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Holiday In Tobago

Holiday In Tobago
It was our 25th wedding anniversary and nearly a year after our first BBC meeting with Michael.

Simon said we should celebrate with a good holiday and maybe some BBC fun along the way. He booked a lovely villa in Tobago for 3 weeks, overlooking the most beautiful beach & 15 mins from the nearest golf course, yes, Simon likes to play golf.

The villa was perfect and had a 15 year old maid called Maria, she visited the villa twice a week. It also had 2 guard dogs that I was not happy with at first, but they were lovely and did provide good security and they soon got used to us. The smallest of them coming for walks on the beach with us.
The downside was with the location, there did not seem to be an abundance of willing black guys. The gardener was a young fit lad with a huge bulge in his shorts that I would have shagged at the drop of my knickers, but he was shy and uncomfortable in my presence.

Simon would pop off to the golf course and leave me to sunbath & read around the pool. Even when the gardener was around I would sunbath naked, but he never took the bait.

We had told Maria that it was our 25th Anniversary and she asked if we would like her to cook us a special Tobago meal. We agreed on the Saturday evening and Simon gave her the money to shop at the market.

On Saturday afternoon Maria arrived with her Father Samuel, he carried in the shopping and introduced himself to Simon, I was caught out as I was sunbathing naked, I quickly put on the wrap I had with me and rushed up to the house.

As I got to the house I was almost bumping into Samuel, Maria introduced me to her Father, I could see his eyes look over me and he had broad smile on his face as he said very pleased to meet you Jackie. I rushed off to the bedroom and made myself a bit more respectable. When I returned Simon and Samuel was on the veranda having a beer. Samuel looked at me and said, you did not have to change on my behalf, you looked good as you was. We all laughed, but I was pleased Maria was in the kitchen and not listening.

That evening Maria cooked a lovely meal of Kingfish. After the meal she talked to us and waited for her Father to arrive for her lift home. When Samuel arrived Simon offered him a beer and we all sat talking. Samuel was 36 years old, 6ft and very handsome. He would constantly look at my legs and tits and I was looking at his cock getting bigger in his short.

The next morning Simon went off to play golf and I settled around the pool with my book. I dropped off to sl**p and was woken by the dogs barking, I jumped up and put on my wrap and went up to the house. I could hear the door buzzer going and answered the phone, it was Samuel and I let him in. He came down the stairs and said that Maria had left some things she needed. But I knew what he had come for and I was not going to disappoint him.

Looking me up and down, he said, there is no need to rush off & get changed this time.

He asked where Simon was and I said he had gone golf, that was all he needed to know. He walked over to me and kissed me deeply and I kissed him back. I felt my wrap drop to the floor and his fingers enter my sopping wet pussy. He whispered, I love white ladies like you that are horny for black cock, your cunt is dripping, and walked me to the bedroom. We laid on the bed kissing passionately, he said I don´t have any condoms, can I still fuck you, I nodded yes and felt his huge cock enter me.

He fucked me hard for about 20 mins, I felt him tense and he flooded my pussy with his seed. He said sorry for cuming so soon, but he had not had sex for months and I was his first married white lady, he told me he had always wanted to fuck another guys white wife.

I sucked his magnificent cock until he was ready to fuck me again. Samuel was fucking me doggy when Simon returned and walked into the bedroom. Simon was taken by surprise but after the initial shock I could see his cock getting hard and I knew he approved.

Samual was also in shock having my husband catching him fucking me, but I told him it was OK, Simon likes black guys fucking me and he resumed his assault on my cunt. We fucked for hours and Samuel filled me with his cum 2 more times. After our sex session we sat on the veranda talking and had a couple of drinks. I told Samuel that after being here a week I was beginning to think that I would not get any black cock on my holiday. He promised that I would be taken care of for the next two weeks, he said he had a number of friends that would love to fuck a fine married white lady like me. We arranged with Samuel that he would bring some friends over one evening and introduce them to me.

The following afternoon Samuel came over and asked Simon if it was OK to bring some friends over that night, Simon agreed and they made arrangements.
Simon could see that I was very excited as I prepared myself to meet my new friends. I was wearing a short see through black lace dress. Simon said my pussy & tits were fully visible through the dress and I said good.~

When Samuel and his 3 friends arrived I was very horny and gagging for a BBC. Simon was getting the guys drinks, but they were not interested in drinks and the first guy hit on me immediately. They were all big guys in there 30´s and all had lovely big cocks. They stayed all night and each of them fucked me at least 3 times. I am not a lover of gang bangs and would have preferred no more than 2 guys, but having said that, I was in heaven with all the attention I got.

Before they left the next morning Simon got their phone numbers and told them we would make arrangements to meet each of them again.

I rested for the rest of the day and my pussy needed time to recover the battering it had had. Simon tried that night to fuck me, but his cock was not big enough for my stretched pussy, so he finished me with his tongue.

After breakfast Simon & I took a walk along the beach, I was now feeling very horny and confident, I removed my bikini and walked along the beach naked, hoping to show off to some locals.

On our way back there was a guy walking towards us, it was our gardener. He was very embarrassed at my nakedness and tried his best not to look at me. As Simon talked to him I could see him taking sneak looks at me and his cock growing at a rapid rate in his shorts. Apart from saying hello to us, It was the first time that he had talked to Simon and told him his name was Tom.

Simon invited him to have a beer with us later in the afternoon when he finished his work, he said he would see if he had time. When we got back to the villa I said to Simon that I did not think he would come up to the house for a beer, he is so timid when I´m around, Simon commented, can you blame him with you reputation and laughed.

It was about 5-30 when Simon said to me, your wrong, Tom is coming up to the house. I dashed off to the bedroom whilst Simon settled him on the veranda and got some cold beers.

I changed into a short skirt and see through blouse without a bra and joined them on the veranda. After a couple of beers I could see that Tom was feeling a bit more relaxed and could not stop looking at me. I asked him if he was married or had a girlfriend and he said no. He told me that he did have a girlfriend but she had returned to Trinidad and he had not seen her for over a year. Simon went off to get some more beers and I took my opportunity, I walked over to Tom and kissed him, I was surprised that he did not pull away but kissed me back, I guess the beer had helped. I felt his hand move between my legs and I rubbed the bulge in his shorts, he was huge and as hard as rock.

I took his hand and led him to our bedroom, undressed him and laid him on the bed. Taking his massif cock in both hands I licked the precum from the huge bulbous head, I could only get the head in my mouth so it was very difficult to give him a good BJ. Simon looked in to the bedroom and could see how big he was as I was holding him with both hands and my fingers only went half way round his shaft. Simon smiled and left us alone.

I climbed on top of him, took his cock in my hand and guided it to my pussy. My pussy as usual was very wet and stretched from the other 4 guys, so I moved down on his cock & let the head enter me, I have had cocks as big before so I knew that after a few min I would have him all inside me. Simon returned with his camera as I started to move up & down on Toms lovely shaft, it felt so good and I knew I would enjoy this one BBC better than the four guys I had a couple of nights ago. I was cumming hard and screaming out.

Without removing his cock Tom turned me over onto my back and drove his massif shaft all the way to his balls, I screamed with excitement and squirted over his balls as he pumped into me harder and harder, when he cum, he drove deep into me and delivered a huge load. Simon said that he had never seen so much cum running from my cunt.

I laid in his arms and he looked confident and nothing like the shy guy I first met the week before. He admitted that he spied on me around the pool but was frightened he would get into trouble if he looked at me or touched me.
Tom said he never thought it would be possible for him to fuck a fine blond white lady like me, it was only something he read about in magazines.

He asked if he had pleased me and could he fuck me again sometime. I told him I loved his cock and I was in heaven when he was fucking me, that he could fuck me every day until I went home. He said thank you, could I fuck you again before I go home. I said I was hoping that he would fuck me a lot more before he went home and he did.

Over the next 2 weeks I met Samuel a couple of times, but I really only was interested in Tom. On the days he was working he would find me sunbathing around the pool and give me a good fucking, he had completely change and had far more confidence. He visited most nights and some nights he stopped over. He was only 24 and had so much stamina, he just fucked all night.

What started as a boring holiday ended up the best holiday I have ever had.

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