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Webcam model

What is webcam modeling?

Webcam modeling is a very unique position within the adult entertainment industry to say the least. Unlike any other adult position, webcam models can work from the comfort and privacy of their own home, perform virtually over the internet, set their own schedule, and work without supervision.

There is NO experience necessary to be a webcam model, no required STD testing, and no need for a co-star.

The concept is simple:

Open Chat

Seductively dressed models log into a chat network via their chat software (or Web browser) and are placed into their own chat room while their home webcam is streaming live video. The best live chat sites offer open, or free chat and conduct all of their own marketing. All a model has to do on these sites is log in and chat to the chat room's users. Since there is no exchange of money in open chat, a model's goal is to entice users to take her private (1-on-1) and become paying customers. This is where the entertainment happens and how the chat networks and models earn their money.

Private Chat

While in private sessions, models earn a set amount per minute as the customers direct their very own adult shows. Customers even pay to chat with models without making any sexual requests, so a model can never know what to expect. Though models never have to do anything they're not comfortable with, they should at least be comfortable performing in solo (unless performing with another model), sexual situations.

Income Potential

While most webcam models don't begin making six figures over night, top models earn well over $100K per year! On average, new models start off earning between $20-30 per hour until they build a solid fan base. Performers who put in the time necessary to develop a customer following typically average between $50-100 per hour within a couple of months. With hard work, development, and dedication, webcam modeling can be a very rewarding and lucrative career.

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