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Me my hubby his best mate and mine 2nd time

After the fun me and my husband had with eachothers best friends our sex life was back on track we were fucking day and night 7 times in one day we often spoke dirty to eachother while fucking talking about what we would like to do to our friends it was soooooo horny.
We had gone to a party and had a real good time we headed home our mates staying over again plus an extra mate of mine she already knew what happend last time as we tell eachother everything.
We had drinks and then my steve my hubs mate suggested we watch some porn we were all game the dvd was on and we was watching girls getting fucked real hard and dirty what a turn on i thought us girls got up and went to get changed instead of putting on our nights we went for the more sexy look i had a school uniform on julie had french maids and sam had on a cheerleaders outfit we went down stairs and into the kitchen we could her the tv the girls moaning as they got fucked.
Julie leaned in and kissed me and i responded then sam kissed me and then kissed julie as me and sam kissed julie was running her hands all over mine and sams body we swapped over and as sam and julie kissed i go to my knees and started to rub at there pussys i could hear there breathing getting heavy i stood up and indicated for sam to sit on the worktop.
She sat up there her legs dangled over the side julie kissed her as i pulled her thong to the side and started to kiss her smooth pussy mmmmmm i heard her say under her breath i stuck my finger in her mouth for her to wet it and then slide it between her soft lips gently stroking her julie by now was licking and sucking her nipples.
Unaware that the guys were watching us through the gap in the door we carried on now julie between my legs long soft licks on mu pussy sam was cumming in my mouth her cum flooded my mnouth sweet tasting it was long before i came in julies mouth now we had to make julie cum she laid on the floor sam straddled julies face as i licked hard and fast rubing her clit as my tongue darted in and out of her wet hole without working julie gushed everywhere i lapped it up as her body jerked about the guys couldnt belive what they saw and returned to the sofa watching more porn as if nothing happened .
When we walked into the living the guys looked at us as if amazed to see us all dressed up steve asked if anyone would suck his cock soi climbed the sofa and stood up with my pussy in his face as sam and julie licked eachside of his cock then swapping between balls and cock licking and sucking as he sucked hard on my clit my hubby set up the camcorder and stood behind steven so i could suck his cock we all swapped around untill we all had some of everyone .
Dave sat down on the sofa and steve got up as slide daves cock inside me i started to suck steves cock sam got down and started to lick his hole getting it nice and wet before sliding a finger in his hole it must have hit the spot as he came filling my mouth with his cum julie wanted to see him taste his own cum so he kissed me and he took the cum into his mouth now swallow she said fuck i was so horny watching him do that.
My hubby wanted to fuck sam now so she sat on his long hard vainy cock and bouncing up and down it was like watching a porn movie as the fucked in different ways while they were fucking steve was now hard again and fucking julie in the doggy position hard long thrusts dave was ready to cum as sam was screaming for him to fill her up with his warm sticky seeds so he pumped every last drop of his cum into her pussy and soon followed julies orgasams moans got louder and louder steve filled her pussy with his thick creamy cum he stayed in her for a min or two i got the camera and as he pulled out i filmed her pussy letting all the cum dribble out mmmmm i wanted to see dave tasted it so he got on his knees and licked the remaining cum out of her swallowen pussy.
after a little break i didnt know what was coming.
Dave re-entred the room and walked over to the sofa ive been thinking he said id love to see the girls hold you down while me and steve fucked you he said to me i felt my pussy tingle the thought of that was driving me wild yeh id love thtat i replied.
Sam held my wrists as i sat my arse down on daves big hard throbbing cock and julie grabbed my legs as steve entered my pussy both holes full with cocks they fucked me real hard and deep my breathing out of control as sam kissed me to mmmmmmmmmmm yeh fuck me fuck me harder i moaned steves cock stretching my ass open as my husband fucks my pussy with in ten mins they were ready to cum both filling my holes up with sticky cum i felt the last few drops squirt from there cocks as they eased out sam and julie jumped to my holes and sucked the cum from them and then stood up and kissed the guys swapping the cum into there mouths then steve kissed me and then my hubby kissed me the tasted of cum was sooooooo nice i swallowed it all.We all agreed that we should keep this going on a regualr basis and if it was just one on one or more that it was fine as long as me and my hubs were aware that they other one was doing it .

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