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My s****r-in-law

So this is the story about the real life fantasy I have for my s****r-in-law. I have been with my wife for a long time now and have always been attracted to her younger s****r. Its to the point where I think she is the most beautiful girl in the world. I would worship her and treat her as my sex slave all at the same time. I dont feel I should use her real name so lets call her Gabrielle. Gabrielle just turned 19 last month. Her s****r is 26 and I am 29. I love my wife but I want Gabby in every way possible. And the thing is she is not overly hot. But to me she is. She is about 5'9 190 lbs. She is a kinda big girl but more athletic than fat. She has 34c tits, shoulder length brown hair, glasses, braces, and pouty lips thag I have long died to kiss and have wrapped around my dick.

I try to stay as close with her as I can. I know a lot about her personal life. I know that she tried girls before she ever lost her virginity. Then one day she told me that she lost her virginity cause the condom broke and she was afraid she was pregnant. She wasnt though. We continued talking and we got on the subject of blowjobs. She asked me flat out: What is that like? I have eaten a girl out before but thats it. I was instantly hard of course.

The fantasy starts here. Lol. I said well I could show you but she said no no you cant cheat on my s****r. I said its not cheating Gabby. I am teaching you something that you need to know. She said ok then. I couldnt believe it. I have waited for this moment for so long. She stares as I undo my pants and pull out my rock hard cock. I grab the back of her head and pull her down on her knees in front of me. I say "Open your mouth you little fuck." She opens her mouth and I slam my cock all the way down her throat instantly making her gag. She pushes back on my legs but I hold her head firmly just enjoying her throat contract around my dick. When I finally pull back she already has tears dripping down her face and drool dripping from her chin. I smile at her cause she looks sooo cute like that then I begin fucking her face slowly but deeply. She gags on my dick with each thrust which just makes me continue face fucking her cause she sounds so hot. I have always wanted to make my s****r-in-law my little face fuck slut. Gabby just keeps sucking. Bending to my will.

She keeps getting better at deep throating me so I get an idea. I pull out and ask, "you like it Gabby?" "Uh huh," she replys between coughing. I smile saying "then lets try my balls also." I grab my cock and balls together and slowly slide my dick down her throat. Once all the way down I tuck my balls in her mouth also and tell her to hold it there. I think oh fuck her throat was made for this. She starts to pull off but I hold her and hold her nose closed also. "You are so beautiful Gabby," I tell her. I finally release her and she starts drooling and gasping for air. "How do you like it Gabby?" She replies, "I love it b*****r." So I say, "then its time for you to drink my cum." I put my dick back in her mouth and start fucking her pretty little face hard and fast. At this rate I ccouldnt last very long cause she is so wonderful. I continue fucking her mouth whike looking in her beautiful eyes and watching her get all messy drooling all over my cock. I thrust one final time into the back of her throat and hold her there while I empty my balls deep in her throat. After I release her I kiss her deeply and passionately. She smiles and says, "that was fun. When can we do it again?" I reply, "soon s*s, very soon." I love my s****r-in-law very much.

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