still in a 'comfort' type way... until a quieter moment in the movie soundtrack, when I thrust that middle finger inside her! I heard her take a audible intake of breath - she obviously had not expected me to do that quite so suddenly. But what else could I do? She was already quite soaking wet! :D
We spent the rest of the movie like that; her slowly & gently pulling on my straining cock, me fingering her wet pussy as best I could with my left hand in a rather awkward position until the credits started to roll and we'd disengaged from our secret shenanigans and the house lights came back on.
The producer strode out for a quick Q & A session and drew out Fatima's name as the first question (which were submitted prior to the movie in the queue, and I had quite forgotten she'd filled out the slip of paper then). The Producer asked for Fatima to stand up so she could address her personally!
Now, obviously at this point, neither she or me had had the time to do our respective flies back up - so up stood a clearly blushing (yes, I could tell, despite her arabian skintone) Fatima clutching her portion of my jacket to her waist... almost revealing my own semi-nudity in the process! XD
To her credit, she carried on this public conversation without nervousness before sitting back down. There was a quick exchange of conversation from some of our classmates along the row, before their attentions turned back to the Q & A - this gave both Fatima & I our cue to try to compose our clothes properly (and VERY carefully now that the cinema lights were back on).
Soon, the Q & A was finished, and I got my winterwear back on to brave the cold outside. We made our way outside, walked back to where we had met up, and said our goodbyes.

I was not able to go to Japanese class today due to a conference I was required to attend in Falkirk, but maybe I should go to it next time... If I do, I'll be sure to pass my number to Fatima to let me know about any future cinema visits she is planning. I'll keep you posted!
Oh, and please, don't ask me what I thought of "K-On! The Movie"... I was pleasantly distracted at the time, so I have no clear fucking idea what the hell happened in it! So sue me... :p

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