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Best Day

I was doing my cleaning duties, Big cotton pants, tan tights, Skirt and blouse from charity shop. Knock on the door, as usual I went to hide in the bathroom. Its ok you can come out. When I went in the lounge there was wifes best mate H. She smiled as I felt like dying. Oh I see what you mean!! My wife K said lift your skirt! I was close to tears. Look at those panties said H oh dear how sad are those?.

I was sent to shower and shave all my pubes. When I got to the bedroom there was a pair of French knickers and hold up stockings. A nice black bra with inserts plus a red underskirt. I dresssed and went back to see the girls.

When I walked in they were wearing the same outfit. Sit there and watch said K. K and H came over and looked at me. They both started to run there hands over my legs, slowly working up to the top. My cock was bursting, H pulled my panties to one side and licked my engorged cock. Oh look hes dripping! K licked the pre come and looked at H. They started to kiss, swapping my juices as they did..

K pulled H pants to one side and lapped at her soaking cunt. I was dying to taste her juices. K looked at me and said go on youve been dying to taste her for years. I knelt down and put my tongue in between her hot soaking lips. I held the tip just at the entrance until she begged for me to finish her. K dragged me away and brought H to an amazing orgasm.

They both looked at me. My panties where pulled to one side and they both knelt down and licked my cock. They took turns licking and sucking until I was close to coming. H wanted to bring me and I exploded in her mouth. She looked at K and they kissed, Swapping my come. I was sent back to my room and had to put my dowdy clothes back on.

Cant wait for next time, xxx

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