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The new neighbor

Recently completed thirty years Antonio decided to go to live alone, the rest had a good job, what prevented him from hanging out on his own, and not always under the eyes of mom and dad? Most of his friends had already married or were about to do, but not because one is not married can not have his own house. So he decided to buy a house, 2 bedrooms one bathroom lounge and kitchen would be perfect and said that within 15 days he found the house he sought. It was located in a beautiful building on the outskirts of the city, a very quiet and pretty, it was not a large building, only 6 apartments, and it did not mind at all.
Processed on all procedures relating to the purchase, and bought a nice decor in the shop of his friend John, moved into his new home after 1 month.
It was early November, and thanks to his friends in two days had made the move.
So that weekend great dinner at his house to usher in the new house.
The dinner started at 21, ended around 2 am, they were 15 and had made a lot of noise, a little 'regardless of the fact that they were in a building, but no one complained. Antonio still did not know and have never seen any of its neighbors, slowly in the weeks after beginning to realize who lived in his apartment building. There was a gentleman of 70 years who lived alone with a dog in the apartment in front of her, from time to time received visits from a couple with a c***d about 9 years, perhaps c***dren and grandson.
Precisely those two apartments on the first floor were still empty, he was the second, a f****y of mom, dad and two twin girls aged 3 years, was on the third floor above the gentleman in his 70's .. and still had not seen who occupied the ' apartment above her, she heard the footsteps, the voice was a woman, surely she spoke on the phone with someone, but had not yet ever seen.
Lived there for a month and a half, on a Sunday afternoon when the doorbell rang, went to the door and there stood the most beautiful woman he had ever seen and charming in his life, he was nearly speechless. She was tall about 1.70, long blond hair halfway back a bit 'wavy, 2 eyes as blue as the sea, a white skin and perfect, wearing a white bathrobe, bare feet, between the ages of 30 and 35 years, enchanted by the wonder almost did not hear what the woman was saying, "Hello, are
close, dress above, stretch out your laundry and I dropped something in his balcony "Antonio immediately replied" no problem now is that I put them her "and her" I'd rather take it "and he said" no, but it appears, Please sit down and wait here, "she embarrassed consent ', he went out on the balcony and understood why she wanted to be to recover the linen. Was a body of black lace, the kind with the holes on the breast, the openings below. In short, a sexy body, and he could not help looking pleasant to imagine it on her.
He went back inside and returned it to the owner, who thanked him and went back upstairs.
From that moment Antonio could not stop thinking about that wonderful creature who lived above him, now watched her, would do anything to meet her in after a month he knew all times to exit and re-entry of its neighbor.
One morning at 8:30 we met on the stairs, he greeted her, "Good morning, how are you? We have not yet presented I am Antonio "and her" I'm Delia, I'm being very careful not to drop anything in the balcony, so do not bother you. " He said, "but as a disorder, even if we must drink together one of these days" "Why not?" She answered him with a mischievous smile.
He smile all day could not get out of my head.
For a week, not met more ', until one Friday morning saw they parted, and she said, "Hello Antonio (it was already passed to you, and that what he liked) a dinner tonight do you wanna come?" he did not seem real, but did not want to go through what I did not expect anything else, and did a little 'precious response that would respond in the afternoon. They said goodbye, and later in the afternoon he intercom from below, to give confirmation of its participation in the dinner. He knew nothing about the dinner, did not know who i was, but he did not care much, it was important to start to get close to her, the wonderful creature that had populated his dreams hot lately.
But never could have imagined what was going to happen!
Antonio was very pretty. Tall dark hair and eyes, loved women and he had certainly never missed, had friends who allowed themselves to him from time to time without being too pray. M what he experienced that night, he had never, even in dreams imagination, but really never!
21 Hours Antonio halls Delia, sounds, she opens the statuesque body wrapped in a sheath bright gray, heel 12 and her hair in a soft bun, it does accommodate saying "you're the first" and he said "if you want to be back in a bit '"and her" no no is better "and smiles mischievously.
Between a drink and talk 2 you do 21, 30, and when he has made up his mind that perhaps the only invited him, and what he does not mind at all, the doorbell, she goes to open it and enter the house 2 women, diet always between 30 and 35, both more or less as high as Delia, a brunette and the other pink, both very beautiful, wearing a T-shirt attillatissima blackberry black straight skirt with slit and dizzy and heel maybe 15, wearing a red blouse and black pants pinstripe attillatissimo which shows a sit-up, which Antonio looks at them and thinks "it's a joke, now check and someone says you're on candid camera" and Delia's has the two friends " Antonio Met Sara and Paola. " After 10 minutes of small talk, Delia makes them sit at the table, and it is them that Antonio realizes that the guests at the dinner are only 4 of them, the thing is certainly pleasure, even if it is very upset and at the same time excited by it.
The dinner is smooth, including chat, laughter and jokes with double meaning of three friends, which implies Antonio what will happen to them shortly. In fact, even during the coffee, sitting comfortably on the sofa, will be the default, an approach begins with Antonio, begins with the rest his hand on my leg to him, to caress him gently, he is a bit 'embarrassed at the beginning is a bit' rigidino but then slowly relaxes, while Paola saying "it's hot" gets rid of her blouse showing a beautiful breast prosperous, and approaching him says "you have no heat? "And without waiting for an answer begins to unbutton his shirt, while Sarah does the same with his pants, he has no words now only hear the excitement up even more.
Sara holds the hard cock of him, and began to act a saw .. first with one hand, then with both, while Paola kisses and licks her neck chest, ear lobes, and now he was relaxed, enjoying the moment, and wonders what happened to Delia. Both women are now both on their knees, and they are doing a blowjob, sucking the chapel, the other licks his balls, then lick along the shaft, and he more and more excited, now ecstatic about what the two are doing, do not realize that Delia walked into the room, completely snudassi notices her when he hears a hot, wet pussy on his mouth, took the excitement begins to lick, suck, savoring every inch of that smooth pussy, meaty, he seems to be in heaven, 2 women give him a blow job while he licks her pussy to an 'other, these things had only seen in movies, and now he was there with those three Where's My Car all for him, and he wondered in a moment of lucidity what was under, but it was in the game and wanted to play at any cost.
The two mouths and continued to give him a horny blowjob, licked, sucked, seemed to want to eat it, he continued to lick her pussy while Delia with her hands squeezing the buttocks, was thrilled, and now suddenly, the three women are detached from him and reclining on the carpet to create a show that Lesbos is increase the excitement of Antonio.
Delia lying on the ground with Sara crouched with her pussy on his mouth, while Paola licking pussy and fingering Delia, Antonio see everything with his hard cock in his hand, then the women exchange, Paola is now squatting on Sara Delia's mouth while licking the pussy of the latter, after which, they sit in a row next to each other with open pussy and masturbate in front of Antonio, looking horny, then kneel down, go up to him on all fours and all three take it back in his mouth passing it from one to another. At this point, Delia moves her friends and sits on his cock Antonio is now harder than marble, and it does slide in and out for a while ', while the two friends console themselves with a 69 to each other, fucks him yet a little '.. before getting together with friends at 90 inviting Antonio to fuck them all three, Antonio like crazy trying to accontentarle, and for 10 minutes does nothing but get into a pussy, come and go in the other, and then yet in the other, while the three women enjoy, screaming writhing, the smell of sex fills the room, now he is ready .. I pick it up and wanks on three asses on display in front of him ... showering all three of cum, and letting go on the couch exhausted, and if found him again, licking and clean up his cock with their tongues hungry.
Was all over, he asks "what lies beneath?" .. And Delia "anything, just have fun together and we like to occasionally evadiamo from routine doing these special among us will delight the lucky guy.
He discovered that Delia was married, but her husband was out of work for months, Sara was separated and had two c***dren, and lived with an older man but not sexually gratified and finally Paola was single and in his career. .. Were friends since high school, to have always enjoyed a lot.
And this time the fun was his turn.

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