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Me and My Bestfriend Jake

This is not actually mine my friend told me it was hers and she said if I can post it here.

My friend and as a lover:

It was one Friday morning, when Jake texted me about going out for some breakfast and have a little friendly talk. He said "Hey Maddy I want to tell you something about your boyfriend Nick". I was so curious about how he said he wants to tell me something about my bf. So I replied "sure there's no big deal about that I guess..." so i sat down the bench waiting for Jake to pick me up after talking to Nick for about five minutes Jake arrived and let me in his car. Jake and I are really super close that not a thing could seperate us. Jake toll me to a very dark tunnel out of the city, the place wasnt familiar. I asked Jake " where the he'll is this place Jake? I thought we are going to have some breakfast? Why are we here?" Jake didn't answer me. I was a bit scared but It was ok cuz Jake is my bestfriend I know he won't do stupid things to me. He pulled over went out of the car and slams the door he was so upset and actually had the guys to say " I saw your boyfriend with that girl in school today they were kissing inside of the car" I didn't believe what he said cuz my boyfriend loves me. I said in a low voice " I, I don't believe you he loves me more than you'll ever know". He saw me crying an said "I'm sorry I never meant to say that toyou as early as this. But I really love you and you know that" I was so upset about Jake. He drove me to a restaurant and ate breakfast. I told him "let's pretend nothing happen today to keep this friendshi". We ate and Jake told me some funny jokes, I was laughing and kept on pretending nothing happen today. I saw someons entered the restaurant.She had a long curly hair and a short mini skirt. Then Jake told me "hey what are you looking at?" I said "nothing" he pinched my cheeks and said "your still cuter". He knew that the girl was the the same girl kissing my bf and I heard a guy said "Babe, I'll be there". The voice was really smilies as I was about to face it, I saw my boyfriend. I ran upto him crying as I slapped him in the face I said " you are such liar how could u do such thing". Jake pulled me closer to him and told me to sit there Jake grabbed nicks shirt and said "You just lost the most amazing girl". I was walking when Jake ran and held me close to his chest hole I was crying. I sat there in the car and I told Jake to pull over a bit in the dark woods. I asked him " why Jake, am I not that attractive ? Huh? Tell me" in a raising voice. He said "Maddy, you are perfect I have never saw a guy like nick could do that to a lovely girl like you. That lift my Tears away. I said in a very soft voice and I knew he wasn't paying attention I said " if only you and I could be together". I can't believe he actually heard me. He lean toasted me al I thought was he was going to fix my seatbelt but instead he kissed me gently I liked it, I removed his clothes gently I reclined the chair and we took of all our clothes I said" I want you in me Jake I love you" he said he really loved me before. Im on to suck him when he said " are u sure" I said " I'm really sure this time" i was like in heaven when I felt him Jake was almost close to Cumming Jake said in a loud voice "Maddy I-I'm Cumming babe" I was laughing and smiling at the same time when were done he kissed me asked me " can u be mine" as I stood I said " of course Jake"

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