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Nudist and Swingers

We lived in Kentucky and frequented a nudist club in Southern Ohio. We met many interesting people while sunning ourselves. Talking and lots of smiles were common and being naked the talking and smiling were open and sincere.

We both noticed a couple that tickled our fancy (so to speak) and agreed that they might be fun to be with especially since there were lots of eye contact between us as a couple. We found later that their names were Danny and Kathy.

I loved the while my lovely, curvy and sex driven wife was laying in the sun I opted for a visit into the sauna. I layed my towel down to sit and began enjoying the sauna and feeling the sweat dripping down my chest and feeling it sun down my cock which was half erect do to the views I had just been taken in. Publicly, this was not always cool to be walking around with a hard on, so being alone I just relaxed with no worries. Suddenly Kathy walked in. Kathy had a marvelous pair of tits. Bigger than average, round, real, and very tan. She was shaved so her pussy lips were visible and I might add perfectly formed. I was sitting with a leg up as I had, till then nothing to hide. She came in and sat the same way just on opposite sides of the sauna.

Kathy said "hello" and I returned the greeting. She told me how she loved the sauna when it was very hot and I agreed. By now my cock was actually getting a bit on the hard side, partly because of Kathy's glances directed between my legs and my glances to her pussy and the lips that were now sweating wet. we made friendly small talk and after a few more minutes she excused herself saying that maybe we'll see you later.

Not to confuse you, but after the sauna I went over to sit in the hot tub to try to relax. After a few minutes the jets stopped a different naked woman asked if she could join me. "Of course" i said as she turned on the jets again. Let me tell you that this young woman had walked over and introduced herself to my wife and me about an hour earlier outside. As she talked to us she kept her gaze upon my cock which caused some gentle uncontrolled movement down there but nothing embarrassing. my wife made an amusing comment after she left. We just laughed and thought it was her only being friendly.

Anyway, as I layed back in the hot tub with this friendly woman a few feet from me the bubbles again began swirling and so did my cock and balls with the movement of the water. What was so unusual it seemed as if something was squeezing my now hard cock underwater. With eyes closed, it never even dawned on me that the lady next to me was massaging my cock as the water swirled. All i felt was an extremely pleasing "close eyed" experience. Soon the water turned off. My cock was rock hard, and the lady there with me was in her place a few feet away. She asked me with a smile, "would you like for me to turn the water back on?" Yes, thank you," was my reply, still not realizing what had just happened.

After a while I went back outside to join my wife and catch some more rays.

Half and hour later the wife smile and asked about the hot tub. I said it was great. She told me that she had heard what had happened in the hot tub because she had overheard the woman telling her husband what she had done. Honestly. it was a surprise to me and the wife just smiled...even laughed because of my stupidity in not realizing what had just occurred.

While at the pool my wife and I met up with Danny and Kathy (remember Kathy?). She introduced us all and we hit it off very well. My wife was almost hypnotized by the size of Danny's cock...something Kathy seemed a bit proud about. After standing there talking nude for what seemed like almost an hour, we all agree to meet later at our rented trailer.

Kathy and Danny showed up at 7, as agreed and brought some spirits to lived things up a bit. We all sat there naked and partied for about an hour. Danny and I were both by then hard as Kathy occasionally reached over for a squeeze of Danny's cock. My wife Sally followed coursed with mine and during that hour of drinking and talking Danny and I were both HARD and I'm sure the girls WET.

Danny suggested that to lived things up a bit Kathy go over and rub on my cock. Needless to say, I did not need to ask Sally to exchange places with Kathy. It was quite a turn-on to watch as Sally, on her knees, took that massive cock into her hands and finally into her little mouth to suck that huge cock into her mouth. She had never had such a thing in her hand OR her mouth. In the mean time Kathy was making real headway (pun intended) on my cock as she took it in all the way to the hilt. A deep throat for sure with lots of tongue action.

We all seemed to get into a 69 position so the girls could have their pussies eaten as well.

As push came to shove Kathy, with that beautiful body, needed to have me enter her pussy....She was sooooo hot and wet. We both looked over to Sally and Danny as Danny slowly entered my wife with that big cock of his. My wife gasped and moaned as I has never heard her. Kathy was enjoying the scene and I was enjoying it all. Later, after everyone cumming we switched back to our wives for more sex while watching the other couple. Later again we switched back to a swapping situation. This time Kathy and Sally decided ahead of time to such the other's hubby till he was DRY.....and that they did.

It was a fine time to be had by all. We saw Danny and Kathy again a couple more times over the next few weeks before we finally lost touch.

It was sure an experience to remember....

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