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When Your Wife Becomes An Exhibitionist Tease At T

This is a true story from one of our contributors:

My wife and I go to the nude beach once and a while. I have noticed many married couples on the beach and I always got turned on seeing a guy sitting next to his wife in a beach chair or on a big towel while the wife sits with her legs wide open or semi reavealing, opening and closing legs as we walked by and found a spot on the beach.

Each time my wife and I go to the beach I would tell her that she could get an uneven tan if she didnt let the sun cover her whole body and that she could get tan lines and tan creases around her pussy if she sat with her legs closed in the sun. I kept telling her this each time we went out and little by little she would leave her legs a little more open a little longer than the last time.

One day we went to the beach and I told her I dont care if guys see you sitting with your legs wide open. And she told me that she didnt care either. That it felt good just to be able to relax and open her legs and feel the breeze on her pussy. So we got to the beach and we found a spot and the sun was out and it was really hot. We both went for a swim and cooled off and my wife got out of the water before me to dry off. I stayed in the water a little longer enjoying the waves and when I got out and walked towards our beach towel I saw my wife sitting back in her chair, sunning and her legs were spread wide open exposing her smooth and tight shaved pussy and there were at least 10 guys nearby looking at her and a couple of them sneaking photos with their cell phones. I thought I was going to get a hard on right there on the spot seeing my wife sitting like that so provocatively and completely ignoring the fact that all those guys were staring at her body and especially her pussy in the sun!

I sat down in the chair next to her and we were facing the sun. All the while one voyeur after another would walk past us to get a good view of my wife's pussy. At one point It got a little obvious and one guy approached us and told us that some other guy took a picture. My wife said she didnt care and I was shocked that the whole time she just sat there with her legs spread open reading a magazine and acting like we were the only ones on the beach.

Needless to say when we got home I ate her pussy for at least half an hour and then fucked her really good while I asked her about the beach. She told me that she knew guys were looking and that she caught a couple of guys stroking off to her while I was in the water! I fucked her hard for that one!

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