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My Katy

(this is my first story here, so bear with me, please. i will post as i go, like a series. you do not have permission to use this story elsewhere.)

i am sitting in my study, starting to write about my new friend katy. she is sl**ping in the next room, in my bed. we don't live together, but she is here a lot. i can see her from here, lying there in the soft glow of the nightlight. i see her long black hair contrasted against the white bedclothes. she is tucked in, warm and relaxed. i can see her steady breathing, and it brings a smile to my face. i have such a crush on her. just thinking about her...

we met at a gallery opening. i was standing there alone looking at a painting, with a glass of mineral water in my hand. she appeared next to me, so quietly, saying, 'i don't know what all the fuss is about. i think this stuff is just ok...'. i turned and saw her for the first time, long black hair pulled back, blue eyes, tall and slim. she was dressed in a black mid-length jacket, red cotton scarf, black pants and boots. i was struck by her physical presence and her ability to come right out and tell me what she thought. both of these qualities have sustained me, as well as her quiet way. at least sometimes, she's quiet...

i take a break from my writing to go to her. she looks so sweet there, so quiet and peaceful. i lean to kiss her head, lying down next to her. she shifts, turning her face towards me. i move her hair away from her face with my hand. she is warm from sl**ping under my down comforter. i kiss her cheek. she moans softly, still in her dreamworld. i kiss her again and she opens her mouth slightly, breathing. she smells so good. i just love her smell...i kiss her lips, my tongue licking her lightly, kissing some more. she opens her mouth more, half-awake now, her tongue touching mine. her mouth is warm and wet and i taste her. she is so beautiful to me.

i go back to my writing. i love to tease her, and she knows it. and she loves to be teased. i see her turn and go back to sl**p. i know i will be in there with her soon, holding her so close, our bodies together, until i fall asl**p.

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