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My older cross dressing friend

...come on up and take a shower". "Thanks for all your hard work". Tim is very gentle and courteous. "OK, thanks, I say" Wow, this shower is big enough for two" Tim, "I'll be right in" Looking at his hair free body I see how smooth his skin is, and what a nice trim build... almost a woman's shaped ass. My cock started getting very stiff. Tim, "Well all that work didn't make you tired, your cock looks great all wet and shiny" "It has a mind of it's own, I love it"
We dried off and sat on his bed. "Let me put on a video, I have great porn" "It will go great with our hard cocks" he says. Have you ever felt another mans hard dick, Tim asks. "No, just my own" "But I have tasted my juice", I add. Yea me to, pre-cum is under-rated. He slipped his hand around my balls "follow my lead", Tim coaxed. I felt his balls too, what a feeling, I was going to cum, I held back for a second. " Relax, let me suck your knob a little". He leaned over and my knob slipped past his lips, I was in heaven. The suction was perfect, I could feel my juice flowing into his mouth. "mmm, tasty" Would you like to suck my cock, Tim asked."Are you sure its OK, I might do it wrong and hurt you" "I don't think you will". I bent down and licked his cock hole, some pre-cum appeared and I sucked it in my hungry mouth."You taste just like my cock" I sucked and sucked, feeling his knob sliding past my lips I added a little more suction and was rewarded with more warm juice. My hands were now roaming from his balls to his smooth ass as my mouth worked up and down on his cock and shaft, tasting more juice all the time, my aching cock felt his mouth swallow my knob and we were sucking each others cocks at the same time. His finger eased into my asshole and I pumped back and soon had my finger sliding in and out of his asshole. We were going to pop at this rate, just what I wanted. Somehow his knob got even stiffer and I knew I was going to get my first warm load of man cum right in my mouth. Within a second he contorted and his cock erupted his creamy load. It tasted perfect and it came so fast I lost some out of my mouth but I kept on sucking. I was giving his knob my best tight lip sucking, I wanted to do a good job. Once he settled down a little I kept his cock in my mouth and burst into his mouth. I fucked his mouth with full f***e until all my cream was swallowed. When he drained me and continued to polish my knob I leaned my head back and licked his asshole to show my appreciation for his excellent work. My first blowjob, both ways. My first time licking his asshole. I wanted more. I didn't expect what he did next, he spun around and stick his creamy tongue in my mouth and we shared our own cum from our mouths. What a finish.
"I have a surprise for you next time" Tim says. "What could possibly be a surprise after that great cock sucking" I ask ? Well, I didn't have time today but I have a full wardrobe of silky woman's underwear, you'll think you're sucking a woman with a cock ... a big cock.
I can't wait ...

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