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My Wife & I Love Black Neighbors Dick-True Sto

My Black Neighbor and my Wife- TRUE Story -Please Comment

My Daughter (and I Sucked my Black Neighbor) Now he wants my Wife-True Story
part 1
I live in a Condo Complex with my wife and daughter- I have a black neighbor in the complex who i always chat with . He is about 40 yrs old but solid. The kind of Black stud i always fantasized my wife fucking!
He always points out white women in our complex that he'd love to fuck and even showed me pics of one sucking his dick! I got so turned on that he told me he had more and took me inside his apt to show me videos of him with white girls (usually much younger- 18-23).
He told me I could take out my cock if i wanted and he did too! His dick was very large and long and I told him I could see why white girls loved black men-He smiled and stroked his dick slowly while we watched the videos - he eventually started talking about women who live in our complex and eventually mentioned my wife as being "hot". He teasingly asked if my wife would want "this" and he stood and pushed his cock toward my face...I said i'm sure she would and he stood closer and just rubbed his black dick over my lips....I opened up and sucked his dick as he continued talking about my wife and then my 16 yr old daughter! As he described her and the outfits she wears and which ones really get him hot i sucked harder and faster...i wanted his cum in my mouth the way all those white girls sucked him.. He came in my mouth and continued fantasizing about my daughter- as he squeezed every drop out of his dick he said with a smile "i think we're gonna be good friends".
The next day I passed his SUV and noticed a blonde head moving up and down on his lap- i smiled and figured hes getting sucked by another white woman- I went home and peaked through my blinds to see who emerged from his truck- to my surprise it was my 16 year old daughter!!! she wiped her mouth, looked around and walked to our door- when she got in i asked her where she was and she replied"with a friend"- I asked if she had fun...she replied" lots of fun"!!!. Gotta go jerk off thinking about my daughter sucking the same big black dick that i sucked- can't wait to suck him again so he could tell me all about my daughters lips and mouth on his big black stud dick!!!


Thank you for all your letters regarding me sucking my Black Neighbor and then catching my teen daughter leaving his SUV after watching a Bkonde Head moving up and down on his lap!

I didn't confront her but when I saw him I asked if he got any new Black Cock/White girl DVD's . He said he did and we went inside to watch it..As I watched it he rubbed his cock commenting about the white girls in the video and what he'd like to do to them. I reached over to squeeze his cock and told him that All White Girls would love his Big Black Dick-he unzipped and once again I put my lips around his long,thick manly Black Cock!!!

I told him that I fantasize about my wife Sucking and Fucking him and he pushed his dick farther in my mouth and said he would love to feed my wife his Black Dick...I love when he talks like that and I sucked more...I removed my mouth and asked him if he met my daughter and what he thought of her...he said he did meet her and that she has pretty legs and a "hot little body"..."Just made for Black Men"....I moaned and sucked his cock deeper and harder.he was a confident,cocky Black Stud. I told him I bet my daughter would love sucking his black dick...he chuckled abnd said"She already did and she LOVED IT!!!" . I started to cum and sucked his cock hard and fast until I tasted his precum and his cock got real hard...then he pumped his Studly Cum into my mouth filling it up..I swallowed fast and continued to suck every drop of it! After he came I continued sucking it and he told me how he wanted to Fuck My daughter next time they got together...then he told me he was already trying to "work on " my wife . I was his Total Cock Sucking Sub and he is my superior! I would gladly service his cock and provide him with ALL the White Girls he wanted..just to be able to Suck him while he told me about them.

My only fantasy is to be there in person to suck him and lick the girls clean when he is done. Obviously my Wife isn't in to that and I can't do it with my daughter...but I love sucking him while he tells me about his White Girl conquests!


thanks for all you letters of support and encouragement. While I never would join my daughter or encourage her or even let her know that I knew she sucked our neighbors Black Cock it Still turns me on never the less! Especially knowing that I also sucked his dick and that he gave me all the details of how he seduced her and how she went about sucking his black stud cock( her techniques ,etc) . He told me all this while his dick was once again in my mouth and watching Blacks on Blondes movies!!!

Feeling his cock growing and getting harder and tasting his manly pre cum oozing into my mouth while he talked about how he came in my daughters mouth and how she sucked hard and swallowed every drop and then continue to milk every drop out of his huge black dick! He makes me want to suck him so badly!!! I will gladly offer my wife if she was willing. If you want to hear more please let me know. He already is working on my wife and I am trying to introduce her to Black cocks by watching adult videos with her that have at least one interracial scene to see how she reacts. If its a good reaction I will eventually download "Blacks on Blondes" videos for us to watch and really gauge her reaction.

We had my neighbor for dinner as I said we would but bcause it was nice out my wife suggested a BBQ and swim trunks so we could cool off in pool. At first I was a little disappointed that I might not be able to squeeze his black dick undef the table while the ladies straightened out. meant that Both my daughter and wife would be in swim suits! My wife wore a wrap around over her bottom part of her suit but a bra top- which made her Still Firm tits stand out nicely with just enough cleavage! My daughter wore her usual bikini but when we saw which bikini she wanted to wear my wife made her change it- it was very skimpy - almost like a Thong ! I got a little excited knowing that she wanted Jerome (not his real name) to see her sexy, firm young body.

She came back with a still small but more acceptable bikini- When Jerome called me to say he was on his way I told him he's in for a treat and told him about Ashley (my daughter) and her skimpy bikini- he laughed and said its going to be hard to hide the bulge in his swim trunks- I laughed and said that he's so big it would be hard any time.
We had small chat and my daughter played with our dog (I think it was just reasons to bend over in front of Jerome so he could see her from the back! I noticed her mound was clearly visible from that position and glanced at Jerome and of course he had his eyes fixed on her. When she went to the other end of the yard I asked him if he liked her and her swim suit...and asked him if his dick was getting hard yet. I wanted to reach over and squeeze his bulge that was clearly showing through his trunks. He said that he cant wait to feed his dick to her again and that she was teasing his big black dick and that White Girls like to tease until they get black dick-
I went inside to help my wife bring out drinks and she asked me if he was having a good time and I said yes- that he feels very comfortable- I didn't tell her that he was eyeing our daughter or that I had sucked his huge black cock a few times. THen she shocked me - she said that "Jerome must be very well hung!" - I asked why she said that and she said that she could "See his bulge through his trunks". I asked her if she wanted me to say something and she said "no" , " What will you tell him ? That his Cock is Too Big and showing through his shorts" - We both laughed- i was glad- she seemed ok with him and noticed his thick bulge. It would just be a matter of time until I get her to touch his Black Bulge and eventually lean over and put her soft lips on his huge black dick! The thought of him having me suck him , then my daughter and eventually have my wife suck him and Fuck his Big Black Anaconda was getting me so hot! I told my wife that I could see why a lot of the woman in our complex were fucking around with him. She asked "who" and I told her a few names. She said she'll ask Melanie (not her real name) if she ever fooled around with him- I told her to do that. Melanie was vey open talking about men and sex and very explicit in her conversation and I knew she would tell my wife about how big he was and how much he came and stiil stayed hard, etc. I knew my wife would begin to fantasize about him and his dick- Once I knew she talked to Melanie I will talk about Jerome WHILE I fuck her ...get her thinking about him...ask her to Imagine that Jerome is Fucking her right now as I Slide my dick in and out of her- once she begins to moan and squirm and I know she wants his Black Dick I can plan things for the three of us.
more to follow.....

Thanks for all your letters of support! My cock is so hard thinking about how close i'm getting to set my wife up with the black neighbor that I have been sucking ! My wife has mentioned the size of his cock a few times (she saw it when he swam in our pool-previous posting) . I rented a DVD that had scenes with a white girl and several black guys - usually my wife would say it was "disgusting" but she watched without saying a word, while we watched I put my hand on her leg and she spread her legs slightly - I touched her slit through her panties and felt her getting wet. I rub slightly before slipping my finger under her panties into her wet slit!

I mentioned how big the Black Cocks were and how the White Girl looked like she loved sucking them. She slid down a little more so I can finger her easier- I commented on how wet she was and that she must be turned on by Black Cocks- She said it was because I was touching her. I told her its ok if she gets turned on ...that a lot of white girls get turned on and I mentioned how how neighbor had sex with several White ladies (including some married ones ) in our complex. I told her that she saw How Large his cock was and that he even fucked one of my wifes friends and that he taped it! My wife moaned and pushed her pussy into my hand more andf told me that she'd love to see that tape. I moved my finger in and out of her pussy and then climbed on top of her and inserted my dick in her.
I talked to her about our neighbor and his big dick and how the white ladies want his cock- I told my wife to close hr eyes and imagine his Big Black Dick was inside her right now! She moaned and pushed her crotch hard into my cock and said"Fuck me! Fuck me with your Big Black Dick"!!! I fucked her hard-while I fucked her I talked to her as If HE was fucking her and I was watching- I said things like "You like his Black Dick Baby"? Tell him to Fuck You Hard with his Big Black Dick" .
She Yelled"Fuck me!!! Fuck me with your Big Black Dick! Make me your White Slut" I came at that point-couldn't help it. I continued fucking her until she came-then I cleaned her wet pussy with my tongue- To my surprise she said"that's it Baby- Eat out all his Black Cock Cum!" Mmm...sounds like she wants to cuckold me- my dream would come true if she did that with our neighbor- I would use my mouth to get both of them ready and to clean up when they are done!
Next step is getting the tape of our neighbor fucking her friend-Then she should be ready for our Black Stud Neighbor!

I continued to talk to her about black cocks and role played that she was a young girl selling girl scout cookies and knocked on our neighbors door and he was in a bathrobe- he offered to buy her cookies and let her in- when he went to the bedroom to get the money he came back with his robe open and his long black dick hanging out- she moaned and said”and what did he do to me? did he make me suck it”? Mmm. I love getting her pussy hot-making her fantasize about his dick- make her want him so bad that she would beg me to let her fuck him...and of course I would !! she asked me if I would be upset if she fucked another man and if our “fantasy” was just for fun. I told her that I loved her and anything that would make her feel good and make her happy I would do for her- she wrapped her arms around me and told me I love you- and I climbed on top of her and told her I loved her- and as I slid my dick into her pussy again I told her that she would also love Jerome's big black dick!

She started moaning and getting real wet and asked if we could”role play again- I knew what role play she wanted but made her say it anyway. She said that we should make believe that i'm at work and Jerome came over to borrow something and she was wearing a sexy nightie and that he seduced her- took her hand and put it on his big dick and told her that he wants to fuck her white pussy with his big black dick! ( she is ready for him)- I will let Jerome know about how I made her want him- then I sucked his dick – I will have to arrange for us to go to a motel in another town for 5-6 hours and fulfill all our fantasies. I don't want her to know that I sucked his dick so I will tell him to pressure my wife into having me suck him while they kiss and to lick his balls and cock while she rides him . And to lick them both clean when they are finished cumming! If I told him to convince her that I should do that for him then she would ask me to- I would tell her that if it turned her on and that's what she wanted then I would do it...and LOVE IT !!!

More to follow- stay tuned. - We finally meet to discuss our plans together

Jerome took his thick black cock and rubbed it softly over my wifes lips, she opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out to taste his manly mandingo dick.(Like when he talked about my daughter and what he wants to do to her as I am sucking him ). Finally he pulled away and walked across the room to another chair and said "If you want this dick crawl over here and get it". My wife crawled on her Hands and Knees and got between his legs and put her lips around his beautiful dick and started to moan- I think she got an orgasm just from knowing she was sucking his black dick. He kept teasing her with it until finally he held her head and pushed it in a little deeper and she choked a little- he gave me a cocky smirk and said " I think she is ready for my dick now- don't you ?" and I said Yes I think she is ready . I asked my wife "are you ready to be fucked by Jerome's big black dick " and she pulled her mouth off his cock and said " Oh God YES !!" .
My dick was rock hard knowing he was going to fuck my wife and she was so Hot and In To it ! He picked up my wife and carried her to our bedroom , kissing her sweet soft lips as he carried her- she moaned the whole way up the stairs.. he laid her on the bed and told her to lay on her stomach with her face at the foot of the bed-she obediently listened - he pulled her head to the end of the bed and leaned over her and slid his big beautiful black dick into her mouth and began moving it in and out- telling her how he is going to fuck her with his big black dick and how much she will love it and how much I wanted to see her enjoy it. He pulled out and turned her around and climbed on top and kissed her some more- kissing down her neck ( I told him how sensitive her neck was ) and I think she had another orgasm ! I got down between her legs and licked her pussy, sticking my tongue in and out -in the past this always made her want a dick and that is the reaction I got from her now- She begged for a dick..Jerome's dick ! He rubbed his dick over her slopping wet pussy and told her to tell him "fuck me with that big black dick"- She looked up at him with her eyes glazed with pleasure and told him"fuck me , fuck me with your big black beautiful mandingo dick" . He slid his dick inside her and I couldn't help having my first orgasm. She moaned and pushed her sweet white pussy up against his long thick caramel dick. He fucked her for the next 3 hours !! His cum was dripping from her pussy and I wanted to lick it up so badly but didn't want her to know I loved his dick too. Finally she got up to rinse off and Jerome was laying on his back and I was on the floor beside him where I watched him fuck her for the last 3 hours. I finally had my chance to lean over and suck her juices off his delicious dick, I sucked and nibbled and thin licked his big fat black balls too . He laid there like a king , and in my eyes he was ! He was the king of my house , the king of my wife-as far as I was concerned he could feed and fuck her any time he wanted- I was his total cock sucking servant !
He got up and told my wife he had to leave and she asked him if we could do this again and he said "of course". After he left I laid by my wife and kissed her face which still had drops of his cum - I kissed her lips, sucked her tongue ( tasting his cum ) - if she realized I was sucking his cum she didn't say anything) I kissed down her stomach and got down between her legs and softly licked her pussy and she starting to say "no" - I guess she knew if was full of Jerome's Cum but I said I wanted to make her feel good- to lick her swollen pussy a little to ease the swelling I told her...I licked and sucked , then fingered her as I sucked to bring out the lat remnants of his cum..I loved sucking her pussy and tasting Jerome's Cum made it that much better. I think she knew now that I was tasting his cum and loving it. We fucked almost every Saturday night for the next month. Then I decided that Jerome should come and spend the weekend with us once a month at our summer home down by the lake in the woods- It was there that my wife brought me into the picture and fed me Jerome's dick- That will be in the next part to come....

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