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Head at My Office Desk

The playful and polite flirting had been going one for about 3 months, only a month after she started. Her job was to manage the administrative takes for our department. She came into your office about twice a day and always initiated polite conversations. Sometimes she would stand in the doorway her back to the hall and facing you while you sat at your desk. She would wear tight skirts just above her knees and always with black tights. The skirts she wore fit snugly around her large hips and over her round ass that stuck out when she walked and stand. She wore white blouses that hugged her curves and showed just a little, tasteful cleavage, while hiding the majority of her large tits. Being a thick woman, her tits had the firm busty quality in her tight fitting blouses. She wore heals, making her thick legs apear long and fit. In her heals she was about 5'7" and when she talked you would stare at her white teeth, light lipstick and her green eyes with black eye makeup. Her outfits seemed like they were screaming for cock.

It was a slow Friday and a little over half the office had left for the weekend, when she came strolling by your office and stood in the door, the way as she had so many times before.
"I am so bored" she said
"Don't you have plans this evening" You repled. You had finished most of your work for the week and decided to play along.
"No, I will be alone again tonight" she confessed
"It would be nice to make this day go faster" You said
"I agree. Did you have anything in mind?" she asks bringing her finger to her mouth and bitting on her pink fingernails in a provocative manner.
This was the most suggestive flirting she had given you. All little surprised you tested her. You rolled your chair back from your desk a little and put your hands behind your head and spread open your legs. "When I am bored I like to suck down some food" you said while you glance at your cock.
She let out a quick chuckle and walked toward you "That is kind of what I was thinking. Do you know where I can find something to eat."
You don't say anything as you lock eyes with her as she walks to your chair and puts her hands on the arm rests and gets close to you. Still looking in your eyes. she says "I am hungry and I want to eat." Speaking slowly and annunciating each word.
You take her left hand and put it in your lap on top of your dick. She squeezes your growing cock and says. "That is exactly what I am hungry for. Can I get on my hand and knees and eat you?'"
You nod your head and put your hand on her head and guide her to her knees while she unbuttons the top of her blouse and pulls her tits out. You grab her by her hair and neck and put her under your desk so no one in your office would see. She unzips your pants while rubbing your hard cock and massaging your thighs. Your pants are around your knees and she takes your rock hard dick deep into her throat. She grabs your balls and tugs them and massages them. You grab her by her head and f***e her deep onto your dick. She gags loudly and spits wet saliva out of her mouth, you can feel it sliding over our balls and dripping off.
She works your hard dick deep into her throat until she gags saliva. Then she sucks all the saliva up off your balls and spits it back onto your dick for more lube. Back and forth she goes, between gaging loudly on your dick and sucking the saliva off your balls. Just as she was back on your dick, your colleague comes through your open door and into your office, asking about the project you're working on. Instead of stoping she takes your dick deeper into her throat and holds it there while you put a hand on her head to keep her deep. You can feel your throbbing dick in her tight throat. You let out a slight moan and say "Hmmm, its going Fantastic."
Just as your colleague leaves she gags even louder and pulls off your dick, while panting for air and stoking your hard cock. You look under your desk at her, and she looks like the prettest sex slave you've ever seen. Salava is all over her mouth and dripping off her chin. Her eyes are watering and her black makeup is running down her face. She looks you in your eyes and says "I'm hungry. Feed me your cum." And she goes right back to stroking your cock and fucking her throat on your dick. She is stroking you harder, pumping your dick for your cum. You can feel your balls swell as they get ready to explode a huge load into her mouth. You can feel her open her mouth and put your dick on her tongue. "I want to swallow your cum" she says. And with that you blow your load into her mouth as she closes her mouth around your head, while you still pump hot cum into the back of her throat. Once your dick stops pulsating cum into her mouth, she takes you deep again but now with her mouth full of your cum. She slides your dick out while making a slurping noise as she sucks all the cum off your shaft and head.
Still on her knees under your desk you watch her blow bubbles and swish your cum around in her mouth. With her mouth full looking into your eyes she says "Thank you, that is just what I wanted."
And with a big gulp she swallows. She opens her mouth up wide and sticks out her tongue to show you. Cum still hanging from the roof of her mouth you tell her she missed a spot on her chin. She puts the missed cum in her mouth with her finger and sucks on her finger. "Good to the last drop." she says.
She gets up and buttons her top back up and walks to the door her tight ass and long legs you can't help but look at. She turns around and with a smile says "Thanks, for the food. Can you feed me again next Friday?" You just smile at her and she winks and walks out your open door.

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