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DADDY and SIR: my craving for older men....

"I would love to be fucked by an older man. my tight little ass needs a cock from an aggressive, top daddy. I love to dress sexy for my daddy and will do most anything to please. Just one condition: you have to cum on my face. I am a slim, 28 year old slut with a tight little ass and an addiction to cum. Please be my daddy tonight."

That was my post on a certain site that got me more than i bargained for.
I had also posted a photo of me in a sexy corset and fish net stockings.
The replies came quick, but the only one willing to meet that night asked if i minded if he brought a friend. I wrote back that i would love to be fucked by two top daddies at once. And i stressed that i did not want any reciprocation.

"I want to be treated like the sissy slut that I am. I want to suck you both and have you fuck me as hard as you want. I don't want to top or be sucked. I am an all bottom gurl."
"Sounds good baby girl" was his reply.

I met them at a cheap hotel. After some brief introduction we rented a room and I stepped into the bathroom to get dressed.
When I came out of the bathroom they were both in bed, undressed, hard and ready to treat me like the slut I was.
"Are you going to teach me, daddies?" I asked them both.
"Call me Daddy." said the man with the largest cock.
"Call me Sir." said his friend.
I looked at them both and licked my lips with pure desire at what i saw. Daddy was in his mid fifties and his cock was at least nine inches, and thick with a large head. Sir, in his late forties, was about seven inches with a bit more girth. I admit, I had no interest in their other features, all I wanted was both men to use their ample meat to work me over like a little girl.
"Why don't you come over and get between us, Baby Girl?" Daddy said, patting the space between them.
I let out my most feminine moan and crawled in bed on hands and knees, my back arched, ass in the air. I laid between the two men on my back and Daddy turned my head to face him.
"I like your outfit, Baby girl." He told me before he kissed me deeply.
I was dressed in a Purple corset that laced up in the back with a pair of black fishnets and a Black, Purple laced G-string that concealed my little cock well. My pair of knee high, Black leather fuck-me boots with the stiletto heels completed the outfit. I wore a bit of lipstick and a tiny amount of mascara with a mid length black wig that matched my natural hair color.
"Do you like it too, Sir?" I turned and asked after Daddy finished his kiss.
"Yeah Baby Girl, I like it a lot." He said, running his hands up my thigh.
With Daddy on the left and Sir on the right, they both started gently rubbing my body all over with their finger tips.
"Can I suck your cock Daddy?" I asked, almost pleading I wanted that big cock in my mouth so badly. My mouth was literally watering at the thought of it.
"This cock? You want this cock, Baby Girl?" he said holding and pointing it at my eager little mouth. "I don't know if you want it bad enough."
"I do Daddy. I want it down my little throat." I noticed a drop of pre-cum form at the tip and slide down the long, thick shaft. "I need it in my mouth Daddy."
I had gotten up on my knees and started to inch down toward his cock. As i loomed over Daddy's cock, begging, Sir got up out of bed and stood at the edge. He then pulled my G-string to the side, rubbing my asshole gently with his index finger.
"Show me how bad you want it. Put it down your fucking throat, you slut." Daddy ordered. "And don't you fucking stop until my balls hit your fucking chin."
Like a good little girl, I did just what I was told. I put the entire nine inches down my throat and gagged a little going down.
"Oh god. yeah, you are a good little slut." Daddy moaned.
As I bobbed my head up and down on Daddy's thick member, Sir bent down and started licking my asshole, spreading my ass cheeks with both hands.
I let up off of Daddy's cock and gasped at how amazing Sir's tongue felt.
"Don't you stop. You get back on that cock, bitch." Daddy pushed my head back down and I devoured his cock again.
Sir continued to lick my ass but had removed one of his hands away from spreading my ass and used it to put a finger inside me. The sensation of both a tongue and penetration made my little dick hard instantly. I thought i was going to cum right then and there.
"Lick my balls. Lick 'em!" Daddy demanded.
I licked his ball and sucked on them gently. Sir was still licking and he put two fingers inside of me, working my little ass to get it ready for his cock.
"You gonna fuck this bitch?" Daddy asked sir.
Sir took his mouth away but left his fingers in me.
"You think she's ready? Are you ready Baby Girl? Are you ready to be fucked?" Sir asked me.
I had started to suck Daddy's cock again and didn't want to stop.
"Mmmmhhhhmmmm." I moaned with a mouth full of Daddy.
"What was that? I don't think i heard you." Sir said.
I took my mouth away and answered breathlessly: "Yes Sir, I want that thick cock inside me." and went right back down onto Daddy's long shaft.
Sir took his fingers out of me and started to rub the head of his cock around my asshole, pushing gently every now and again to tease me.
"I don't think your ready for it yet. What do you think?" He asked Daddy after taunting me.
Wanting to prove how badly I wanted that dick in my ass I looked Daddy directly in the eyes, took his cock out of my mouth and very, very slowly put it back in and inched my way all the way down to the base of his shaft. I never took my eyes away from his.
"OH MY GOD!" Daddy exclaimed "This little slut wants it bad. Fuck her. Fuck her hard."
I felt Sir push his thick cock inside me. It was euphoric. I began to shake and moan, still with Daddy's cock deep down my throat. Sir did not start out slow and gentle, no, he pushed himself all the way in and then pulled all the way out. He entered me again with just as much f***e, pounding into my ass with the full length and girth of his dick.
I moaned and started to go up and down Daddy's cock even faster.
"Goddamn, you are a tight little slut. Does it feel good, Baby Girl? Does my cock feel good?" Sir was aggressive and dominant in his tone.
"Yes Sir! It feels so fucking good! Pound my tight little ass, Sir!" I said, taking my mouth off of Daddy for only a moment.
Sir fucked me hard, slapping my ass when the mood struck him. Daddy put his hand on the back of my head and pushed me down further onto his cock, holding me there for what felt like a glorious eternity. He only let up when I started to gag.
"Roll this bitch over. You take her mouth, its my turn for that ass." Daddy told Sir and I was rolled over from my hands and knees onto my back.
"You want to taste your ass, bitch?" Sir asked as he walked to the opposite edge of the bed. Once at the other side he pulled me by my shoulders and I hung my head upside down, over the edge of the mattress.
"Yes Sir. Let me taste my ass on your cock." I pleaded. "Please, Sir, please let me taste it."
I opened my mouth as Sir Asked: "You ever been face fucked, Baby Girl?"
I nodded as best as i could with my head upside down, opening my mouth even wider.
Sir put his whole member down my throat and i took it greedily. He started to fuck my mouth just as aggressively as he had fucked my ass. I sucked, slurped and gagged as drool ran down my face onto the carpeted floor.
Daddy had crawled up onto the bed and was sitting, on his knees, watching Sir violate my mouth. He then spread my legs and lifted them onto his shoulders, raising my ass up off of the mattress. He ripped my G-string off and put his cock to my asshole. Before he pushed it in, he leaned over me and put his hands on either side of my waste.
"I think she likes us. Do you like us? Do you like us old men?" Daddy said as he pushed all Nine, thick inches deep inside me. I moaned and bent upward some more at the waste so he could fuck me easier, and harder.
"Yeah, this sissy bitch likes us." Sir laughed, still fucking my face.
i lay there, my leather fuck-me boots in the air and let those two sexy, dirty old men have their way with my little sissy body. My fantasy was being fulfilled in more ways than I had anticipated. I was being a filthy whore for two older men with glorious cocks and i only wanted more. Daddy was slamming my ass and going deeper than I had ever felt a cock go. Sir was face fucking me with a cock that had been in my ass only minutes before. I was in sissy boy heaven.
"I think she might want something different. Have you ever had two in you at once? Huh, Baby Girl? Do you want a double penetration up that ass" Sir asked me as he pulled his cock from my mouth.
I was shocked. I had never considered doing something that extreme, but in that moment I couldn't say no. Despite my shock and surprise, I lifted my head, spit and drool stll running down my cheeks and said yes.
"i want you both inside me."
Daddy stopped fucking me and smiled. "I gotta be honest with you Baby Girl, I didn't think you'd go for that."
I took my legs off of Daddy's Shoulders and patted the bed beside me.
"Who wants to be on bottom?" I smiled with my little slut mouth.
Sir jumped on the bed as i rolled off. He laid down on his back and I climbed on top of him. I took his cock and slid it into my asshole, then bent over placing my hands on either side of his head. Sir started to fuck me slowly.
"Your turn Daddy." I said, turning back to look at him.
I must admit, i started to question my judgement when I thought about both of those big cocks inside of me. But all of the apprehension melted away as soon as Daddy stood a little, bent kneed, straddled my ass and gently started to work himself into me.
I felt like such a slut, just like i had always wanted. They were treating me like the whore I knew I wanted to be. There I was, dressed up in my sexiest outfit, my fuck-me boots, and two men fucking my asshole at once.
Daddy pushed in deeper and started to go a little faster. Sir had increased his push as well. I moaned and moved with the men.
"Oh god, that feels so fucking good Daddy. Fuck me, Sir. Your big cocks feel so good."
They obliged me by fucking my sissy asshole with both of their enormous cocks. Daddy went faster as Sir slowed down. Daddy slid in and almost out of my ass, his cock against Sir's. I could tell that just the movement of Daddy's cock was enough for Sir. Both men started to moan as I started to scream in pure pleasure.
"Mother fucker, I'm about to cum." Sir said.
Daddy pulled out and sat back.
"You like cum, Baby Girl?" Daddy asked me as he started to stroke his dick.
"Well its time for your mouth full." Sir said, stoking his cock now, as well.
I took my cue and moved over beside Sir, on my hands and knees, ass in the air facing the side of the bed. I bent down and started to suck Sir. Daddy moved in closer and put his big cock in my mouth as well.
"You a greedy little cum slut, huh?" Daddy asked as I started to quickly go from one cock to the other.
"Yeah, she wants it all in her mouth and on her face." Sir said, reaching around and putting a finger in my loose ass.
I worked both cocks, wanting to taste their hot, gooey cum.
Daddy started to shoot first and Sir Shortly followed. Tasting the first spurts I let both men take their cocks away and opened my mouth wide like a good girl.
They both stroked and unloaded what had to have been a weeks worth of built up spunk. Daddy aimed for my face as i tilted it to the side to catch what both men were giving me. I felt his hot load hit my cheek in gobs. Sir shot upward into my wide open mouth and it tasted so fucking good. They both let out moans as I stuck out my tongue and started licking each of their cocks.
When the fountains of cum finally stopped I sucked Daddy then Sir to get all of the cum that I could. Just like the greedy cum slut I was.
"Oh, Oh, you are a good little bitch." Daddy said as he grabbed my face and put his cock all the way in.
"Yeah she is. We'll have to do this again."
Daddy's big cock slid out of my mouth as I sat up straight in the bed and looked to each man.
"Next time i want to film it." I said, wiping my face and licking the cum from my fingers.


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