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Cruising and Swinging 1

Sex in the Sauna
My wife and I hadn’t had a decent holiday in a few years due to poor hotels and rotten weather. We’d splashed out on a two week Mediterranean cruise and the forecast was great weather, good food and plenty of rest.
We were able to board the ship at 11:30 and didn’t waste any more time on shore than was necessary. We spent two hours acquainting ourselves with the layout of the ship and having coffee in many of the ship’s bars.
Feeling like a swim, we headed back to our cabin to get our swimming gear and head for the pool.
As we got to our cabin a handsome middle-aged man was leaving the cabin opposite ours. We said hello and introduced ourselves, his name was Roger and I introduced myself, Jack and my wife, Melissa.
After entering our cabin Mel commented on the great views on the ship and winked.
“Behave!” I laughed.
10 minutes or so later, there was a knock on the door, Mel opened it and after a brief conversation, introduced me to Maria; our cabin maid for the cruise. Maria was a petite brunette and had a great arse. In her late twenties or early thirties, she told us that she was from Brazil.
After a few minutes chatting, Maria said goodbye and we said we’d probably see her tomorrow.
As she closed the door behind her, I winked at Mel.
“Now you behave!” she said.
We had a great afternoon in and around the pool, swimming, sunbathing and relaxing. We noticed a sauna and resolved to book a steamy session for the following day.
That evening we enjoyed an excellent meal in the restaurant and moved into one of the bars for a drink. After we’d settled at a table, I noticed Roger at the bar. As he was on his own again, we called him over and asked if he’d like to join us. Roger thanked us and sat down with his drink and we began to talk.
Mel, the Grand Inquisitor went straight for the jugular and asked him if he was on the cruise alone.
“Unfortunately, yes!” he said, “My partner Terry, was originally coming with me, but had a last minute call to attend a business meeting, which couldn’t be avoided. So here I am, on my lonesome - at least I was until I met you.”
“Terry?” Mel asked, continuing the interrogation, “You’re gay then?” - Subtle as a brick through a window, my wife!
“No…” Roger laughed, “Well not quite, I’m actually Bi, but Terry is Theresa, oh… and she’s Bi too.”
That certainly broke the ice; we ordered more drinks and talked about ourselves; where we were from, what we did for a living, that sort of thing.
As the drink flowed, our guards dropped and Mel told Roger about our swinging and bi experiences when we were first together. That was a while ago now and although we still fantasise, we’ve done no more than that for years. Roger told us that he and Terry belonged to a swingers club and would go there two or three times a month.
Mel and Roger flirted together and Roger complimented her on her big breasts, telling us that Terry, although having a great body, was quite small up top.
After a few more rounds of drinks and some more unexpected revelations, we were all getting tired and decided to head for our cabins.
“Oh shit” I said as we reached our cabins, “I never booked the sauna.”
“Join me, I’ve booked it for 5 tomorrow afternoon - if that’s alright.
“Fantastic” said Mel, “give us knock when you’re going, we’ll be ready. Goodnight!”
Overnight the ship docked and the following Morning we went ashore and spent a few hours walking around the town and soaking up the sun.
After lunch, we went swimming and sunbathed on deck.
At 4.30 Mel said we’d better go back to our cabin and get ready for the sauna.
Roger knocked at ten to five and we all walked to the sauna, picking up the key on the way.
Once we were all in the sauna, Roger closed the door behind us and we settled down and chatted while the heat and humidity took effect.
“Would you mind if I removed my towel?” Roger asked about five minutes later.
“Err… No, that’s fine!” I stumbled.
“Looking forward to it!” said Mel.
Roger dropped his towel, exposing his long, clean-shaven penis. I took a little look and glanced over at Mel smiling, she smiled back.
“Jack, I can’t remember whether I locked the door, I don’t want to give anybody a shock if they walk in, will you check it please?”
“No problem” I said, although I was sure he’d already locked the door; I stood up.
Whoosh! My towel was on the floor, whipped of by Roger, I turned and Roger was laughing.
“Well you didn’t expect me to be the only one flashing his dick did you? Your turn Mel, let’s have a proper look at those lovely tits.”
“Not yet!” laughed Mel, “I’ll just let you boys hang out, I’m sure you can think of something to do until I’m ready.”
Roger looked at my cock, I looked at his and we both smiled.
“Can we assume…” asked Roger, “that until one of us says otherwise… everything we do to each another is acceptable? And if one of us doesn’t want to do something, their wish will be respected with no questions asked? - Terry and I always abide by that rule when we party, it saves time asking for permission and well… you’ll see”.
Mel and I looked at each other while we considered the possible repercussions of what we’d been asked to agree to. We smiled and nodded our agreement.
“I know what will get her naked”, I said pushing Roger gently backwards and forcing him to sit down on the bench. I then positioned myself astride him so we were face to face, our hot sweaty bodies in close contact.
I began massaging his shoulders, rubbing his chest and tweaking his hard nipples. He responded by hugging me close to him with his left hand while his right caressed my buttocks and his tongue worked on my hard nipples.
Before long the tip of his index finger slipped into my arse. The sweat rolling down my back helped lubricate his digit and he began to finger-fuck me.
By now, both our cocks were rock hard and we ground our groins together slowly.
“Kiss each other, you horny bastards” instructed Mel, her towel now off and her one hand between her legs, the other squeezing her tits, “Just go for it”.
“Told you!” I said to Roger, who looked over to get a good view of Mel’s naked breasts before turning his mouth back to meet mine. He flicked his tongue out as our lips met. His left hand worked its way to my right nipple and gave it a sharp tweak.
I worked a hand between out sweaty bodies and took hold of his beautiful bald cock, wanking it slowly and rubbing his big engorged knob against my balls, cock and belly.
It felt wonderful to feel the throbbing cock, knowing that it was hard because of me. I spat on my hand and twisted my palm around that big purple knob, lubricating it and provoking involuntary spasms of joy; Roger rewarded me by working a second finger into my sweaty arse.
As we French kissed and groped each other, Mel was moaning in ecstasy, her hand working its way in and around her soaking pussy at a rapid pace. She climaxed loudly...
“That’s enough you two – I need some attention…NOW!”
I stood up and pointed at Mel’s tits
“Go for it, I know you want to.”
Roger didn’t wait to be asked twice, he knelt on the bench and began sucking one breast whilst fondling and pinching the other. I was left looking at Roger’s arse as he bent over leaving it sticking in the air at about my waist level.
“He can only say ‘No’”, I thought to myself. I sucked on my thumb, covering it with my saliva and then moved it over Roger’s winking hole, he didn’t flinch. I rubbed around and around in circles, gently brushing his hole, I dripped plenty of saliva from my mouth onto his hole to lubricate the circular path my thumb was following.
I was gaining confidence and becoming sooo horny, my cock turning an angry purple as bl**d made it rock hard. I pushed my thumb gently at his sexy rear entrance, resistance was minimal and Roger moaned approval, I pushed a little harder and my thumb slipped in smoothly. I fucked Roger with my thumb while rubbing my hard cock against his arse and balls.
Meanwhile, Roger’s right hand had worked its way down to Mel’s pussy and began rubbing her clitoris. Mel grabbed his nipples and pinched them hard, causing his prick to jerk with pleasure.
Mel opened her legs wider to allow Roger to insert a finger into her soaking wet cunt; this was followed swiftly by a second and then a third finger, his thumb massaging her love bud.
After less than a minute, Mel orgasmed loudly; juices running down onto Roger’s fingers. He pulled them from Mel’s cunt, placed them to his lips and licked each finger in turn.
“If you like it so much, stick your fucking tongue in!” Mel demanded of Roger as she lay on her back and pushed his mouth down to her cunt. Roger’s tongue dived in to lap on her flowing juices, as his hands moved up to cup and fondle her tits.
“Jack… just fuck his arse would you?” moaned Mel as another orgasm shook her body. I removed my thumb and spat directly at the inviting entrance positioned proudly before me. I rubbed my aching knob across it and Roger pushed back and wiggled his arse, encouraging me to continue.
I held my knob firmly against the waiting hole and pushed gently, Roger yielded, I pushed a bit harder and my knob slid smoothly past the threshold, a few more gentle pushes and my balls were touching Roger’s.
My first time! I’d only ever sucked a cock before, even then it wasn’t me that made him cum, but now I was actually fucking a man, a handsome man, grabbing and slapping his arse as my grateful cock thrust in and out of his tight, smooth tunnel. I was feeling really pervy as my balls came into contact with Roger’s each time I thrust deep into his beautiful arse. My cock throbbing so hard it was almost painful. I looked up and into Mel’s glazed eyes.
Mel orgasmed again as she watched my face: what we were doing now was one of our longest held fantasies... and it was happening for real. I was so turned on that despite my best efforts, I was ready to explode, I couldn’t hold on and had to pull out.
“Come on my tits” screamed Mel and I stepped onto the bench and began spurting cum all over her tits and belly. “Good boy!” she said, “now lick it up”.
Part of our fantasy involved me licking our lover’s cum off her tits, so I’d often come on her tits and lick it off. I bent down and did so again.
Roger waited until I’d finished cleaning up, grabbed my head and f***ed his throbbing hairless cock into my welcoming and cum filled mouth. I adjusted my position so that I could get comfortable and began sucking.
I pulled back slightly and wrapped my hand around the shaft, I positioned the tip of my tongue to the little pee hole and gave it a little flick. I moved my hand backwards and forwards with a slight twisting movement, lubricating the strokes with more saliva as I closed my mouth around the pole on each backward stroke, I licked his knob slowly, delicately exploring its shape with my tongue and then sealing my lips around the withdrawn foreskin and sucking hard, Mel was kissing my face and whispering filthy encouragement in my ear and twisting a nipple.
“Suck his balls you dirty fucking cocksucker! Suck his cum from his balls. You cock-loving cunt, suck him harder. Bring him off - fucking pervert”
I lifted Roger’s cock and sucked his balls into my mouth, stroking them with my tongue, Mel took over sucking his knob as his hand squeezed a willing tit and pinching its nipple. Mel was now, rubbing her clit insanely and was in a state of almost permanent orgasm. Roger, looking down on all of this, began to breathe rapidly.
“He’s coming! Get ready” said Mel. I let his balls fall from my lips and took his cock back into my mouth and increasing the frequency of my hand’s wanking rhythm. I felt Roger tense just before the first wave of hot cum flooded my mouth.
I almost choked and coughed some of it onto my chin, but I managed to keep control and swallowed the first load just before the second hit the top of my mouth. Much less this time, I was able to savour the salty taste and swallow before the third load erupted.
“Swallow every drop, you’ve waited long enough, cocksucker!” breathed Mel, who was now completely exhausted after coming so many times.
Roger has beginning to go soft and I pulled his cock from my mouth and licked the shaft clean.
“Show me” said Mel and I opened my mouth showing her the cum that was still swilling around my mouth. She wiped the cum dripping down my chin back into my open mouth “That’s good…now gargle and swallow”. This wasn’t part of our fantasy, but I loved being ordered by my wife to gargle and swallow fresh semen and did as I was told. I continued to lick Roger’s bald cock clean while he and Mel kissed passionately. I took my first really close up look of a man’s cock. It was beautiful, I kept putting it into my mouth to try to suck a bit more cum from its tip, while my free hand was fondling Roger’s balls.
I was considering more firsts, this time the first time I’d brought another man to orgasm and the first I’d tasted another man’s cum.
A knock on the door brought us back to our senses, our time was up; someone else was waiting to use the sauna. We dressed quickly and left without saying another word.
As we got to our cabins Roger looked over to us and said “Dinner at eight?”
“Great” I replied, “we should have recovered by then.”
“Good…” said Roger, “… because I owe you both a fuck!”

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