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Cinema fun

Cinema fun
i love all sex, anything is good sex as long as everyone involved is happy.
Many years ago while working in Berlin i took my car into a garage to have some work done, i was told it would take a couple of hours to complete, not really wanting to take a taxi home for such a short wait i decided to go for a walk and see what shops i could find. I walked for maybe ten minutes and made my mind up there were no quality shops in the area, it was quite run down and seedy. It wasn’t long before i came to a adult sex shop, i walked past and glanced in ,unable to see a thing i walked on for another minute but i decided to turn round and pop my head in the shop, i still had a hour or two to kill and didn’t fancy walking the streets in this area for much longer.
The shop was bigger than it looked from the outside, full of the things i expected to find, videos of every type of sex fetish you could think of, toys of every length thickness and colour you could think off. What took my attention was a small cinema, there was only so much time you can walk round a porn shop before your expected to buy something so i thought this would be a fine way to spend the next two hours, there was a small charge to enter and i walked in to the dark room, there were seats for about twenty people , the screen was the size of the wall and the quality of the film looked fine, i counted seven guys and one woman in the room, i sat towards the rear and made myself comfortable. As my eyes grew accustomed to the light i could see one guy with his hand on the cock of the guy sitting next to him wanking him slowly, another was putting a condom on his own cock and begin to wank himself off, the only woman was sitting alone on my row on the other side of the room, every now and again i looked over she seemed more interested to the other men in the room than the film. Every now and again i caught her eye looking over at me; this made me so horny, i was in a room with people who loved the seedy side of sex and it was giving me such a hard on, after about two minutes the woman stood up and walked over to where i was sitting, she was very tall and i instantly realized this woman was no woman!! She sat two seats away from me and settled down as if the seat she was now in was more comfortable than the one she had vacated. My heart was pounding , she looked over at me and smiled, i smiled back and mouthed “hi” to her
She shuffled across the next seat so now she was sitting next to me, “do you mind if i sit here? She asked
“no not at all” i replied ..., from what i could see in the darkness, she was a very sexy lady, not too much make up, a soft friendly face, earrings, her hair in a bob. She smelt clean and fresh and i felt comfortable with her next to me.
Within a minute she let her coat fall open revealing a beautiful pair of legs black high heel shoes, stockings and spender belt, my cock was throbbing! I couldn’t keep my eyes of her, as i stared she opened her legs revealing a pair of black pants i looked up to catch her smiling at me, she took my left hand in her right hand and placed in between her legs, i could feel a lump squashed up tight inside her pants, she released my hand and reached behind her to take hold of her pants and pulled them dome over her bum down her legs and stepped out of them, she took my hand again and placed it back between her legs , this time i could feel a warm smooth thick cock, and growing hard with every second. She reached over to feel me as if she was checking i was turned on, and believe me i turned on, i stroked her for a minute before she stood up and took her coat off placed it on her chair and started to squeeze past me as if she was leaving but was facing me, she stopped in front of me her beautiful cock inches from my face she took my head with both hands and pulled my head towards her, i open my mouth and her long thick cock entered me, i sucked it with such lust. She fucked my mouth pushing herself deep inside me, feeling her balls slap my chin, i was so turned on i wanted her to cum in me i wanted to taste his cum so badly, he then pulled out of me and turned round, leaning forward over the seat in front i was left with his smooth bum cheeks facing me, she reached behind and opened her cheeks wide i could see her tight anus begging me to give it attention lent forward and kissed her hole. It smelt fresh and clean i kissed it again, this time i placed my fingers both sides of her hole and pulled it even further apart, i kissed it again, then licked it , then i pushed my tongue into the hole as far as i could, i wanted it go in as far as i could get it, i wanted to taste her hole, i sucked my finger and pushed it into the dark hole, slowly finger fucking her tight ass hole, i pulled it out .it still smelt clean and fresh i couldn`t resist placing it into my mouth and sucking it, then putting it back inside her hole and fucked her deep, i pulled my finger out and spat inside her hole to make it wet and continued to finger fuck her, i wanted to fuck her ass so badley.she stood up and turned again to face me, again she pushed her cock into my mouth, and again she began to fuck my mouth hard and fast, after about two minutes she took her cock out and began to wank off in front of my face i could see her pee hole opening and closing as she pumped her fist around her shaft, my lips an inch away from the opening of what i hoped was a gush of cum, i open my mouth and leaned forward , still she pumped her cock, i reached under her legs and placed my finger at the opening of her anus and pushed my finger inside, this was all that was needed to send his spunk shooting from hid cock into my mouth, i took his cock in my mouth and sealed my lips around it to stop the liquid spilling on to my cloths, i could feel the warm spunk fill my mouth, i had one large mouthful, with one swallow i felt the warm spunk dribble down my throat, a second swallow i took more and still she filled my mouth squeezing every drop out of her cock, it was sweet and salty warm and thick. Once she had emptied herself she with drew his cock and bend down and started to kiss me on my lips, pushing her tongue inside my mouth trying to scoop out any leftover spunk i may have left, she licked her lips and smiled, turned to where she was sitting picked up her coat and walked back to her original seat. I stayed for the duration of the film replaying in my head what had just happened,
I have returned to this cinema a couple of times i guess it holds fond memories for me

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