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Jenny, Melissa and Me

I’m watching you on the screen, Jenny, as you pull down your pretty nylon panties with the floral prints and spread your legs. Your brunette hair hangs down around your lovely eighteen year old face, smiling as your labia open wide and you begin to rub your clitoris, all the while smiling, and gazing at me with yearning through your computer camera.
In front of my camera, so you can see me, I put on a pair of sexy pink panties over yellow nylon stockings and a pink garter belt. I put my hand under a sheer negligee and stroke my shaved cock and silky smooth shaved balls for you to see. I expect you to laugh at me wearing lingerie, but then you say it turns you on.
“I was to fuck you hard in your pink panties,” you say.
“Well… Right now you get to watch me jack off and come in my pink panties,” I reply. “But I wish I had some like yours, with the flowers.”
“I’ll give them to you to wear. Do you feel pretty?” she asked, as she continued to rub her clit.
“I kind of do. I put on makeup. It makes me really horny to wear women’s lingerie.”
“We’ll have to go shopping. Get you a complete wardrobe and take you out.”
You rub your cunt and I rub the head of my penis almost to orgasm. In fact, I do come a little on myself and now I’m wet for you. I pull down my panties a bit more so you can watch me massage my balls. I imagine being with you and licking your wet clit until you scream for more. Your vulva has a small finger of skin extending from each labium, and your clit is a knob on a tiny shaft, outside of the hood now, and looks like a small cock that I want to suck like a nipple on one of your titties.
“I want to suck on your clitoris, and slide my tongue up and down your crack until you come and squirt me, and I swallow it all. My cock is fully engorged and throbbing. Can you tell?” It presses hard against my silk panties.
“You just want to come in my mouth, while I slide my tongue across the fat part of the head of your cock. Well, I’ll make you come again and again.” She stopped rubbing her cunt for a moment, smiled mischievously and asked,
“Have you ever sucked a cock?”
“No,” I replied.
“Well, you should. Everyone should suck cock sometime.”
As I rub my balls and stroke my cock, you open your vulva even wider with your fingers, and stick a finger in, as you begin to pump your ass up and down as though you are really fucking. I pump toward you, and suddenly I can’t stop myself and come all over my computer screen, my come everywhere. While I’m cleaning up you laugh at me.
“Why would I want to do it with some fucking panty boy, who can’t even keep from shooting his wad while watching me masturbate?”
“All right. I have a real lady boy here I'm doing it with. You should meet Melissa.”
She joins you, wearing nothing but baby blue panties. Her blond hair falls in curls past her shoulders. She has lovely g****fruit sized tits, with inch wide erect nipples, and I think she is actually a woman before I see her hard 8 inch cock pressing out and throbbing against her nylon panties. She smiles at me as you tell me to come over and join the party.

I’m so aroused that I’m not really thinking straight, because I go outside dressed in nothing but my lingerie. As I’m getting into my car, someone drives by, honks, and lets loose a wolf whistle. That makes me feel pretty good.
I get to your place and walk down the hallway to your apartment without anyone seeing me. You open the door completely naked and invite me in. I see a very lovely woman in blue panties sitting on the couch.
“Hi, baby,” she says in a low sexy voice. “I’m Melissa. Love your panties. I’m surprised you came over here dressed like that. Would you like me to come in your mouth?”
One look at Melissa and that is exactly what I want to do. “Maybe I should make you do that. Jenny says I should suck some cock.”
“I told him everyone should at least try sucking dick,” she says to Melissa.
“I’d like to suck your dick, Melissa. And take it all the way into my throat. I think I’d like you to come in my mouth. More than once.”
“Baby,” she says, “you are my kind of sissy boy. Sit on my face so I can eat your pussy, Jenny, while he sucks me off. And turn around and watch to see how she does it.”
Melissa lays down on her back and Jenny straddles her face, pointing toward her crotch. I get on my knees, facing toward her cock and pull down her panties enough that I can take her balls in one of my hands, while my other hand grips her hard, veiny prick. I bend over and ever so gently touch the tip of her cock with my tongue, forcing apart the small hole and licking. While massaging her balls, I wrap my lips around the head of her dick, exploring the contours and ridges of the head with my tongue. I move her cock further into my mouth, coming back up and then down, slowly, my tongue playing with the head, keeping my teeth away from any of her skin. I think to myself that all I have to do, is do it how I would like her doing it to me. I am so hard with her cock in my mouth that I want to explode again, but this time I know I can wait.
I move my head down her long, slender cock until the head is about to make me gag. Taking a deep breath, I open my throat and let her dick roll down, down, until my mouth is against her belly, and I have taken in the whole thing. Jenny is making little mewing sounds, watching me suck Melissa.
“Yeah,” Jenny moans. “That’s it, Sweetie. Suck on her until she comes in your mouth, and you swallow it all.”
Melissa moans and groans with her tongue on Jenny’s clit, and gasps, “Baby…I think…you have…real talent. You keep this up and I will come…hard.”
I pump my head a few times with her cock in my throat. It hurts my throat some, but I figure I can take it like a man. I pull up a bit to take a breath, but still wetly suck her hard dick, still massaging her balls. I’m going wild with my tongue over the broad side of the head, because I know that’s the most sensitive part.
Suddenly, she screams, “Oh my god…GOD!,” and explodes into my mouth. Her come is warm and kind of salty, and fills up my cheeks. I take a good swallow like a real man should, but a lot of it drips out of my mouth, some dribbling down my chin and some dripping down the shaft of her cock. Whitish, thick, slightly opaque… I try to lick it all up. She is still ejaculating into my mouth, hard contractions, about one every second or so. I can’t believe she has this much stored up. I keep working on the head of her dick hoping to drive her crazy while she continues to come…and come…and come. I stroke her huge dick with my mouth and tongue until the ejaculation contractions fade away. I have licked away and swallowed all the come I could take off her dick, but I’m not done yet. I take her back into my throat, and I swear that she is twice as hard now as she was earlier. With come residue on her cock and in my mouth, she slides back and forth in my throat easily. I go down all the way to the base of her throbbing shaft and try to wrap my lips around her balls. I can actually feel the convex shape of her come tube against the back of my throat. I rub the large part of her dick head back and forth against the front of my throat. I faced in this direction so I could stimulate that part of her cock with my tongue. Which I do wetly every time I back off to take a breath. And then I take that whole eight-inch cock into my throat some more. I want to make her come again…and again…and again...
Jenny has moved off Melissa and is pulling down my panties. While I’m deep-throating Melissa, Jenny goes down on me, wrapping her lips around my cock and suddenly she’s deep-throating me. She sucks and licks, sucks and licks, and takes me into her throat. I discover that I can still groan with Melissa’s cock in my throat. I back off a bit and work on her with my tongue, stroking her with my left hand while rubbing her balls with my right. Jenny sees what I’m doing and starts massaging my balls. Now, I’m moaning and groaning with a cock in my mouth, and feel that rise in my asshole as I start to reach orgasm. My cock gets that momentary increase in hardness just before ejaculation, and I feel the same thing happening to Melissa. I try to keep my asshole from contracting as long as possible, while the orgasm builds and builds and expands down my legs and into my belly. I can’t hold it any more. My asshole snaps shut, and I explode into Jenny’s mouth at the same time Melissa explodes into mine. I haven’t ever come this hard before; strong snapping contractions harder than any in a wet dream. I suck Melissa’s dick harder and harder, while she moans and screams and continues to come, and I come… come… come in Jenny’s mouth, and she makes humming noises of approval.
Afterwards, I take away my mouth from Melissa’s cock and move up to her face. I kiss her full on the lips, and stick my come-coated tongue in. She excepts me greedily, and moves her tongue through my mouth, as though she wants to swallow her own come.
I lay back and Jenny is still sucking me, wanting to make me come again. I’m hard enough to do it, but I want to fuck her instead. I pull her up, and she straddles me, and suddenly I’m inside her to the hilt. She kisses me wetly, and I can taste my come in her mouth, and feel it around her lips and chin. I turn her over and fuck her doggy style, pounding her shaved cunt hard with my shaved dick.
Then I feel two hands spreading both cheeks of my ass away from each other, and then the head of a dick on my asshole. Melissa wants to fuck me in the ass while I’m fucking Jenny. Bitch just can’t get enough. She slides into me easily, like she’s lubed…all eight inches up my ass, and pounding me just as hard as I’m pounding Jenny. I feel that dick sliding in and out of me and it makes me harder and hornier for Jenny.
“Fuck me,” I moan. “Fuck me….fuck me, Melissa…fuck me…”
“Oh, Kristi…” Jenny gasps. “Don’t fucking stop.” She moans while whispering, “Yes…yes…yes…”
“Yeah, I’m fucking you, you bitch,” Melissa says to me. “You love it, don’t you? Take it in the ass. You always wanted it that way. That’s what the lingerie is really about. You want it in the ass. Well, I want to feel your pretty little asshole squeeze my dick hard when you come.”
I realized she was right. As much as I like women, I had always wanted to take it in the ass and suck cock. And here I finally am; Melissa fucking me in the ass after I sucked her cock, while I’m pumping Jenny’s cunt. How could it get any better than this?
Suddenly I’m coming, coming, coming, and squeezing my asshole hard and fast against Melissa’s cock, while I squirt into Jenny. Jenny contracts her vagina against my hardness, driving me even more crazy, while I felt Melissa come in my ass.
“Oh…yeah…that’s it,” she groaned.
I could see it was going to be a long night.

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