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Awkward Sexy Time Pt. 2

After I had broken up with my girlfriend, I was left to wander the world of women. I had met a cute woman who was in my work group at school. We immediately started getting along. We had a similar sense of humor and similar relationship pasts. Both of which allowed us to make a powerful connection. Soon enough we were hanging out outside of class; I took her fishing, she helped me pick out my dog. We were inseparable.
We did hit one snag though: neither of us wanted a new relationship. We were both in our "cool down" mode after our break ups and decided to just fuck each other as much as we wanted. I was cool with this and so was she. I was happy to have a new friend and fuck buddy.
After some long discussions of our sexual pasts (mine was super short) we has worked out a day to have our first "meeting". Being a romantic (and wanting to try out public sex) I lobbied for us to meet at the park across the street from her house. There, we could stare at the stars, chat, and have some funky sex.
We met up at the park later at night and spent an hour staring at the stars and chatting. Soon enough we started kissing and groping. Clothes started to disappear and certain body parts joined in.
I kissed down her stomach until I reached the waistband of her skirt. From there I moved down to her calves and kissed my way up until I reached the promised land. In a fury I snatched her panties off and dove right in, licking and sucking. I was down there for about 5 minute before I felt her body tense up and her hand rested on my head. Her breaths were getting deeper and deeper and her stomach was bucking like the waves in the ocean. This was it, I was making her come.
My mind wandered off into what I was planning on receiving after this most triumphant orgasm. Would I get a fantastic blowjob? Would she call one of her sexy friends over and turn this into a 3-way? No! None of this happened! Why? Because this is a story about sex with me. Only bad things happen when I have sex! Read on to understand the following series of bad happenings.
As she climaxed she revealed something to me that she had forgotten to mention in our previous conversations: SHE SQUIRTS! I am not talking about a little squirt here, I am talking about a fire house. This is impressive coming out of her petite, 5 foot frame.
Anyways, she fires a bucket full down my nose and throat while I am inhaling. This starts a coughing fit that rivals some of the ones I have had when I inhaled some water while swimming. In between each cough I cursed and spit and jumped around trying to not get too pissed off at her. After about 5 minutes of coughing and cursing I was able to speak. "So, you squirt, huh?" "Yeah, I guess I do." "Did you already know this?" "Yeah. I was not sure how to tell you." "Really? So you thought spraying me in the face without ANY warning was the best way?" "I am really sorry. I didn-
It was about then that a police officer pulled up behind us. We would have seen him coming but we were too deep in our "spirited conversation".
PO: "You guys know the park is closed, right?"
ME: "Yes, Officer. We were just leaving."
PO: "Okay. You guys have any d**gs on you or anything?" *the cop steps out of the car*
ME: "No. I have nothing on me."
PO: "Okay. You sure? Your eyes look REALLY red to me. You haven't been smoking weed out here have you?"
ME: "No. My eyes are all red because I was coughing up a storm before you got here." *I realized that that was a bad response*
PO: "Okay. You guys weren't doing any lewd acts were you?"
ME: "No. Just star gazing."
PO: "Really? Why is your face and shirt all wet?"
ME: "Um. I am not sure..."
HER: "He is just a really sweaty guy."
PO: "That sounds like a bad condition, maybe you 2 should leave before I bust you both."
ME: "Yes, officer." *jogged to the car and drove her home*

This is only Part 2 of what could easily be a 15 part series. Stay tuned for more of my misadventures that make me wonder why I even try anymore.

Side note: I have nothing against women who squirt. I only expect them to tell the person they are sl**ping with about it BEFORE they go down on them.

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