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I was just out cruising around, and decided to follow this truck in
front of me that appeared to be doing the same thing. As soon as I
pulled up next to the truck this blonde haired girl leaned out and said
She was a knockout. Full head of blonde hair, blue eyes, and full
lips. The way she was leaning out the passenger side window made her
breasts strain against her silky white top. This was definitely going
to be interesting!
I rolled down the window and said hello back. We made some idle
chatter while waiting for the light to change, and then she asked me if
I wanted to go dancing. I told her yes, and followed her and her
friend to one of the local bars.
We pulled into the parking lot and found places to park, albeit not
very close together. While heading towards each other across the
parking lot, various cars would be turning around, behind the girls,
with their headlights pointed toward me. I mention this because at the
exact moment the headlights were behind the girls and directed towards
me, I could see some interesting leg outlines through the material of
the first blond girl's dress.
We finally got close enough together for me to see them well. The
first girl, who said her name was Lisa, was a knockout. She was about
5'8", with legs that must've been 7'2", which were well outlined
against her snug-fitting skirt. She was wearing white stockings and a
pair of white heels. Definitely an angel!
Her friend's name was Amanda. Amanda was to die for. Slim, with a
black heels, black stockings, a what appeared to be very dark blue
dress, with a neckline that plunged to mid-navel, allowing me to see
the slight swell of her breasts, and long, very long jet-black very
straight hair. Whereas Lisa was angelic, Amanda was the epitome of
every man's vision of sex.
We went into the bar, and grabbed a table. After a round of drinks, we
were talking pretty freely about life, the universe and everything.
Then Lisa grabbed my hand across the table and said "Let's dance!".
She proceeded to pull me out onto the dance floor. We started moving
to the music, and it became almost painful to watch. Lisa had the most
sensuous movements, and all kinds of lewd thoughts were running through
my mind.
All of the sudden, Amanda slipped between us, brushing her body lightly
agains mine as she cut in. Lisa went and sat down while Amanda and I
danced. Dancing with Amanda in an experience. She never once touched
me, but the whole time we moved, she stared into my eyes, and every
once in a while licked her lips and ran her hands up and down the sides
of her body, stretching the fabric of her dress along her curves in a
tantalizing manner. Hell, we weren't even into serious foreplay yet,
and I'm already considering that I won't be able to handle any more of
We traded partners a few times, and I even got to watch Lisa and Amanda
dance together, which was definitely pleasing to the eye. Without
exception, every male eye in the place was glued to Amanda and Lisa,
and I have to say that it was an ego trip when they came and sat down
across from me again.
We ordered another round of drinks to cool off, and traded more
information about each other. Amanda and Lisa both go to school at the
University, and are roommates. I told them a little bit about myself,
and we just seemed to hit it off tremendously.
During this time of talking, I can feel somebody, I don't know who, run
their foot up and down my calf, and up to about mid-thigh. Things
started to rise, and the temperature under my collar rose
significantly. Up and down, up and down the foot runs, lightly
brushing my inner thigh, almost touching my rapidly rising penis, but
not quite. I still can't tell which one of them is doing this, as
they're both looking straight at me while we're talking. Well, I was
trying to talk, but I was afraid of the sounds I'd make, so I just sat
there and squirmed. They enjoyed it, it was easy to tell.
After a while, the foot disappears to be replaced by another. This
foot is more agressive, and doesn't waste time, but moves right up to
my crotch and starts massaging me through my pants. It's starting to
become very enjoyable, and I hesitate to look down and see who it is,
for fear it will stop. This goes on for a few more minutes, and then
it stops.
They look at each other, Lisa nods, and then they both turn and look me
right in the eyes, and said that they wanted me to stop by their
place. I said I would be happy to, but that it was going to be a few
minutes before I could stand up. They laughed and said that that was
I paid for the drinks, and we left the bar and headed back to our
vehicles. I told them that I'walk them to theirs, but Lisa said "No,
we'll go to yours first and then you can follow us over to ours, and
you can follow us home." We were close to my truck, when Lisa, dropped
her purse. She bent over to pick it up, and Amanda and I kept on
walking. I got to the truck and was just reaching into my pocket to
get my keys out, when I felt a hand reach around from behind me, and
Lisa said, "Let me help you get those out." She definitely didn't mean
my keys. With deft movements, she undid my belt, undid my pants, and
reached inside my pants and "gave me my freedom". Then she said to
Amanda, "Show him what's ahead tonight." Amanda leaned up very close
to me, kissed me deeply, and then slowly trailed her mouth down to my
cock where she grabbed it, gave it 2 long, slooow licks from base to
head, and then ever so slowly slipped it into her mouth.
It was incredible. Her mouth was warm and tight, and Lisa was behind
me, pressing her breasts up against my back. I can feel her hardened
nipples through her dress, but all I really care about is how my cock
feels in Amanda's mouth. Amanda sucked me in sloowly, and all the way
to the base, and then with tongue and lips working in concert, slowly
pulls me out of her mouth and says "See you in a few."
God, the torture! Lisa and Amanda both start walking to their vehicle,
leaving me standing there numb. Well, everything except my cock was
numb. After a few seconds, I realized that if I wanted more, I better
get it in gear and follow them home. While following them to their
home, my mind was racing. This could very well be a mind-bending
experience. We twisted and jogged through the streets, until we got to
their home, which to my surprise was right across from the University.
I was kind of struck by the incongruity that I had been working at and
attending the school for 10 years, and in fact, parked in the parking
lot across from their house, but had never noticed or even seen them.
I got out of my truck and practically ran up to them in my haste to
make sure that they didn't forget me... Lisa reached way up,
stretching the fabric of her dress to the limit, up to the lintel, and
got down a key. "We realize it's not very smart, but it's a lot
easier," she commented as she opened the door.
I stepped into their apartment and took a quick look around me. It was
nicely furnished, and amazingly enough, clean. The few times I've been
in students apartments, it's always amazed me about how much junk and
crud they can accumulate.
"Have a seat on the couch, and we'll be out in a few minutes," Amanda
said. "Don't run away". Lisa and Amanda proceeded into the back of
the house, where I could hear them murmuring to each other. I looked
around the living room, and spotted the stereo, so I went and riffled
through the CD selection, trying to find something appropriate. After
a few minutes, I found what I was looking for, and loaded up the CD
changer with a few disks. During this time, I noticed that the talking
between Lisa and Amanda has stopped.
I went and sat down on the couch, and was listening to the music, but
foremost in my mind was what was going to happen the rest of this
evening. Every 15 seconds or so, though, I'd hear this sigh. It
didn't fit in with the music at all, so it had to be one of the girls.
I started walking quietly towards the back of the house. When I passed
one of the doors to what must've been a bedroom, I heard a moan that
was a little louder. I stopped, and tried the knob. The door wasn't
quite shut, so I pushed it open ever so slowly. My heart stopped.
Lisa was lying back on the bed, wearing a white lacy half-bra, and her
white stockings and shoes from earlier this evening. Some other
lingerie was strewn on the bed. Lisa was massaging her breasts, and
pulling and twisting her nipples. Amanda was kneeling on the floor at
the edge of the bed, wearing just her black stockings, a garter, and
heels. Her head was between Lisa's thighs, and she was running her
tongue up and down Lisa's thighs, and passing ever so lightly over
Lisa's quivering pussy. Every time her tongue bumped Lisa's clit, Lisa
would act like she'd received an electric shock, and her back would
arch, and she'd give out a quiet, breathy moan. Amanda was holding
Lisa's legs by the ankles, in the air to give herself better access.
It was probably one of the most erotic things I'd ever seen, and it
took all of about 3 seconds for me to reach a maximum erection.
It was obvious that Lisa was well on her way to an orgasm, and she
started moaning louder. Amanda let go of one of Lisa's legs, and
started using her thumb to massage all over Lisa's pussy. That was the
final straw for Lisa, and she exploded in a shuddering orgasm.
I quickly tiptoed back to the living room, and sat down on the couch,
just as I heard the door to the bedroom open. Amanda came out and
said, "How would you like a little fashion show?" "I'd love it", I
said, so Amanda proceeded to explain their little twist to the show.
She had me stand up, place my hands behind my back, and then she
quickly tied them together. She then had me sit down on the couch.
She crossed the room, turned off the lights, lit a couple of candles
next to the couch, and then turned back on one light near the far end
of the living room.
She then proceeded to sit next to me, and explained to me the 2 rules.
One was that I couldn't actually say anything, although the occasional
incoherent babbling was OK. The other was that I couldn't attempt to
use my hands, even though they were tied behind me. If I could agree
to these things, then they were ready. I quickly agreed, and leaned
back on the couch in a more comfortable position.
Lisa came out from the hall wearing the same lingerie she had been
wearing earlier with Amanda in the bedroom. She walked down to the end
of the living room, and started moving in a kind of sensous rhythm in
time to the music. I was enthralled. Various twists and turns would
emphasize the luscious curves of her breasts. At the same time, I felt
Amanda start slowly rubbing her hands over my crotch, removing my
pants, and then slowly stroking my hardening cock.
After a minute or so, Lisa left the room. Amanda kept stroking my cock
slowly with one hand. Up, down, up down. Meanwhile her other hand was
playing with my balls, slowly moving them around.
A few more minutes passed. Lisa came out of the hall again, this time
in a full black body suit, with holes for her nipples and crotch. She
started dancing again to the music, and at the same time started
stroking her body, tweaking her nipples, and slowly running her hands
on her crotch. Amanda shifted a bit and then moved to the floor
between my legs. She put her mouth right near the had of my cock, and
started blowing hot air through her mouth onto my cock. It was
electrifying. My cock was already straining at the limits, and this
inspired it to new heights, or shall I say lengths.
It was kind of hazy, but I noticed that Lisa was now lying on her back
with her legs pulled back and spread wide. Both hands were busy
stroking her pussy. One long finger flicked her clitoris, while the
other hand was busy rubbing the lips of her pussy. Amanda started
licking at my cock, with slow, very wet licks, going from base to top
in slow strokes. Pre-come was starting to ooze out the tip, and
tingles were starting to run up and down my body.
Lisa got up and left the room again, and Amanda slowed down her playing
with my cock. Back to the slow motions with her hand. Amanda's other
hand was moving between her thighs, and I could tell that she was
starting to masturbate.
Lisa came back out of the hall, still wearing the bodysuit, and
carrying what looked to be either a vibrator or a dildo. She quickly
laid back down and started running the dildo up and down her pussy
lips. Each stroke brought forth a little gasp from Lisa. In time with
Lisa's motion, Amanda began licking my cock again, matching Lisa's
strokes of the dildo one for one.
Lisa started slowly sliding the dildo into her moist pussy. At the
same time, Amanda slowly took my cock into her mouth, and sank on it to
the base. The sensations were such that it felt like I was slowly
sliding my cock into Lisa, yet I could see that I wasn't.
Faster and faster, Lisa was running the dildo in and out of her
dripping pussy. Amanda was running her mouth up and down my cock, her
tongue darting everywhere, driving me to the peak. Her hand was busy
on her own pussy, and everybody was starting to moan a little louder.
Lisa was starting to thrash wildly, obviously about to orgasm. Amanda
was moving her hips back and forth, her hand running wild, and her
moans and groans escaping around my cock as she sucked me.
Finally it was too much. Lisa let out a loud moan and started shaking
in the throes of a powerful orgasm. This triggered Amanda's orgasm,
and she started gasping and moaning around my cock, while her body
shivered. I couldn't last any longer, and shot a huge load deep into
Amanda's throat.
The orgasms seemed to go for ever. The spasms in my cock lasted at
least 45 seconds. Amanda licked up every drop of my come after she
recovered from her orgasm. We looked over at Lisa, who was just laying
there recovering from her climax as well. After a few more seconds,
she propped herself up on her elbows and said, "That was a nice start
to the night".
After a few more minutes of recuperation, Amanda gave my cock playful
tug, and said "follow me." After I stood up, she removed the ties that
she had tied around my hands. "Maybe we can use these later," she said
with a playful smile.
I followed Amanda into the back bedroom. As we entered the room, Lisa
was just stripping the covers off the bed. "We'll generate our own
heat", she joked.
Amanda pushed me forward onto the bed, and told me to lie on my back.
Lisa and Amanda climbed up onto the bed, one on either side of me. The
each leaned across me towards the other, and started kissing and
fondling each other, practically ignoring me. I didn't think I had it
in me, but I could feel my cock starting to stir, and become more aware
of its surroundings.
A few minutes of this went by, and then the girls moved down to me,
Lisa kissing me with playful nips, and Amanda was rubbing and stroking
my legs. I was playing with Lisa's breasts, and fondling her nipples.
She must've had very sensitive nipples, because she started to moan
rather quickly.
They switched places, and Lisa started licking and playing with my cock
again. Whereas Amanda was rather slow and deliberate in her
cocksucking, Lisa was very demanding, rubbing my cock all over her
face, using her hair to brush against it, then taking the head into her
mouth, while jacking the shaft.
Amanda straddled my face, facing towards Lisa who was doing things to
my cock that had me abuzz. Amanda would slowly lower her cunt towards
my waiting tongue, let me massage her lips and clit with my tongue, and
then would pull away. This went on for quite some time, until I felt
some movement by my hips. Lisa straddled my hips, and started rubbing
my cock all over her pussy lips. She'd then place my cock at the
entrance to her dripping pussy, and slowly lower herself onto it, just
enough for the head to pop inside. She'd then move in a circular
motion, dipping down just enough for me to feel the slickness of her
Amanda started mashing her cunt against my face, rubbing her clit all
over my snaking tongue. Lisa was taking me all the way inside her, and
when she'd hit bottom, she'd rub her clit hard against the base of my
cock. Amanda and Lisa were kissing, and rubbing each other's tits.
It was too much for me, and I exploded inside Lisa, in an orgasm as
powerful as the one earlier. "Done so soon?" said Lisa. "Then scoot
off the bed, and let us get to work".
I moved to the edge of the bed, and turned to watch. Lisa and Amanda
moved into a 69 position, tongues stroking clits. I felt my self
starting to get hard again, and moved in behind Amanda, who was on
top, and started rubbing my semi-hard cock up and down her slit, while
Lisa was busy tonguing her clit.
Finally, I got hard for the third time, and slipped my cock into her
waiting cunt. Fucking Amanda was an experience. She squeezed and
relaxed her cunt muscles around my cock, milking and squeezing it.
After plunging my cock in and out of her cock 30-40 times, I pulled it
out and went around the other side of the bed. I pushed Amanda back a
bit, and slipped my cock into Lisa's pussy. Lisa let out a load groan,
and started to buck her hips, and slide her cunt up and down my cock
furiously. Amanda was busy playing with my nipples, and had one hand
rubbing Lisa's clit with each stroke of my cock.
Lisa let out a load moan, bordering on a scream, and started orgasming,
her cunt milking my cock. Amanda rolled off of Lisa, and turned around
laying the same direction on the bed as Lisa. I pulled my cock out of
Lisa's still spasming cunt, and moved over to Amanda. I pulled
Amanda's legs up over my shoulders and started ramming my cock in and
out of her cunt, with furious speed. Amanda started making these
whimpering noises deep in her throat, and her cunt went back to work on
my cock.
Lisa leaned over and started sucking on Amanda's nipples. This pushed
Amanda over the edge, and she let out a load scream of pleasure.
Amanda collapsed onto her side, and tried to slow down her breathing.
Lisa pulled my cock out of Amanda and started sucking on it again,
using both hands to rub the shaft and testicles. It didn't take much
of this to send me over the edge. While the quantity of come was
limited, the quality was still of the highest caliber.
We collapsed into a pile on the bed, and slept through the rest of the

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