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Mom's Friend

My mom and her friend came and visit for a few days. Her friend stands about 6 foot tall, long dirty blonde hair that hangs below her large succulent 48 DDD breast. Beautiful blue eyes, sexy facial features with a tummy. Her ass is so full, white girl got back.

One night we sat around drinking wine and talking about sex stories of each other. After a case of wine my mom headed to bed, while her friend and I finished the last of wine. She moved closer to me and said "I am buzzed and extremely horny". I told her "yea all this talking about sex has made my balls tingle and my cock being firm". She said "I think your mom would get mad if we were to fuck". I told her "what she don't know wont hurt her". She then leaned over an rubbed her breast up against my arm and kissed me. MY cock was instantly hard. She looked at me and said "I'm sorry". I replied "WHY", she said "I am married and buzzed". I have not ever done that before, I need to go to bed. I told her "from what you said tonight that your husband is an ass hole". All he dose if put his dick in you gets off and leaves you laying there wanting more. She said "I thought that was what I was to do". I told her "I can't believe you never had your pussy licked, never had an orgasm, never been sexually satisfied". I told her that makes me curious and want to bring you to an orgasm. She said "your mom", I cut her off and said "don't worry about her". I want to give you a mind blowing orgasm. She said "I just don't know". So I stood up dropped my pants and put my rock hard cock in front of her. Her eyes got so big. She then grabbed my balls and cock and gave me one of the best blow jobs I've had. After draining my cock of it's cum she went to bed.

The next morning my mom said she had to do a few things in town and she be back after lunch. No sooner did she pull out of the driveway, I was making my way to her friends bed. She was sound asl**p. I stood there thinking on how to wake her up. So I got naked and called her name a few times. No answer. I gently shook her. No response. She is gone to the world. So I embarked on what she said last night; never had been pleased. I pulled the covers off her and started giving her a massage. About 5 min into it she was moaning and started waking up. She said "good morning", I said "yes it will be". She then "asked where is your mom"? She has gone for the morning and it's just you and me. So she rolls over and grabs my cock and balls and starts sucking a gain, WOW. I played with her large tits and erected nipples. Licking, biting, flicking them with my tongue. I started playing with her very FAT PUSSY. OH MT GOSH, her pussy was so fat, pink, soaking wet. All I wanted to do was bury my face in it. I played with her pussy; one finger, two finger, three fingers, four fingers deep in her. WOW she was gushing all over the place. She said "that is embarrassing", I said "what having an orgasm"? She said "no getting all sloppy and wet down there". I told her if you were not all sloppy and wet it would hurt my feeling. This way I know I am doing it right, so let me do you right.

I wanted to eat that sloppy pussy so bad. So I sat on her face and ran my face right between her thighs. No sooner did I try she cut me off. Slammed them thighs shut and covered it with her hands. "NO" she said "that's gross". So I said "OK". Kept on playing with her pussy. I stuffed my cock in her mouth and lunged again for that pussy. AGAIN, she cut me off. She had this nervous laugh, and said "SSSSTOP". So I played some more with her pussy. Really getting into her suck my balls and cock. I places my feet across her arms fucked her face, spread her thighs wide open and rammed my face deep into her pussy. ALL I could hear from her was moans as she sucked my cock. As soon as my tongue ran deep into her, her whole body went limp. And I did not stop until she had an explosion orgasm all over my face. She screamed so loud that you could hear her down the road. I had her pussy juice all over my face, and DAM did it taste good.

I turned around and started kissing her, sucking her tongue. Tasting my pre-cum on her lips. I grabbed hold of her hands with mine above her head. And said "LOOK MOM NO HANDS". And rammed my throbbing cock deep into that soggy pussy. Her eyes opened so wide, throwing her head backwards, arching her back and thrashing her hips into mine. We fucked for two hours straight. I was so worked up on taking her cherry in so many different areas I didn't want to cum. ALL I was thinking on how to make this even better for her. FUCK her stupid ass hole husband. I am now claiming your WIFE as mine.

By the time we drained each other of cum and energy we killed the whole morning FUCKING. We got cleaned up and no sooner did we change the cum soaked sheets. My mom drives up. Her friend starts to freak out, oh shit she going to know. I said "so what, it was awesome and I will do you again".

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