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Is Three A Crowd?

The note was stuck under my windshield wiper blade, and was in Gloria's handwriting. "Come over for dinner tonight...7:30 sharp !!" I finished work, raced home, showered, and sat on the sofa waiting for 7:25. just so I could dash across the yard and arrive on time. I knocked on the front door, and Gloria met me. "Wow...I'm impressd at your punctuality," she laughed, "Come in." She was wearing an orange sleeveless stretch top, a black stretch skirt which ended a bit above her knees, and orange high heel open toe pumps. She had the top untucked at her waist, and it was quite low-cut. I could see the outline of her bra throught the fabric, and when she turned to lead me into the f****y room, a dark brown satin bra strap showed on her shoulder. The skirt hugged her hips and thighs, and her tanned legs were without hosiery. We stepped into the f****y room, and I was surprised to see a very attractive woman sitting on the sofa.

"Anita...please meet Trev," Gloria said. The lady rose from the sofa, extended her hand, and said, "Very nice to meet you, are as handsome as Gloria told me." I was a bit stunned by her presence, by her comment, and by her appearance. "I'm a bit at a loss for words, I'm afraid," I clumsily stammered. Anita and Gloria broke out laughing, and suggested we all have a cocktail to relax. Anita stood about 5'-5", looked to be between 45 and 55, and had an interesting figure. Her breasts were average size, and her waist was quite small, but her hips flared sensually out under her waist, and her legs - although ample - were perfectly proportioned. She had light brown hair which she wore loose to just below her ears, very deep green eyes, and creamy smooth fair skin. Her facial features were plain, but very attractively simple, and she wore just the right amount of makeup. She was wearing a deep green silk wrap-style dress which stopped at her knees, medium brown hosiery, and a pair of mint green high heel pumps. The dress criss crossed under her breasts, and fastened over her left hip. It had a sensually low cleavage, but I couldn't make out what colour bra she wore under it. We sat and got acquainted, and I learned she was 53, married with two daughters, and was a comptroller for the Province Business Development Agency. She and Gloria had been friends for years, and had worked together.

We had two more rounds of wine and the conversation became more relaxed. Gloria was sitting sideways on one end of the sofa, with her legs pulled up under her. Anita sat on the other end, and kept crossing and recrossing her legs. I sat in a chair across from them, so I had a premium view. We ate a leisurely dinner, then went into the den for more wine. Soon, all three of us were feeling our alcohol, and the conversation became more suggestive. I was getting plenty of looks at Anita, but couldn't help noticing the large wedding ring she wore. I also didn't want to make Gloria jealous because later, after Anita left, I wanted to undress Gloria and sl**p with her. We covered topic after topic, and at one point, Anita commented on her "sexless and boring lifestyle." I sat quietly as Gloria commented that she wondered why Anita stayed with "Beau". I noted the clock on the mantle read 10:45, and decided to see if I could get a look up either Gloria or Anita's skirts. I was more than interested and aroused by Anita's looks, warm personality, and outgoing manner. Gloria refilled our glasses, and as the clock chimed 11:00, she abruptly said, "Well, why don't we go upstairs?"

I was dumbstruck, and sat there like a granite statue. Gloria got up, took two bottles of wine out of the caddy, and said, "Follow me, you two." Anita rose, walked over to me, and took me by the hand. As we climbed the stairs, I watched Gloria's curvy ass moving under her skirt, and listened to the arousing swish of Anita's undergarments as she walked. We entered Gloria's room, and Anita sat in the large dressing chair, I sat on the bed, and Gloria sat in a second chair. My awe must have been showing because Gloria said, "Trev...Anita and I are bi-sexual, and I told her about our relationship. I thought it might be nice for us to have a relaxing evening and share many things." As she finished, Anita said, "You see Trev, my husband and I have not been intimate since our youngest's birth twenty years ago. He lost interest in me, and I have learned to accept it. I stay with him for the sake of appearances." I felt my face turning very deep red, and replied, "I see." Anita continued by saying, "I have become a voyeur as well as a fetishist...I love to see others making love, and I have a fetish for the feel of male semen. Gloria suggested I join the two of you....I truly hope you aren't offended." I looked at both of them, and said, "Not at all....but I am aroused."

At that point, Gloria stood up and said. "I'm going to strip you now." In a few minutes, ahe had me naked, and my penis was throbbing as it stood straight out in front of me. Anita was just a couple of feet away watching, and said, "Oh my that ever a gorgeous cock." Gloria told me to undress her, so I began by removing her top. She was wearing a fantastic dark brown nylon bra. "Another one of my new things," she said. I unzipped her skirt, and saw she was wearing a shiny dark brown half slip under it. "Like the set?", she asked. I answered her by rubbing my penis against her slip covered ass and fondling her breasts from behind. I looked over Gloria's shoulder and saw Anita was sitting with her legs spread, and had her hand under her dress. I took Gloria's bra off, and Anita immediately came over to fondle and lick her nipples. Gloria unhooked Anita's dress, and it fell open. She was wearing a sexy white lace bra, and her nipples were clearly visible pushing against the cups. Anita was rubbing Gloria's kitty, as Gloria removed Anita's bra. I moved to their sides, and touched Anita's right breast. She gently-but-sternly pushed my hand aside. Gloria was jerking me with one had and rubbing Anita's belly with the other as Anita licked her face and breasts. Gloria laid down on her back on the bed, and Anita knelt over her licking her nipples. Gloria's slip was short, and it rode up on her thighs revealing she wasn't wearing a panty. Anita turned to me and said, "Jack that gorgeous cock for me, Trev." After a few strokes, Anita got between Gloria's legs, and began licking her kitty. I stood behind Anita, and the sight of her full ass under the silk dress, and her hosiery covered legs with the mint green heels got me very hot. I straddled her left calf, and rubbed my penis on the smooth fabric of her nylonned leg. Gloria was moaning as Anita licked her, and I could tell Anita was very occupied, so I decided to see what she was wearing under the silk dress. I gathered up a handful at the hem, and jerked myself with it. Getting no reaction, I put my hand under it and lifted it, revealing a shiny light green half slip with creme coloured lace at the hem, and that she was wearing stockings with a garter belt. I moved up to rub my penis on her slip when she turned, and pushed me backward away from her. "You cannot fuck me Trev...and that means no masturbating on me, either." I nodded, and she moved away from Gloria. "Please put your cock inside Gloria....I need to watch you fuck her," she whispered. I grabbed Gloria's heels, threw them over my shoulders, and plowed into her. Anita squatted down behind me and watched as I thrust in and out of Gloria. Anita crawled up onto the bed and said to Gloria, "I want to see you suck him off." As Gloria sucked me, Anita had her face right next to my penis. "Don't cum in her mouth, Trev....I need to see your semen pump out of your penis", Anita said. "Trev loves to cum on my slips," Gloria said, "Do you want him to do that?" "Yessssss," Anita purred. I began rubbing my penis on the tight smooth fabric of Gloria's new slip, and she encouraged me by saying, "Yes baby...shoot all over that dark brown nylon." Again, Anita was only inches away, and I was tempted to turn and shoot all over her breasts, silk dress, and half slip, but thought better of it.

I was almost ready to cum when Anita said, "Wait !!!!" She sat on the edge of the bed, and had me stand in front of her. "I want you to cum in the palms of my hands so I can feel the heat and the slippery texture." I faced her and began to masturbate as she held her hands under my penis. Gloria got behind me and ran her hand up between my legs to caress my balls. "Please let me cum on your slip, Anita," I said. She kept staring at my penis and said, "No...I cannot let you do that, but blow your semen into my hands for me." With four more jerks I was filling her hands with my hot semen, and she was moaning and purring with delight. I turned around to see Gloria had fingered herself toa climax and was squatting behind me. To my complete and utter surprise, Anita took both handfulls of my semen and rubbed it onto her breasts. When she finished, she put her finger into her mouth, and in a low and sensual tone, moaned a long, "Mmmmmmmmmm."

Gloria stood up, mouthed my penis, and said, "Why don't you dress and go home...I'll come over after Anita leaves." I got into my clothes, and as I was about to leave, Anita walked up to me....with her dress open, her breasts stil glistening with my cum, and her sexy mint green half slip showing, and gave me a long, deep kiss. "Thank you, Trev...that meant more to me than you could ever imagine...we will see each other again, soon."

I squeezed Gloria's ass, and said, "We need to finish this." She whispered, "Yes, my love...we will."

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