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Teaching Trish

Trish Williams sat nervously in the Head Office of Sherman Junior High School. She was caught smoking a joint behind the gym during lunch and now waited for Principal Johnston to call her. The final bell had already rang ten minutes beforehand and she was anxiously waiting to get out of school so she could meet up with her high school boyfriend Christian. She had been sitting on the hard wooden bench for ages, fidgeting impatiently, hoping to get out soon or she wouldn't have time to make out before her mother got home from work.

At thirteen years old Trish was starting to fill out into a real beauty. Fiery red hair frames her porcelain face. Brilliant emerald green eyes shine out from under her low cut bangs. Her build is petite and slender with a firm stomach resting upon girlish hips just beginning to flare out. Her breasts are a perky 32A, having no need of even a training bra, though her mom had bought her a few already.

Adding greatly to the innocent charm she portrayed Sherman Junior High required their students to wear uniforms. Black buckle shoes and white knee-high socks embrace her coltish legs, leaving only a sliver of creamy thigh visible between them and her pleated skirt. To complete the outfit a white button-up blouse conforms to her thin figure, accenting her emerging womanly figure.

Utterly bored as Mr. Johnston took his time and let her sweat, Trish began to daydream about her boyfriend. Tonight she was going to let Christian get to second base and she was eagerly anticipating another feel of that lump in his jeans. At least, if Mr. Johnston ever brought her in to punish her and let her go.

"Send Trish in please Mrs. Mayapple," came the stern voice of the principal through the phone on her desk, "That will be all for today, thank you."

Trish started as the intercom came on. Her daydreams began to get pretty involved before she was knocked out of her reverie by the static crackle of the intercom. At some point she had u*********sly began to almost invisibly rub her thighs together, adding a bit of sensation to her imagining.

Mrs. Mayapple stood up from her seat and directed her predatory owl gaze towards young Trish and said in her old scratchy voice, "Go on in dearie."

Mrs. Mayapple called everyone dearie, and it was far from endearing. Trish stood up nervously and took a step towards the Principal's Office. Oh no! Trish froze. She was wet. She stood there for a minute, unable to move forward while the secretary gathered her things into her purse. Mrs. Mayapple looked up at her and pointed to the principal's door.

"Go on, he won't bite dearie," she said.

Snapped out of it, Trish had no choice but to walk into the principal's office. She hoped he wouldn't notice the musky scent emanating from beneath her skirt. She timidly opened the door and walked in. She came to a stop a foot from his desk and stood at attention waiting for him to acknowledge her. Mr. Johnston was busy clicking away at his computer and sat there for several minutes before looking up at Trish.

"Well Miss Williams, what have you to say for yourself?"

Trish hung her head down and said, "I'm sorry Mr. Johnston."


"And I won't do it again Sir, I swear," she said fervently hoping she could leave now.

"d**gs on school property is a serious offence Miss Williams. I can suspend you for two weeks for being caught. How do you think your mother would feel about that?"

"Oh no Mr. Johnston please sir. I swear I won't do it again, please don't tell my mother. She'll kill me."

"Perhaps you should have thought of that before getting stoned at school young lady..." Trish began to protest again but Mr. Johnston held up a hand for silence.

"At this point you have two options Miss Williams. Either I can call your mother and tell her you've been suspended for two weeks, or you can accept corporal punishment now and we can leave your mother out of it this time."

"Um.. what's corprall punishment?" Trish said hesitantly, it had to be better than being grounded until she turned eighteen.

"A spanking," he said matter-of-factly.

"A spwhat? You can't do that! It's not fair, it's c***d abuse!"

"Calm yourself Miss Williams. I'm not going to debate with you the efficacy of corporal punishment. It's your decision young lady. Either you submit to a spanking or I call your mother now and tell her what you've been up to."

"Oh no! Please don't call my mom... I.. I'll take the spanking Sir."

"Very well.. come here around my desk."

The principal waited patiently for Trish to make it to his left side, his stern gaze never wandering from her fearful features. Shaking slightly Trish walked around to his side.

"Now remove your underwear and place it on my desk. Then tuck the back of your skirt into your waistband and bend over the desk."

"What!? I can't take off my panties..." Trish sputtered.

"A bare bottom spanking is your option Miss Williams," he picked up the handset of his phone, "or do you want me to make that call?"

"Um.. uh....." Trish hung her head down, "Alright."

Trish very slowly peeled down her pink cotton panties, only realizing now as they slid down her legs that they were still damp. Understanding she had no choice, and hoping Mr. Johnston wouldn't notice, she stepped out of each leg and gingerly placed her panties on the desk. She then reached behind her and flipped her skirt up and tucked it into her waistband, exposing her firm ass to the cool air. She tentatively laid her upper half on the desk, her legs held tightly together.

Without looking up from his computer, which he had returned his attention to, he lightly fingered the crotch of the panties discovering a slight dampness there. This should be a bit easier than usual, he thought, she's already wet. Then he ordered, "Feet shoulder-width apart."

She did as she was told and, with her backside exposed, nervously waited for the humiliating process to begin.

This was not the first time Mr. Johnston had browbeat a young girl into letting him spank her. Over the years he had perfected it into an art. It was only recently that he'd been able to install two hidden cameras behind his desk, one in a globe behind his desk resting on the windowsill, another between young Trish's feet in the floor, and one more hidden on the bookshelf near the door to capture her face. He was eagerly testing them out. Zooming and focusing on her delicate bare ass from behind while he turned up the brightness on the floor cam and tightened the frame on her rosy peach fuzz and her slightly damp lips.

He could see every quiver of her delicate legs in split-screen and it was definitely getting him turned on. He carefully worked himself out of his slacks and began a slow stroking motion under the desk while he perfected the angles he wanted. Trish laid there, her frustration and embarrassment building and she wished he'd just get it over with.

After five minutes, an eternity to the quivering girl, with everything just right he began the second part of his usual ritual. He reached up with his left hand and gently grasped her thigh. Trish jumped considerably, not expecting a touch so gentle. A small yelp escaped her lips but he let it go. When she calmed down he began to gently rub up and down her inner thigh, warming her up. This tactic only made her more fearful, having his hand so close to her privates was nerve-racking. Though the gentle massage did feel a little nice, she supposed.

The principals hand came up suddenly and came down on her bottom with a resounding thwack. Trish let out a cry of pain and shock. He left his hand resting on her ass, slowly caressing around the red welt appearing on her cheeks. Trish whimpered, that had hurt a lot. But now he was gently touching her ass. Only Christian had ever done that and she fought with herself internally as to whether she should tell Mr. Johnston to stop. But fear of her mother's wrath, and the growing warmth of her seat made her hesitate.

Then a couple minutes later, just as she was starting to enjoy the feeling of a strong man's hand touching her. Spank!

"Ahww!" came the short explosive response from the young teen.

This was the point where some real resistance could present. While Trish was still squirming from the hard smack he inserted his hand between her legs and gently cupped her tight young pussy in his palm.

It took Trish a moment to realize where Mr. Johnston's hand was, but when she did she knew it was wrong. But her fear of reprisal only let her squeak out a timid, "Um... Mr. Johnsto...?"

"Silence! You will take your punishment quietly or you will receive a spanking after school by me for the rest of the week," Came the principal's stern reprimand.

Trish squirmed a little, intensifying the gentle caress of his fingers over her mound. Mr. Johnston was in heaven, it had been nearly a month since he'd had an opportunity to relieve his desires and the soft downy feeling of her pussy hair on his fingers was divine. His eyes were glued to the portion of the screen showing the view from below. His hand was framed by a golden halo of her pubic hair and it was the sort of sight that could give an eighty year old man a hard-on.

In the early days Principal Johnston had no patience. He was rough and insistent on his students, giving them no opportunity to enjoy his masculine touch. In the intervening years he had mellowed out considerably. He took his time, knowing that it was much easier to get her to submit to him again and again if he only made a little effort. The early girls were scared straight, turning into model students overnight, and surprising their teachers.

He had never been worried that the girls would talk about his unseemly activities. His control over their academic futures and his superior integrity ensured that even if one did talk he could pass it off as trying to avoid punishment. It was the major reason he never used a good girl. They might be believed. Some of the more rambunctious girls would put up a fight and that turned him on even more. That was the other reason he used bad girls, he liked to tame the girls and make them docile to him. It wasn't much different from bringing a wild horse to heel.

Trish lay perfectly still now. She began to cry quietly, the tears leaking out one by one down her face. Many more long minutes had passed and Mr. Johnston hadn't moved his hand at all. He kept up a steady light pressure and when he deemed the time right he very slowly and very gently began to make circular motions with his index and middle fingers, softly rubbing her clit through its protective hood. At this point he pulled his pants and boxers down, gingerly working them off with his feet.

It didn't take long before his gentle rubbing had its intended effect. Trish began to gyrate almost imperceptibly in time with his fingers and more tellingly a fresh gush of her wetness soaked into his palm. He worked his fingers between her lips and started to run his middle finger down her slit where he'd circle her opening, gathering up some of her lubrication to spread back up for a few circles around her clit.

She had stopped crying and with each pass of his fingers across her love button a slight sensual moan would escape Trish's lips. Her resistance began to wear and the weak gyrations intensified. With each new pass he would press his finger into her the tiniest bit further, until with each circuit he was slipping his finger in to the first knuckle. He knew not to go further yet. Only when he had completely broken her could he penetrate her quim completely with his finger. For now he kept up his ministrations, methodically rubbing his finger along her sweet treasure waiting for the trigger to the next step.

Then it hit him, the musky yet tantalizing scent of her womanhood wafted up and he breathed in deeply. Then, without warning, he quickly pulled his hand away and smacked her firm ass one, two, three times as hard as he could. He did this to catch her off guard as he stood up. While she yelped he placed his left hand near the top of her back while the other guided his hard-as-steel rod between her dripping pussy lips.

With no hesitation, before young Trish could react, he impaled himself in her, bursting past her hymen. Once he'd gotten in he in he put his right hand next to his left, holding her down. Trish screamed, the pain was as intense as a thousand spanks at once and she nearly blacked out from the sensation. Once the first stab of pain had subsided Trish began to buck wildly, trying to throw him off like a bucking bronco to his cowboy. It was useless however, he had her pinned, literally.

"Oh my god! What are you doing? No! I can't.. please, I'm still a virgin! Help please... somebody!"

Mr. Johnston wasn't worried. The school was empty at this time and the night janitors wouldn't be here for a couple more hours. She could scream as loud and as long as she needed to. After much trial and error he had learned that it was best to just stay quiet at this point. Being stern would only make her fear him in the end and trying to calm them down usually led to them crying throughout. He just stood with his hard cock pressed steadily in her and his hand held firmly on her back waiting for her to calm down.

Trish was in panic. She screamed for help for at least a full minute while she tried to buck him off and out of her. Soon enough though her efforts began to tire and she couldn't keep up the intensity. Her screams became hushed until they puttered out completely. The rearing subsided in time with her weakening cries for help. She had finally realized there was nothing she could do and no one was coming to save her. Tears pushed out her eyes again as everything overwhelmed her.

Once she had relaxed completely he began to pulse his cock inside her. He watched himself on the computer screen, glorying in the amazing view of his cock buried in a hot thirteen year old cunt. He then started to thrust into and out of her just barely. Push, throb, pull, push, throb, pull. He kept this up for nearly ten minutes until he could feel his work beginning to have an effect. Unable to control the conflicting feelings rushing through her petite frame Trish began to thrust back at him, a surge of pleasure running through her with each throb of his hardness. Finally her sobbing was replaced by a heavy panting.

Then he slowly pulled back to the point where he was about to fall out of her and then he thrust himself into her hard and repeatedly. Really fucking her hard. Trish had no choice, her body had betrayed her and she was completely lost in lust and the instinctive rhythm of sex.

This was the part he relished. Pounding his big hard meat into a tight teen virgin and her loving it. He took his hands off her back and grasped her stomach, pulling her torso up from the desk. He pushed his hands up her cotton blouse to grab her sexy little tits. I knew she wasn't wearing a bra, he thought. He deliberately kept the office cool, hoping to harden little nipples as they came in and Trish's were displayed proudly as she sheepishly walked in earlier. He fingered her nipples, pinching and pulling at them as he rammed her deeply.

Trish had completely lost all her inhibitions, she was loving having her breasts played with for the first time by someone else and the added sensation sent her over the edge. Starting with a slow chant Trish's moans of pleasure rapidly increased as an orgasm exploded throughout her.

"Oh my god. Oh my god.. oh my god..T. oh.. my.. GAWD!"

Mr. Johnston continued to pound away at her, squeezing her breasts as he quickly slipped in and out of her amazingly tight twat. As Trish approached her second orgasm Mr. Johnston could feel his own building. He picked up the pace and power, pistoning his cock into her cervix with each harsh thrust.

Just as he was about to cum Trish started on her second, moaning the Almighty's name faster and faster. Her pussy started to milk his throbbing tool, her muscles rippling along his shaft. With one last thrust the principal pushed himself into her with every ounce of strength he could, unleashing an unrelenting torrent of cum into her steaming pussy. Trish could feel him jerking around inside her as he splashed ropey streams of cum into her and it only strengthened her orgasm, making it last much longer and feel way better than her first.

When he had finished he lay atop her breathing heavily, gathering his wits about him. Her tits were still held firmly in his hand and he gave them a quick one-two squeeze as he leaned his head in next to hers and whispered in her ear, "I love you, Trish Williams."

That was what sealed the deal. He pulled his softening member out of her cum filled quim while pulling his hands out of her shirt. He sat down quickly to put his boxers and pants on. Never let them see your nakedness the first time, he thought to himself.

Trish laid still, her eyes shut and her breathing ragged as she came down from the afterglow. As he finished doing his pants he looked over at the screen and could make out a pinkish mix of bl**d and cum oozing from her freshly fucked crack. Mr. Johnston took the time to pocket the girls panties and untuck the waistband of her pleated skirt, letting it fall loosely around her thighs.

He gave her another minute to calm down and then said, "Stand up and face me."

Trish obeyed. Her face was a mess and her blouse was ruffled, giving the girl such a strong sex appeal it was all he could do not to push her back onto his desk and pound her senseless again.

"Miss Williams, I hope you understand now that d**gs are a serious problem with serious consequences."

"Um.. Yes, sir," she replied hesitantly.

"Good, now go clean yourself up and go home. I don't want to see you in my office for bad behavior again. Is that clear young Miss?"

"Oh yes sir. I swear it sir. I'll never do it again, I promise." He knew she would.

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