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You showered & rubbed your aching limbs, the warm water running over your body, taking your mind off your ordeal of the weekend & what the group would do or expect of you next. You gently washed over your tender pink nipples & inspected the marks the jaws of the clamps had left before moving on to your swollen pussy & massaged where the jaws of the clamps had bitten into your soft white flesh.

Clean & feeling exhausted, you moved to the bed where you laid down on the bare mattress & tried to get some sl**p before they came back for you. You tossed & turned as a cool draft ran through the room, making goose bumps form all over your wet, naked body. Away from the soothing effects of the shower, your mind wandered again to your ordeal & what your time with these people held in store.

Before you knew it, the door opened to reveal a tall man who's outline filled the opening, he stepped forward into the room & you got off the bed & knelt on the floor, hoping that your submissive position would have him be gentle to you.

"Get up," came his deep gravely voice.

"It's time for the evening entertainment where our ladies are going to perform for us & you're going to be the center piece of the shop!"

You wondered if you were up to what they were asking of you. Miranda had been the first woman you'd ever been with & that was less than 24hrs ago. You hadn't disliked it, but they now wanted all the women at the camp to use you. When you'd been discussing your being taken, which seemed like so long ago now, it didn't cross your mind that being f***ed to fuck a group of women would be part of your experience.

You'd lingered to long & the man took you roughly by your hair & dragged you to your feet.

"Do what we say when we say, bitch or the boss will make sure your punished!" Reprimanded the man, as he gave you a sharp slap to your face. Your cheeked seared with the stinging pain of the heavy blow & it took a moment for your senses to return, by which point your feet were tumbling over each other as the powerful man walked you out the door holding you up by your arms.

It had got dark whilst you'd been resting & the group had erected a small platform area under the edge of the trees, which had a post fixed in the center positioned between 2 flat topped padded cubes with various fixing points for restraints. The area was lit by a large fire which warmed your body as they moved towards the stage whilst a ring of torches around the edge spilled light a short way into the woods. No one else was in sight as they reached the stage & your wrists were quickly bound & fixed to a rope over the top of the post, which was tightened until you were on your tiptoes, your body tort. The man ran a rope around your body & began to bind your full 38DD breasts, looping the rope over your shoulders before passing it between your legs with a small knot, so as to stimulated you every time you tried to find comfort from your bonds. You were then plunged into darkness as a bag was placed over your head & left. You squirmed trying to find a way to ease the tension on your body, but it was impossible, the pressure was building in your breasts from their wrappings & you could feel your nipples hardened against the cool night air.

It felt like forever before you were aware of the sounds of people moving around, hushed voices & the chinking of glasses. You jumped as suddenly from right beside you, music started to play, a strange jazzed up classical piece with a thumping rhythm that was a cross between Mozart & club music. The hood was yanked off & you were face to face with Miranda as your eyes adjusted, you could see she was dressed in a slutty ring masters outfit & twirling a flogger. The other women came on stage to a loud cheer from the men & began to dance & grind to the music, exciting the crowd & themselves. There were 6 of them in all & they quickly fell into 2 groups of 3 each, fixing the ankles of one of the women to the edge of a box before laying her back over the box fastening her wrists above her head. You were wriggling against your bonds, trying to balance the pressure on your wrists with the pain in your calves. The whole time, the rope between your legs rubbing your clit. With the sensation between your legs, you found that rather than squirming to ease your bonds, you were twisting to get a better view. The unbound women had now moved to either end of their prize, the first on her knees between their subjects legs where she began to lap hungrily at her pussy occasionally stopping to give her clit & shaved mound a sharp slap, her actions driving the bound woman on as she in turn licked & sucked at the other woman straddling her face. Both groups mirrored each other whilst Miranda moved between them, urging them all on & dishing out extra incentive where she felt it was needed. You could feel your juices on the inside of your thighs, wishing you were the one bound to the block.

"Do you like what you see," whispered Miranda over your shoulder.

"Very much," she breathed Krystall, as Miranda rolled your nipple between her fingers.

"I could tell you were dirty, but I had no idea you were this much of a whore. Your time will come soon enough though" & with that, she moved back to the others.

Miranda made a gesture to 2 men & they stood to one side of the stage & they each lifted a huge mechanical fucking machines & brought it onto the stage, where they sat them down between the legs of the restrained women. The machines were switched on & began their languid deep stroke into both women as they ground into the pussies of the women straddling them. The 2 women relieved of their task now approached you & started to tun their hand over your body occasionally twisting your nipples or rubbing the knot into your clit.

The tongues & mouths of the restrained women were having the desired effect & you could see the orgasms building on the women faces. To push their quarry on, they were gradually increasing the speed of the machines, making deep moans escape the mouths of the restrained women. Miranda wa still moving between all the women, flogging, tweaking & kissing them as she went until she finally stopped at Krystall & released the rope holding you up & moved you forwards. Another nod to the wings & the men brought out the St. Andrew's cross, which was fixed to the post. The three women made short work of fixing you to the cross & removing the rope that ran between your legs. You let our a gasp as one of the women dropped to her knees in front of you & pushed her warm tongue into your wet pussy. Licking your clit rhythmically, she pushed 2 fingers deep inside you & began to thrust. The sounds of sex all around you, you began to drift off, letting the sensations take hold of you. The pain as your nipples were clamped just added to the sensations sending you closer to the edge & as the women beside you began to moan loudly as there orgasms coursed through their bodies, the woman at your crotch pushed 2 fingers into your tight asshole & sent you over the edge. You moaned deeply, your muscles gripping the fingers tightly as you tried to push against them to prolong the feeling. The woman continued to stimulate you, bringing on wave after wave until your exhausted head dropped to your chest & you blacked out.

You were vaguely aware of the women on either side of you, being released & items being moved around. The sharp small of salts brought your mind to focus & you could see a single padded box with a sloping top placed center stage in front of you. Only Miranda & one of the women remained on the stage, quickly taking you down from the cross & strapping you over the box. The women placed a low stool in front of your face & sat before taking a handful of your hair & forcing your face into her pussy. Krystall began to lick & suck obediently, hoping that the woman would release your hair, but as she grew more turned on, her grip just got tighter.

"You filthy whore, you love the taste of another woman, you want to make me come," said the woman, as she goaded you on. "You wanted to be taken & used & now your will is broken & you'll do anything we want, you filthy slut." The men in the crowd cheered & began to whistle & shout, knowing that the finale was coming.

You were aware of movement behind you, but tried to focus on the task in front of you, in case you were to be punished. You felt the cold dribble of lube being applied to your tight asshole before 2, then 3 fingers were pushed in, moving apart & stretching your asshole. The feeling started to build your orgasm, the torrent of abuse from the woman in front of you only adding to your experience. You felt the fingers withdraw & a large, hard object invade your asshole, making you arch your back & gasp. A stinging slap from the woman made you bear down & continue the stinging burn as your ass was stretched wide, making it hard to keep a steady rhythm. The object pushed deeper until the tip of another entered your pussy & when they started to alternately thrust into you, you screamed. The 2 huge dildos stretching you wide open as there smooth surfaces glided in & out. You bit your bottom lip as the pain gave way to pleasure & you gradually got lost in the sensations. The woman at your head had stopped forcing you to lick & was instead stimulating herself with a wand vibrator. The torrent of abuse still spilling from her mouth. The men were still cheering & shouting, urging her on & shouting out what they wanted to see happen to her. She felt Miranda's hands on her ass cheeks, massaging & spread them, allowing the machine to penetrate her deeper before slapping them hard. Krystall was beginning to find the sting of a slap or the flogger as pleasurable as the other sensations you were receiving & when you felt Miranda begin to twirl the flogger, alternately between your ass cheeks, your vision began to tunnel. The unrelenting rhythm of the machine fucking her mercilessly, the smell of sex in the air & the taunts & jeers of the crowd & the woman at your face.

"Open you mouth whore," screamed the woman & you did so instinctively without thinking & the woman groaned & squirted into your face & mouth to a loud roar from the crowd. You didn't flinch, your mind in another place, you rode the experience, it only adding to the assault on your senses & bringing your own climax closer. The woman moved from in front of you & with Miranda's blows still raining down on your stinging red ass, began to rub your clit. That was all you could take & your orgasm slammed through your body, every muscle spasming & making you strain against your restraints as an animistic groan escaped from your lips. The 2 women kept up the stimulation wave after wave of pleasure, filling your body until once again the world went black....

****** TO BE CONTINUED ******

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