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Rozia - Part 2

So far the flight in my Piper Warrior 4-seat airplane from Valdosta had been completely uneventful. Rozia sat next to me taking in the view - blue skies above, Lake City, Gainesville, Ocala, Lakeland passing below. Ever the good pilot I paid attention to the instruments, the occasional radio call and flying. I did have one big distraction though. On these summer trips, and no air conditioning in the cockpit, Rozia just wore a bikini bottom!

That skimpy piece of material barely did what it had to do, stretched over her Latino thighs and crotch. She had long tanned legs and red painted nails to match her fingers and the flaming tie-back in her jet black hair. Her boobs were the best you'll find anywhere among Latino women - large, firm and with symmetrical nipples that always seemed to be hard, as if expecting a penetrating cock at any moment. And her smile which, with that look in her black eyes, seemed to say "get it up, get it in."

I reached over the top of her bikini and rolled her clit between my thumb and forefinger. She closed her eyes, parted her thighs and sighed "You really do like me wet wet wet!!" While I watched the outside world through the windshield to keep the airplane level I kept the pressure up on Rozia's hard clit, her thrusting hips urging me on. Her breathing suddenly quickened, her gasps becoming louder and louder. Rozia was always very noisy in her orgasms! This was not the moment for anything to go wrong with the plane! In a quick well-practised move she hooked her thumbs into the top of her bikini and pulled it down past her knees. Another flick of her feet and it was on the floor with the rudder pedals. And there was the most inviting cunt I've ever known topped off with a properly crafted Brazilian. As she started cumming I slipped a finger right into her to make sure she went over the edge with no way back. Better that it had been my cock but with no auto pilot on this plane that would have to wait til later. Her convulsions slowed and stopped and there was just the noise of the engine in the cockpit again.

"I need a fucking, Greg. At the next stop you can fuck me before refuelling the plane!" She reached over to get inside my shorts and found what she was after. Cock. Solid cock, and enough of it to split her thighs. After a bit of zip fiddling my dick was there in the open with us. Rozia has the smoothest blowjob action and as her lips closed over it I realised I'd have a real problem hanging onto my load.

Refuelling? I suddenly realised I was overdue to make a call to Wauchula airfield, our planned stop. Before I could change frequency a slightly incredulous voice from Lakeland control came on:

"Unidentified aircraft, thanks for the entertainment but you had your transmit switch held down in the excitement. Be advised that this resulted in us being unable to transmit and able to listen only to your transmission. The same applies to 17 other aircraft held in the stack."

Rozia thought this was a huge laugh. An audience - just what turns her right on! Without answering Lakeland I called Wauchela.

"Wauchula,this is November one eight six zero."
"Pass your message six zero"
"Wauchula this is November one eight six zero, from Valdosta, one eight zero degrees, three thousand, VMC, with you in 30 minutes, request landing, fuel and overnight camp stop"
"Affirm six zero, we have no traffic, land at your discretion, report downwind"

There was a pause then Wauchula came back:

"Greg, is that you? This is Black Bess"
"Sure is - I thought it sounded like you but I need to eyeball your ass to make sure!"
"Your eyes never get to my ass, White Boy, you're too fired up on my mother jugs."
"Can't argue with that Bess. I've got Rozy with me up here"
"Well get her to transmit so we can say hello!"
"Can't do that, Bess, she doesn't chat with her mouth full."
"Should have eaten earlier..."
" We did that but she's doing dessert."
"Must be tasty if she can't talk to me."
"Affirm - it's a few inches of high flying cock!!"
"White Boy, you concentrate on flying. We don't allow blowjobs on final approach!"
"OK - I'll pass that message on to her!"
"See you shortly. I'll make sure you've got something to look at here!"

Rozia surfaced.

"I have an idea, White Boy." She said, mimicing Bess. The look in her eye made it quite clear what she had in mind.
"I think we should get Bess to invite us to her place for the stopover."
"But I thought you wanted a good fucking when we get down?"
"I do but it'll be better if you fuck Bess and me." She went on "There's one condition though."
"And that is?"
"When you get to empty your balls it's into me, not her, at least, not the first time."

Now there's the advantage of being able to cum twice. Big load into Rozia, maybe not so big load into Bess. Two women dripping jism. Could I say no? Thought so. My cock hardened again at the thought and Rozia gave me a last test in hanging on to my load before I turned the plane for the final approach to the runway.

Lining up on Wauchula's runway turned out to be harder than usual. Instead of my head being full of flying thoughts they'd all been crowded out by visions of my Colombian and the blackest of black women being fucked and filled. And that would be just tonight. Rozia is always up for another jism journey in the morning.

We landed in one piece and taxied straight to the fuel pumps. There were no other planes at the small strip. Refuel the plane now. Roxia and Bess a bit later. Then on the the Florida Keys tomorrow. We'd be back in three days when I'll have to sort out a plan with Rozia for the girl from Tanzania. All I know now is that her name is Karima. According to Roza's friend Gisa this means 'giving and generous'. That sounds hopeful!

"Me first!" It was Rozia behind me. We were between the fuel pumps and the plane and out of sight of the control hut. Rozia reached round and pulled down my shorts, then clamped a smooth hand round my dick.

"I said fuck me first then refuel the plane so you'll have to fuck me right here. But no cummin'." I was rock hard so fucking her would be no problem. Not giving her a cunt full of jism would be something else! She had already dispensed with her bikini bottom which had earlier been pulled up for the landing. Doesn't do to land improperly dressed!

I bent her forwards over the end of the wing which was waist high for her. Her gorgeous cunt tipped up towards me, glistening and puffed, so I eased my cock straight into her wetness. In only three strokes Rozia was moaning so I reached round for her clit, hard again and just asking to be rolled to and fro. I could feel her cervix clamping down on my cockhead so I knew that I'd shoot the lot in no time and maybe that was what what she wanted.

"White Boy, what you fucking her for and you've not said hi to me? You're a really bad fucker!! Get out of her!!"

It was Bess, naked! On an out of the way airfield with no visitors going around naked is just easy. At the sight of Bess I almost let go into Rozia. She's one tall black-as-night lady and as sexily put together as Rozia. She's got a large rack too and looks every bit the nubile African descended woman she is.

"Rozy, you've been away too long!" They hugged, two naked women. The hug seemed to go on a bit more than a social hug would and as if to prove the point they started kissing and fingering each other's clits. Rozia motioned me behind Bess. Bess leaned on the plane's wing, crouched over with me behind her and at a knowing wink and a smile from Rozia I fingered Bess' cunt to see just how wet she was. Wet enough for my cock, I decided, so just as I did with Rozia I started to push into Bess. As I did so Bess parted her thighs further to let me in.

"Rozy, what've you been doing with him, is his dick getting fatter? God I need this, haven't been fucked for weeks!"
Rozia laughed "We sistas need to help out!"
"Fuck, it's helping me out. White Boy you just keep it way inside now, none of this short stroke stuff."

Never mind all that, I was at the unload point all the time and these two knew it! There was white cream all over my cock now so I knew Bess was getting off big style. I reached round for her clit, and found Rozia's fingers already there! She pulled away and left it to me. In no time I brought Bess off in a great shuddering orgasm.
"White Boy, I'm fucked, just plain fucked, but don't you go cummin' in me, I'm not doing the pill or anything"
"He doesn't do condoms, he barebacks all the time. I'm on the pill but I reckon he'll be knocking me up before long."

"I'm gonna cum!!"

Rozia giggled, grabbed my hips and pulled me out of Bess then laid back against the wing, thighs well apart and pulled me into her waiting cunt. She then writhed on the end of my cock, I felt her cervix clamp onto my cockend again and in seconds I shot my long-awaited load into her. it was a real cockend splitting cum that went on for at least four shots.

"I want some of that too." It was Bess, all randy and excited. She stood next to Rozia, same position, wide open cunt. I noticed her clit had got a lot bigger. Very exciteable black lady! In I went. There wasn't much of this load left but she did get a share.

"Stay hard awhile, fuck me." Bess sounded as if she was pleading. So I fucked her while Rozia took some pix with her camera phone.

"You two look good like that!" We were on the ground having a really deep fuck now that the load was out of the way. Both Bess and Rozia have cunts that are big enough to take a good size cock without the nagging worry that really deep thrusts would hurt them. It's easy to get their cervix engaged when they're good and horny. And a cervix feels as if it is sucking the cum straight out of your balls!

As I pulled out of Bess Rozia gently held my balls in her hand. Just as well after that delivery!

"There's a plane to refuel so we're going into the control hut, Greg. I have to talk to Bess about tonight's sl**ping arrangements."
"I hope you mean the fucking arrangements, Rozy. I need another good fuck!"
With that they both looked at me with my dick still half hard.
"We'll need to straighten that out!"
Back to business, I found my shorts, fired up the electric pumps and set about filling up the plane for the next leg of this short holiday. Next stop the Florida Keys!

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