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I got a call to fix a A/C unit in bel-air....I knocked on the door and it was Staci she is prettier in person than on T.V. !! anyway i worked on the unit while she swan in the pool...when i got it repaired i went to the pool edge and said Ms. Keanan i got it fixed for you ..she came out of the pool every so slowly with a devilest smile on her much do i own you ? with that we go inside and she gives 175.00 for the bill...then ask me if she could give me a tip ?? sure i said....she slowly walks over to me and unzip my pants and got down on her knees and started giving me head...after about 15 minutes of this she suddenly stopped and stood up and told me Not just yet big boy ....follow me !!! we went to her master bedroom where she slowly took off her swimsuit to show me that a woman beiing 36 years old that she still had a killer body..she turned around to face me with that pretty rack and shaved pussy..she told me softly in my ear that she loves her pussy to be eaten and to be fucked good and hard ....Well let me start eating that little tresure chest you have there...after some time doing this she had me stop...and told me to please fuck her...when she gave me the rubber and told me let's have safe sex!!!! No problom here staci...i slowly pushed my 10" dick into her was she tight i thought !!!! Then when i was 3/4 the way in she told me that be all i can give her as it would hurt her....well i pumped her seems like 20 minutes but in fact it was over an hour......she stop me again.....what's wrong i asked ?? I pussy is getting sore.....thinking that she will give me a blowjob to get me off..but noooo....she got on her hands and knees and got alittle bit of lube on her asshole....and grins at me ...fuck me in the ass....I want all 10" of it in my little ass....15 minutes and i cum in her ass ...we were both tired and sl**py....

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