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My Step Daughter Jenna 4

I looked up at Jenna;s lust contorted face,slowly moving my tongue over her erect fleshy clit. he moaned raising her little round ass off the bed. Moving my fingers up and down her slit,coating them with her sweet cunt juices. I slid my tongue up and down her slippery wet slit,sucking her pungent cunt juices into my mouth,sticking my tongue up her slick,pink flesh. I tongue fucked her little pussy making her squirm and cry out with pleasure. Moving one hand up to fondle her big rubbery nipples.

Moving my slippery finger up I teased her cute little asshole again. She gasped as I ever so slowly slipped my fat long,fat finger up inside her hot,tightasshole.The muscles clamped tightly around my invading finger. Slowly I slid more finger up inside her. Flicking my tongue over her quivering clit,I sucked it into my mouth. Slipping two fingers slowly up her wet,slippery pussy.

"OMG.........OMG.....OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Mike Mike......OHHHHHHHH" she cried out wiggling her hips around and around.Her nipples grew even more as I finger fucked her pussy and ass,eagerly sucking her clit and rapidly flicking my tongue over it.
She grabbed my hair pulling my face tight against her young pussy,grinding the wet soft flesh against my mouth.

She was moaning so loudly,thrashing around on the bed I thought we would get a call from the manager. Her pussy tasted so good almost the same as her moms,but sweeter and wetter.

Jenna moaned and squealed louder,jerking her hips around young body around wildly as she reached orgasm. Her whole body shook and she took my breath away, humping my face. Her body went limp and she looked down at me.

I raised my head up looking up at her. I kept slowly finger fucking her dripping wet pussy and ass. Carefully slipping another finger up her tight inviting asshole.

She moaned softly," I've never had anything up my butt before,it really feels good, really good!! I've never came like that before,no even with Sara. She is so much better than my boyfriends but, you are the best Mike. I want you to fuck me!"

"Oh,I'm going to fuck you hard in a little bit,but right now I want to lick your cute little pussy some more." I told her wiggling my finger around deep inside her. Her erect clit was like a small little cock as I sucked it between my lips.

I licked and sucked her mouthwatering pussy for another twenty minutes bringing her to two more intense orgasms. My cock was so hard devouring that delicious young pussy. I moved up kissing her so she could taste her pussy.The head of my cock rubbing against her slick cunt as we kissed.

I pulled her up on the bed on her hands and knees,being a ass man,I loved fucking doggy style.I moved behind her moving my hands all over her smooth, white little ass. Pulling the tight cheeks apart,I rubbed the head of my rock hard cock against her slick cunt lips. She squealed with delight as I smacked her clit with my cock.

"Tell me what you want Jenna!" I said slapping her cute little ass hard.Leaving a red mark on the snow white flesh. She was so hot,and sexy in this position.

"I want you to fuck me Mike, I want to feel your big cock inside me!" she moaned wiggling her ass around. "Fuck me....fuck me!!!!"

I guided the big head of my cock between the slick, soft folds of her pussy. Slowly pushing just the head up inside the tight confines of her cunt. We both moaned together, when I eased just a few more inches of my fat cock into her tight pussy.

" big!" she squealed holding perfectly still.Her wet pussy gripped my cock like a vise. I looked down at he fleshy lips of her pussy stretched to the limit around my thick,heavy veined cock.I didn't move,letting her pussy adjust to my fat cock. I gently kneaded the firm cheeks of her beautiful ass. Asking her if she was alright. She said she loved it even though it hurt some. I assured her the pain would go away with the pleasure.

Getting my fingers wet with her cunt juice again I slipped a finger up her ass again,feeling my cock inside her pussy. I pushed more of my throbbing cock up the eighteen year old tight pussy.

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