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Student spanked -2

Lisa's lovely little bottom is still red from her first ever spanking. The experience left her in confusion. So humiliating, but also so hot she got. She even came, bend over his knee! ... Shall she swallow the conditions of her mentor and accept to be his slave until she would get her degree and he set her free?

Lisa listens carefully to the details of the deal. Her mentor will move in to her, to supervise her full time. She will have no privacy at all. She will get back a bit of it, as soon as he is satisfied by her progress in dicipline and dedication, as well as in writing her final thesis. All that time she shall do as told and ask him for permission of every little step she wants to take. She is not supposed to discuss any of his decisions for her. She shall simply carry them out as best as she can. Her master will set the times for discipline, study or sex. Her task is to make him happy and be available as he will want. She shall be open to his lessons of life, love and devotion. She gets an hour to think it over. She shall handle him her keys as a sign that she agrees.

Lisa slowly sips her long latte. Her eyes stare into mine. Her face wears a blush after her orgasm and her eyes still shine. She smiles to me after her last sip. "Permission to speak, Sir?" - Granted. - "Can I get my bag, Sir?" - Yes please.

"Please lock me up Sir. Here are my keys. I shall do as you please. I am eager to learn and love to progress under your good guidance. I do not need any time for reflection. The way you spanked me and made me come, convinced me that I will feel safe in your hands".

With one hand I take the keys, while the other lifts her chin and I kiss lightly Lisas lips. "Warm welcome into my intimacy. You took your initial lesson very well and understood quickly what is was all about. I will lock us in here. You will stand up please, legs spread and bend over. I first want to inspect you carefully, so spread your cheeks with both hands for me".

I take my time for a close look at her hairy hot cute cunny and inhale the sweet smell of sex emanating from her wet love lips. "Let me see how wet you get inside, Lisa". A pink pretty pussy opens up for my sight. Tasty and tight.
Without a warning I lap up her juice and stick my tongue deep in her tunnel. With my chin I rub her mound while my hands hold her hips. Her breathing gets heavier and I can hear her moan. Lisa tries concentrate and not get lost in this teasing treatment. She does well as long as my tongue is only poking her pussy. I lick up and down her swollen love lips and I flick her clit. It sends her soon over the edge and Lisa comes hard all over my face.

Lisa realises that she is up for more disciplining within a minute after her second orgasm with me. "Well, if you are so eager to come, my dear, you will! Fetch the wooden spoon from your kitchen and bend over again. This time my fingers nor my tongue will help you. I will spank you till you come once more."

Her face red from excitement and embarrassement for losing control of her feelings, Lisa gets the tool and bends over once more. I hit her hard all over her bright bottom. In between I pad her mount from below and with the grip her slit. Lisa tries to learn to come from this treatment. I see the muscles of her mussel and sphinxter contract and spasm fast. Soon she comes and squirts a bit.

"Well, it looks like you are sex-craved. So that is why your studies suffer. We will first exhaust your naughty needs, before I allow you to be back at your books, baby. If you like so much to come for your master, you will till I tell you to stop. Now sit in this armchair and pull up your legs. You will look at me and use one finger. And be fast. Come within a minute."

Lisa takes a bit longer than that and squirts once more. I tell her about both facts and inquire if she had ever before got that wet. "No Sir, I never got such a sexy treatment yet." I inform her that she will get more and as she will progress I will get my camera soon, so she can see herself and how sexy it looks. If she majors according to our plan, Lisa will get the tapes. If not, I will keep them.

Will we ever get to see those tasty tapes here you wonder?

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