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Learning about jacking off Part Five Mrs. Wilson

I called Mrs. Wilson as soon as I got home. The phone rang twice before her daughter Ellen answered the phone. I asked for Mrs Wilson and she told me her mother was taking a short nap before her Daddy got home from work. I was all of a sudden awkward talking to a female who was much closer to my own age.

I didn't know what I could say, so went all dork with her. "Uh...well...hello are you?" She told me she was doing fine and asked back how was I. It seems she was just as nervous talking to someone about her own age, especially since we didn't really know each other because she was a couple of grades behind me at school. "Do you want me to tell her you called?" she asked.

"Oh, no, no no!" I said quickly. I surely didn't want Mrs. Wilson to be calling when my parents might be home and maybe answer the phone before I could get to it. "Just tell her that I called about...," then I didn't know how to finish that. "Ask her if she has any odd jobs I might mowing the lawn or something." Ellen got it then. "Oh, Oh yeah sure. Maybe she would like to have someone else mow it because it seems that Dad is busy all the time now."

Mrs. Wilson did call me back though. She must have gotten up soon after Ellen and I hung up. I had turned away from the phone and gone five or six steps when it rang. She knew my parents schedule as well as I did. We had ten or fifteen minutes to talk before the time they usually got home.

She asked me how my day had gone with Mrs. Martin. I didn't give her details of the sex but said it was really fun. Then I asked, "She gave me forty dollars Mrs. Wilson. I was kind of confused by that. She said twenty dollars was for you and the other twenty dollars was for me. Can I keep that twenty?" Mrs Wilson laughed a bit and said that she had made an arrangement with her friends that would pay her and me for the time I spent with each of them and the time it took Mrs. Wilson to keep all the details of the meetings straight.

"You will be meeting Mrs. Brady tomorrow on the same street corner at about 8:00 a.m. Be sure to have a shower before you go and wear nice clean clothes. Mrs. Martin was very pleased that you dressed like a "k** who was enjoying his summer."

"If one of my friends wants you to dress differently I will let you know. As long as you wear clean clothes and have a shower, my friends will all be very happy to have you visit them." I thanked her for what she was doing for me. "It's all been so much fun Mrs. Wilson. I can't thank you enough for what you are doing for me."

I heard my parents pull into the driveway and said, "Mom and Dad are here now." Mrs. Wilson said she had one thing, one very important thing she needed to tell me. "When you are with your friends Peter you can NEVER tell them what you have been doing. I know guys like to brag. If you brag, that might bring all of this to a fast stop because someone might find out that would be angry about all this. That would mean no more pussy for you and no more money. Do you understand?"

I thought about it for a second and said, "Yes, I can see how that might bring problems for your friends. Mrs. Martin said I was never to tell her husband what we were doing." Mrs. Wilson sighed happily and said, "Yes Peter. With me, you can always...uh spend time with me when Ellen isn't home. Remember now, tomorrow on the corner of Sunflower and Johnson at 8:00 a.m." I told her that I got it and would be there on time. Then I said I had to go because I heard my parents at the front door. She said okay and hung up.

At dinner that night my Mother asked me what my day had been like. I had anticipated the question and had an answer for her. "I walked over to the school and played a game of basketball with some k**s there." Both my parents thought that was a great thing to do. Dad though kept up with his Dad theme, "Just be sure you don't wind up getting together with friends who might lead you into trouble Peter." I told him I just wanted to have some fun and no one could get me to do something I didn't want to do.

We watched some TV that night. I was allowed to stay up late in the summer, but I turned in at 8:30 saying I was "kinda tired."

In my room I stood at my window and looked down into Mrs. Wilson's back yard thinking back to just over a week ago when cousin Tom had taught me how to jack off and the whirlwind that had happened since then. Now that I was meeting women through Mrs. Wilson, I had no desire to jack off. My cock was hard though as I thought about the times with Mrs. Wilson and the time yesterday with Mrs. Martin. Both had been fun, but I thought about how crazy Mrs. Martin was when my fist was in her cunt. I thought also about licking her pussy and decided that sex had lots of different fun parts to look forward to.

The next morning I was standing on Sunflower and Johnson when I saw a very fancy car approaching. I knew it was Mrs. Brady from her picture and the description of her car. She was much older than the other ladies I had been with, but fucking was fucking. She grinned at me when I opened the door and said gustily, "Well hello there stud! I am so glad to meet you!" She held out her right hand and said, "Lucille Brady." I shook it and said, "I'm Peter." She put the car in gear and said, "You look just like your photographs."

I looked at her curiously and said, "Photographs?" She laughed and told me how much she had enjoyed Mr. Martin's pictures. "You really have natural talent Peter. How many times have you fucked now?" I thought about it a moment and said, "Well twice with Mrs. Wilson and once more yesterday with someone else."

She kind of cackled like and said, "I love a man who doesn't kiss and tell Peter." She started talking about herself then. "I divorced Mr. Brady three years ago and while I have had some dates since then, most men seem to want the younger women." She cackled again, looked at me and said, "I kind of get what they are thinking now that you and I are going to be such good friends today."

My cock was hard and I positioned it so it would be less cramped in my pants. Mrs. Brady glanced down at the bulge and whistled.

"Laurie tells me you are a really good fuck. I looked at the whole album of pictures and I know you will be just right for me." I smiled at her and said, "I am really looking forward to fucking you Mrs. Brady. She laughed and said, "Oh Hell Peter. Your cock is going to be in my mouth and other places today. Just call me Lucy."

She took me clear across town to a very nice neighborhood. Mrs. Martin's neighborhood was nice too, but not as nice as this one. Like all the other houses on the block, her house was huge with lots of trees in the very large yard. She had one of those garages where she pressed on a remote control and the door opened up. I marveled at that as we pulled inside. She hit the remote and the door closed.

She led me into the house and asked if I would like something to drink. I hesitated and she said, "I have beer, wine and even some tequila. If you want any of those, that would be fine. If you would prefer lemonade or a Coke I have those too." I watched Lucy pour herself a glass of wine. She sipped it as she led me into her bedroom. Once we were there she reached into her purse and took out some bills. One was a twenty and the other was a fifty. She made sure I saw the fifty. "I know I am only supposed to give you twenty Peter. If you don't tell Laurie I won't tell. I plan to use you all day long. I haven't had a cock in this old pussy in some time. Someone your age should be able to go all day." She gave me a look kind of asking 'am I right'. I smiled and said that one day I had jacked off six times and could have done more but my parents got home.

Lucy clapped her hands, took another sip of her wine and said, "Perfect!" She sat on the bed then and said, "Take off your clothes Peter. I will sip my wine and enjoy the show."

She smiled as I undressed. When the underwear came off she clapped her hands again and said, "Laurie told me she shaved you Peter. How much hair did you have before she did that?" I pointed out the one area where there were sprouts of hair. "I'm not hairy like," I almost said Dan's name but recovered and said, "some men are hairy."

"Come here Peter and help me undress. She sat there sipping her wine while I unbuttoned her shirt. I made sure to have my hands touch her tits while I did that. She leaned forward then so I could see to unlatch the hook on her bra. When I had it off she sat up. Her tits were sagging a little, but they were very nice. A month ago I would have jumped through hoops for a chance to see any tits at all. Her nipples were like little pink marbles. She held out a foot then so I could remove her shoe and sock. When her foot was bare she moved it along my hard cock gently. I took off the other shoe and sock. She stood up then and had me pull her skirt which was held on with an elastic kind of thing at the top near her waist.

She had on very pretty turquoise panties. There was a very wet spot in the part between her legs. I slipped my fingers inside the elastic and as I slid them down her thighs, I slid down to the floor. I was on my knees now right in front of her cunt. She was shaved bare like Mrs. Wilson. Her cunt lips though were very different. Lucy's lips hung down from her slit and were quite long. I stared at them and Lucy laughed. "Mr. Brady was a fan of long lips Peter, so he would always pull on them. She finished her wine and said, "Watch this."

She grasped each lip with the thumb and forefinger of each hand and pulled them down so they were three or more inches from her hole. Mrs. Wilson's cunt lips had been kind of tucked in some and she had a very deep and prominent slit. I guessed then that all women's cunts were different. I whistled and said, "Wow. I like your cunt lips Lucy! Could I pull on them too?"

She laughed and said, "Another big lips fan. Go for it stud!" I gripped her lips and pulled them down till they were like thin sheets of flesh. "Sit down please Lucy," I said a bit in awe.

She sat on the bed, with her ass right on the edge. I leaned forward them, pulling on her lips. I took one of them into my mouth and sucked on it while my nose pressed against her very prominent clit. I pushed my nose on her clit from underneath and letting it pop off of my nose. I did that repeatedly and Lucy was loving it. I pressed her long lips together then and took them both into my mouth sucking on them and pulling back hard on them until they popped out of my mouth. I was having fun playing with her pussy. She tapped me on the shoulder then and said, "This is all great fun stud, but I want to suck your cock. You know about 69 yet?" I looked at her questioningly. She clapped her hands and said, "Oh boy I get a first time on this one! Have you eaten pussy yet?" I told her I had done that yesterday and really liked it. She rubbed her tits and said, "Then you are going to LOVE this."

She laid down on her back on the bed and directed me to crawl over her so my cock was over her face and her cunt was right there at my face. I figured it out then. Lucy ran her fingers lightly over my smooth cock and balls. Then she sucked my cock while her fingers played with my balls. She opened her mouth wider then and took my balls into her mouth along with my cock. I put my face down on her cunt and licked her bare slit. I found I liked licking a shaved pussy very much and went kind of wild on it. I pulled her lips wide apart and had my tongue inside her slit. After a bit I had her cunt lips stretched and placed right on either side onto my cheeks.

Lucy was laughing on my cock. She pulled away from it and said, "You are a very talented young man Peter." I didn't say anything, pressing my chin now against her very prominent clit. Lucy held my cock straight down then licked my balls. She went from there straight up and started to lick my ass crack. I jumped a little at that because it felt so good. She held my ass cheeks apart and stuck the tip of her tongue inside my asshole. I jumped at that too and yelled out, "Wow! That feels Great!"

She cackled again and said, "Well, if it feels great to you, it will feel great to me too. Lick my asshole Peter. Have you ever done that before?" I told her no and she exulted in another first.

I was hoping it wouldn't smell too much, but Lucy had obviously washed up for me. She pulled her legs back and spread them apart. Her ass was raised above the bed now. I put my hands on her ass cheeks and spread them apart. Her asshole was the first I had ever really looked at. I thought the crinkled hole was kind of cute. I licked her entire ass crack as she had done for me. She shrieked and laughed out loud. "Keep doing that stud. Earn your money honey." I licked her ass until it was glistening with my saliva. Finally she gasped,"Put the tip of your tongue into my asshole stud. Get it as deep in there as you can." I thought about this and decided that for $50 I could do things I never imagined doing.

I wiggled the tip of my tongue into her little crinkly hole. It gave way and the tip went inside. I put my fingers closer to her asshole and pulled harder on it so that it opened up a bit. With that space I pushed my tongue further into her ass. I guessed it wouldn't go any farther, so started wiggling it around in there. Lucy went crazy!

She screamed and laughed, her hand slapping my ass hard. It stung, but wasn't so bad I would tell her to stop. She stopped on her own. She reached down behind her and moved her finger to her asshole when I pulled away. I watched her slide the tip of her finger into her hole. She put her other hand down there then and put it into her hole too. I was shocked when she opened her asshole wide apart. She gasped, "Stand up Peter." I did so and watched her open her ass even wider apart. Finally she pulled her fingers out and the hole closed tight.

My cunt needs your hard cock now Peter. Fuck it hard and fast. When I am ready for something else I will let you know. Remember, hard and fast and don't fucking stop!"

I nodded my head and said, "Spread your cunt lips Lucy." She said, "Call me whore now...I feel like a whore...(giggling now)when you are really the whore." I didn't think about that right then. I looked at her face and said, "Spread your cunt lips whore!" Lucy grasped her lips and stretched them wide apart. I moved my shaft along the juice slit and she wrapped her lips around my cock and held them over it as I did that. When she was ready for my cock to go into her cunt she said, "Fuck my whore cunt stud! Fuck me HARD!"

I put my hands on her hip bones now and with a wild look started fucking this woman's cunt hard. I didn't stop. Fortunately her old cunt wasn't as tight as the other two women and my cock didn't get to a point of needing to cum with all that motion. She was screaming and her juicy cunt being slammed by my hard cock made that delicious noise I already loved so much. After about five minutes or so of that she screamed, "My asshole. FUCK MY ASSHOLE!" I pulled out and looked down at the little brown hole, closed all tight now. My cock was very slippery now from her cunt juice. The head of my cock was so wet it glistened from the reflection of the lights in the room. I pressed the large head down at the crinkly hole. I knew it would open, but was surprised at how it wasn't easy, but I was able to push it in. Her ass was very very tight on my cock. It was a delicious feeling to fuck this tight hole. I watched my shaft move in and out of her. She had a hand mirror in her hand and held it so she could watch me fuck her ass. I never would have thought of that. I guessed that with age you learn things.

"I am going to come Lucy! Do you want me to cum in your ass?" She told me to fill it up so I did. This was the most amazing orgasm I had ever had. All the women had pussies that didn't really squeeze my cock like Lucy's asshole did. I groaned as my seed spurted down deep in her ass.

When I finished, I pulled out. Lucy held her arms open so I moved up to rest on her chest. She held my face and we kissed for quite a while. "That was a great fuck Peter," she sighed with joy. We rested a bit then Lucy asked if I had more lead in my pencil. I looked at her oddly and she asked, "Is your cock ready for more?" I smiled and asked, "What would you like whore?" She said, "tell your whore what you want stud."

I thought about it for a minute then remembered something I had heard about. Cousin Tom told me that whores will get on their knees and will suck a man's cock until he comes inside it. He said some whores will even let you fuck their mouth. All that seemed brutal and awful, but now it didn't seem like it would be bad at all.

I stood up at the foot of her bed and pointed at the floor. "On your knees whore. I want to fuck your mouth." She scurried to move there. She looked up at my face and said, "You will need to hold my head Peter. Have you done this before?" I told her I hadn't done it exactly like this. I continued by telling her about my cousin who had taught me to jack off. "He said there are whores who will let a man fuck her mouth. I want to fuck your mouth whore!"

I held her head in my hands and said, "Open your mouth and suck my cock!" She did as I said. I was surprised that she could take my cock all the way down her throat. She looked at me questioningly and raised her eyebrows. I took that as the signal to fuck her mouth. I pressed her head back against the foot of the bed and started driving my cock hard all the way down her throat. She made a wonderful gagging sound and I got carried away. My balls were slapping against her chin. I thought only then about where my cock had just been before I put it in her mouth.

She moved a hand up my thigh. She must have dipped it into her cunt because when she pressed it against my asshole her finger popped right in. Her hand was able to move with my ass as I ground my hips forward to drive my cock down her throat. I stared at her face, grinning at the woman who was taking my cock in her mouth. My orgasm was seconds away. I yelled out, "Fuck you whore!" as my semen spurted down her throat. When we were done, she lay there against the foot of the bead breathing hard through her mouth. Tears were in her eyes. Her saggy tits made her look old, but that wasn't bad at all. I realized then that she reminded me a bit of my grandmother, my mom's mother. I instantly felt ashamed, but got over it.

Finally Lucy held up her hands. I took them and pulled her up to her feet.
I helped her sit on the foot of the bed and sat next to her. She took several minutes to get her breath back. "Peter, you are an incredible lover. I have done with you almost all I wanted to do." I waited for her to continue. "There is one more thing I want today Peter." After what I had been through, and enjoyed every minute of, said bravely, "Tell me what you want Lucy and I will do it."

She smiled sweetly and asked if my parents ever spanked me. I told her I had to get a switch only two times. One time for breaking a vase my grandmother had given my Mother and once for saying a word that I didn't truly understand at the time.

She thought about that and then said, "Have you ever had your bare ass spanked Peter?" I shook my head 'no'. I wondered how I would deal with that, but said, "Is that what you want to do Lucy? You want to spank me?" She laughed and said, "Oh Heavens No Peter. I want YOU to spank ME!"

That seemed okay to me and thought she was really making me earn my money. I want you to treat me like I have been a bad girl. I am your little girl and you are my Daddy. I have been bad. You make me strip off all my clothes and you have taken off your clothes too. You make me lay over your lap and you spank my bottom until it gets bright red. After we do that I will tell you what is next.

One of my favorite television shows at the time were re-runs of the Lucy and Desi Arnaz shows. I said, "Lucy, you have some explaining to do." She smiled at that and whispered, "make it sound real Peter. I want my Daddy to spank me to teach me a lesson." I went to her desk, pulled the wooden chair out from it and sat down. "Come here Lucy! To think a girl your age would do something like that."

Lucy stood there looking worried. "What did I do Daddy?" I thought for a minute and said, "You were playing with the ball in the house and you broke Mommy's favorite vase. A girl your age should know better than that." Lucy whimpered and whispered, "but I'm only ten daddy. I didn't think it would happen." I used the words then my Dad had used. "I'll give you something to think about."

I pulled her to me. Lucy tried to pull away. I pulled her harder and pushed her down onto my lap. My cock was hard again. Her head was to my left so I could use my right hand. I started spanking her ass. Lucy whispered, "Much harder than that Peter." I hit her ass so hard now it made my hand sting. I growled, "This is hurting me more than it is hurting you!" I was fascinated at how my hand left red hand shaped marks on her ass. I got really into it and Lucy was crying, getting tears all over my thighs. I used my left hand to keep her hands from protecting her ass.

Finally Lucy said, "Well Daddy this all hurts. I hope you don't spank my pussy this time. That hurt so so much." I got the clue and had her lay on her back on the foot of the bed. I held her down at her breasts with my left hand and started spanking her cunt. Soon it was bright red too. She cried and moaned that she would never do it again. Then she said, once her cunt had been punished for about ten minutes, "Please Daddy, Don't fuck my little pussy like you did last time. That hurt me a lot Daddy. Please, please don't."

I turned her on the bed and used my knees to hold her knees apart. I lowered my hard cock down to her red naked cunt. She screamed when my cock went inside. "No Daddy, please no!" I really enjoyed fucking her red cunt while she cried. I knew it was something different that most women wouldn't want, but this was something good to know about. I fucked her had and when I came inside her I put my fingers onto her nipples and twisted them. She hadn't told me to do that.

By this time it was close to three p.m. I said, "Lucy, my parents get home at four. I need to have a shower and get dressed." She smiled and said, "Of course, of course Peter." We took a shower together. We dressed and she dropped me off at Sunflower and Johnson. I had the fifty in one pocket and the twenty in the other.

That night at dinner Mother asked how my day had gone. I told her I had gone to the school and we played basketball for hours. I said I was really tired and asked when dinner was going to be ready because I was really tired. She asked what I had for lunch. I didn't tell her about the steak Lucy had broiled for me or the ice cream that came after that. I said I had a hamburger and french fries and wasn't very hungry.

When I was in my room and had the light on, I looked down into Mrs. Wilson's back yard. She must have been watching for me. I saw her walk out to the chaise lounge where she normally did her sunbathing. I snuck down the back stairs and walked out to talk to her. The first thing I did was to give her the two twenties. She tucked them into her bra. I didn't mention the fifty. "How was your day Peter?" I told her that Lucy had been a lot of fun. She asked if I was up for another meeting. I asked, "Tomorrow?" She shook her head and told me that another friend, Mrs Morgan had said she had some time on Thursday. I told Mrs. Wilson that Thursday would be just fine.

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