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Xdresser Housewife Roxys daily chores while wife i

Well the best fuck I've ever had and continue to have all started when we intalled a pool in our back yard .Once the pool was in the pool shop sent over a young guy to set up the pump and show us how to use it ,as it was a Saturday my wife was home and she was in a bikini looking very hot. Well in walks this 6ř very toned very sexy black guy ,when I say sexy he is the sexiest guy I've laid my eyes on and the body his arms were huge ,not one ounce of fat ,man the thoughts going through my head were insane but the one thing I knew is I had to have him 100% I would do everything I could to get this guy to fuck me

After he was finished setting it up I noticed that he really didn't pay much attention to my wife even though she is smoking hot he looked right through her which I found strange ,

Ill be back during the week to check if everything is ok when would the best time be
Come in the morning please .that's all I could say because my mind instantly went into planning how I was going to get that young cock inside me.
The door bell rings it's the pool guy ,he was surprised at first when I introduced myself as Roxy ,
Um is Dave here he asked me ,

Sort of Dave isn't but Roxy is ,that's when he relised who I was

Ok you can call me Roxy come in .He was very friendly and didn't seem to care that I was a xdresser .Good start so anyway he goes out to the pool to check it out .I race upstairs to a window overlooking the pool and put on the slutiest outfit I have while I was watching him it was making me so horny I got out a black dildo and started fucking myself in the window watching this hunk of a man fuck I had to have him.
Hello Roxy I'm finished
Ok just go into the kitchen I'll down In a second
As I walked into the kitchen he looked up at me wearing this sexy outfit ,I could see the look on his face that he liked it .
So babe how much is the bill
Aahh mmm Ah sorry what did you say Roxy
I said the minute you walked in i have not stopped thinking about you and by the look on your face and the huge bulge in your pants I'm guessing you like what you see
He was still speechless so I just said to him honestly
Babe I want you to fuck me did you understand that

Roxy I do understand you are fucking slut arent you ,you dirty slut wearing a slutty outfit making my black cock get angry ,now you understand this I hope you can take a black cock you slut because I'm going to give you the biggest black cock you have ever had .

Oohh yeah baby I love it when you talk to me like that fuck yeah I'm staring down at his monster that keeps getting bigger and bigger wow I have to have it
He pulls me in and starts kissing me wildly our tounges lashing around
Get down there and meet your master Roxy
As I make my way down and grab his cock I cannot believe how big it is ,fuck me Hun this is fucking huge 13inches long as thick as a soda can
When I pull it out I am hippnotised by this big thick monster black cock it's the best thing I've ever seen

Now you slut suck my young cock you suck it good .mmmm trying to get this down my throat is so hard I can only get half it in .I've got goose bumps I'm in heaven sucking this guys cock until he grabs my head tells me to put my hands behind my back
I'm taking over slut I want my cock deep in your slut throat I'm gowing to shove it down there and I'm going to throat fuck you
Fuck it was making me wild this guy was a total stud

Have you ever had a cock fuck your throat Roxy
Once before and I loved it but I don't think I'm going to get that monster of yours in

That's when he grabbed my head and just shoved his huge cock deep in my throat I almost choked but he knew how long to leave it in before letting me breath then bam deep down angain

Roxy babe I'm getting your throat ready by doing this trust me when I'm finished with you My cock is the only thing you will ever think about
In out in out holding it in then pulling it out fuck this is good he made cum twice already .
Hope your ready you cock sucking whore and that was when my throat was being fucked by the biggest black cock mmmm wow he was pounding my throat like a pussy so hard and fast calling me a white whore telling me I'm his dirty little white sissy slut pounding at me until he exploded the biggest load in my throat
That's it slut I'm coming in your mouth aaahhh yeah your a good little slut clean my black cock so it's ready for to pound your butt
My black stub proceded to pound my arse so hard with his monster fucking the best fucking I've ever had
Now he comes over every lunch time to fuck his little white whore and I love it being fucked by a 19 year old with a big black cock he knows I'm under the spell of that cock


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