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Relaxing Break

A few years back my wife and I went on holiday to Jamaica, it was an all-inclusive package deal and as soon as we arrived we kicked back and relaxed. On the second day we went to pool for a change from the sea and found just one other couple there a white woman with her black partner.

We started to talk to them and it turned out they were American she was in her fifties and looked quite fit with blonde hair and a lovely figure topped off with huge boobs, Her partner didn’t say much and she explained that he was a little shy but as the time passed he opened up a little more.

Sue my wife asked if they were married and the woman replied ‘Oh lord no dear – we aren’t but I am married but my husband is back in the States’.

‘Couldn’t he come’?

‘Didn’t want him to’ she replied ‘wouldn’t want him to spoil my fun now hunny would I’ she smiled and said ‘you must think me awful talking like this but truth is Benny here is simply my lover. We were introduced by my husband a couple of years ago and we holiday together now and then’

‘So is Benny a friend of your husband then.’ ‘Not as such., it’s a long story’

We stopped talking for a while and lay there enjoying the sunshine, Benny got up and went to the pool for a swim and I watched my wife looking at him admiringly. He was certainly fit with a broad chest and rippling muscles and quite a bit younger that Clair his lover.

‘You fancy a swim?’ asked Sue ‘No’ I replied ‘you go ahead’

She got up and walked to the pool and slid in and swam towards where Benny was relaxing. Clair got up and came over to my sun bed and sat on the edge. ‘You have a lovely wife’ she said ‘thanks yes she is special.’

‘Do you two guys ever play?’

‘Play – what do you mean?’

‘You know with single guys or couples’ – ‘Oh well no we don’t but we have discussed it many times and we do have the odd fantasy’ ‘Mmm tell me more’ she said leaning closer. I didn’t say any more but we sat there watching Sue and Danny in the pool, ‘she fancies him – I can tell’ said Claire ‘You could be right as that is one of our fantasies.’

‘What to have a black cock?’

‘Yes but not any black cock – it would have to be very large as I have always wanted to see her with one and she seems to like the idea too.’

‘What if I told you Danny has a large cock and that he would do whatever I asked him to.’ ‘And what would you like him to do?’ ‘Well maybe we can all have some fun, I am going to take Danny into the Jacuzzi over there and talk to him. Why don’t you talk to Sue – see what she says and the both join us if you fancy it?’

With that she stood up and discarded the wrap she was wearing to reveal a very sexy swimsuit that barely kept her massive boobs covered and headed over to the accuse closely followed by Danny.

Sue got out of the pool and I told her about our discussion and asked if she fancied joining them, ‘Sure why not it could be fun and I could see you eying up Claire’s tits!’ She stood up and went over and slid in between Danny and Claire. I joined them sitting opposite all three. We chatted for a while then Claire scooted around so she was sitting next to me, I felt her hand on my thigh and her boobs pressing against my arm.

Claire said ‘Danny fancies Sue like crazy don’t you Danny?’ he nodded claries’ hand brushed my now erect cock ‘Mmm’ she murmured ‘seems Den fancies me too’ she turned and kissed me pushing her tongue deep into my mouth, I kissed her back but then concerned broke off and checked on Sue. She was in a deep passionate kiss with Danny her hand running over his exposed chest.

‘Lets watch them for a while’ said Claire ‘and keep an eye out for them but if anyone comes we can all go back to our room ok?’ ‘Yea sure’ I said feeling her hand now massaging my terrific hard on.

Danny was touching Sue’s breasts and although a little smaller that Claries’ she is amply endowed with large sensitive nipples. Claire and I watched and also looked out for any intruders. Sue looked over to me and smiled so I smiled back thus giving my approval, I saw her hand disappear under the water and sensed she feeling for Danny’s cock, he in turn moved a little removing his trunks and letting them float on the water where Claire grabbed them and sat on them. ‘Dirty boy’ she said smiling and as we looked back there it was – the tip of his cock was above the water.

‘Jesus”’ I exclaimed and watched and my wife’s slender hand rub it to the very top then disappear under the water again.

‘I can see you are impressed’ whispered Claire in my ear ‘He is very big – but hey you aren’t so bad yourself’ gripping my hard tool through my own trunks. ‘How bit are you?’ ‘about 11 inches’ I said ‘Mmm not quite as big as Danny but still I can’t wait for you to fuck me with it.’

‘Do you think we should go to your room’ I said ‘No – not yet lets see what happens’.

Sue leant over and sucked on the tip of Danny’s mighty tool and I could see she was having difficulty fitting him into her mouth. She got a couple of inches in and started to wank him into her mouth. Danny was lifting his body up so she didn’t drown!!.

‘Let me taste you’ said Claire so I lifted up so my cock was free of the water and she took me into her willing mouth, I tell you having your cock sucked by a stranger while watching your horny wife doing similar to a huge black cock was almost all I could take.
Just then we heard the gong sound for lunch, Claire said ‘well we should be ok I don’t think anyone will come by for a while. Stay here and keep an eye out’ and with that she slid over the small pool to Sue and Danny.

Sue was still sucking on Danny’s cock and Claire tapped her on the shoulder Sue looked up with a start but Claire just kissed he full on the lips. Well I thought this just gets better and better. I watched as sue kissed her back her hand still rubbing the biggest black cock I had ever seen.

Claire loosened her top and allowed her massive tits to fall out and Sue took one and started to chew on her nipple. I could see Claire was removing sues Tankini bottoms and sure enough they too floated to the surface. Claire grabbed them holding on to them along with Danny’s trunks.

I was now wanking at the sight before me and slid my shorts down to expose my now rampant cock. Claire whispered something into Sues ear and before I knew it sue climbed over Danny facing Claire (and me) hovering her pussy over the head of his cock. I watched as Claire expertly guide her lovers cock to the opening of her pussy and she slid down easily onto him disappearing under the water.

Claire had now exposed sues breasts and was herself chewing on a hardened nipple while my wife rode Danny’s enormous cock. I noticed the swimsuit that Claire was wearing had very little covering her pussy much like a g-string, so I moved forward and ran my fingers over the fabric feeling her swollen clit vibrating almost.

I moved the fabric to one side and slid three fingers into her juicy hole, she squirmed telling Sue what I was doing as she slowly rode her lover. Claire pushed back onto my fingers as if begging foe more so I positioned myself behind her and rubbed my cock head over her now very hard and swollen clit.

Claire reached around grabbing my cock and pushing back taking my entire length with one thrust. I started to fuck her slowly as I didn’t want to make too much noise, Sue was climaxing for the first time and I could see her collapse into the arms of her new black lover.

They both now sat there watching Claire and I as I bought her to her first orgasm and she too collapsed onto me kissing and holding me. Both Danny and I had not yet come so Claire suggested we all went back to the comfort and air conditioning to have some more fun.

Needless to say we met up a few times during the holiday and plan to visit them in America next year…….

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