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Field of dreams

One summers afternoon I was walking in the field with my girlfriend sally, she was very quiet girl but I was determind to get her to open up. As we walked and talked I made a comment about how no one would see us if we had sex in the field, I knew she would be disgusted cos that the sort of girl she was.

I was right as I mentioned it she said no way and started to strom off I went over and grabbed her pushed her on the floor and said well your gonna get this unzipped my trousers to reveal a huge c**k got inbetween her legs and ripped her p@@@@es off and drove into her as hard as I could, I could not of expecte the responce I got she started to beg me to f**k her with my hard c**k as she emanded to be used to my pleasure. I could not believe this as it was tho I had created a nymphomaniac, she ripped open her blouse and her bra to reveal the huge pair of t**s that was all natural.

She all of a sudden screemed out as she orgasmed and begged me to empty my l**d into her wet p&&&y, I fely her muscles tighten as tho she was trying to cut of my supply and then I errupted she orgasmed again thank god the field was miles from the nearest house or they would of thought she was being killed. As we lay there naked the sun beating down on us she moved down my body and started to s::k my c**k in minuets I was hard as she would never do that even tho I had begged her to just try it she commented it tasted good and didnt realise it was such a turn on.

I got her on her knees and then started to enter her again she asked me to give her anal this was always a fantasy of mine but never told her I took my c**k out of her dripping wet hole and gently started to enter her it was tight but all of a sudden it started to go in her. Icould her her moan with pleasure and begged me to do her and do her good. She asked me to stop and pass her bag I did this for her to reveal a vibrator that buzzed like a huge bee. she asked if I would carry on and started again all of a sudden I felt her put the vibrator in her little s@@t saying it felt like she was being f@@@ed by to huge c@@ks.

as we carried on I knew I wasnt gonna last much longer and she knew this. Sh told me to stop and turned round and pushed me back and started to rub my hard shaft as she carried on f@@@@ing her p***y with her vibrator I was going to c'm all of a sudden she put her mouth round mt c''k head and nibbled it I could not hold on and unloaded down her throat,as she drank it all she orgasmed herself i was a spent f***e.

She stood up and said that she needed eating and sat on my face I ate her p***y for what seemed ages she multi orgasmed so many times I lost count. welay there for ages and fell asl**p. We woke up as it started to get cold and got dressed she looked at her panties and said they would be much use and threw thm to oneside. As we walked home I was feeling her naked p***y as she kept cu@@@ing.

That night we had amazing sex and visited the field many times during the summer, we have tried many things now and currently swingers I cannot believe she loves to lick p***y whilst I f**k her doggy and watch her being taken by 2 men at once.

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