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Happy Birthday

Robert and Sharon returned home from dinner at around
9:30. The sky was rapidly darkening since the sun had
not long before set and it radiated a lovely cobalt
blue color. Mid-June in Virginia is a beautiful time of
year, the days are long and the evenings warm. Sharon
was smiling contentedly, it had been a beautiful
birthday dinner and she was listening to Robert talk
about some news item of the day.

She loved to hear Robert talk about something that had
piqued his interest, he always became animated and she
quietly chuckled at his passionate and often silly
interpretation of how the world worked. She leaned back
in the seat of the car and reached over to hold
Robert's hand. This was her second birthday with him
and they still were as happy as the day they began
seeing each other.

After about a 20-minute ride they turned into the drive
of their simple country cottage. Robert stopped in
front of the attached garage, but did not press the
remote to open the overhead door. This was odd, but
when Sharon looked over in inquiry, Robert nonchalantly
told her that he still had some gardening tools and the
lawnmower in the garage.

He had left work early that day and piddled around the
yard all afternoon while Sharon was at work. He had
picked her up at her office and they had gone straight
out to celebrate Sharon's birthday.

Sharon opened her car door, stepped out onto the
driveway, and heard the remote release switch click as
the trunk lid slowly rose. Robert quickly shut his door
and circled to the back of the vehicle, retrieving a
gift bag before slamming the trunk and joining Sharon
to walk hand in hand to the front door.

Sharon smiled broadly and her heart sang; Robert was
always creative in his choice of gifts and she wondered
if it would be something pretty, comical or naughty. It
could go any of those ways. Robert opened the door and
followed Sharon into the softly lit home. Candles were
burning in several places in the living room, and
Robert softly grabbed Sharon around the waist and
kissed her deeply on the lips.

As always happened Sharon reacted to the kiss by
feeling herself becoming damp and could feel Robert
stiffening through his jeans. They kissed for a couple
more minutes before Robert pulled away and handed
Sharon the gift bag with a mischievous sparkling smile.
Sharon sat down on the sofa and pulled aside the
colored tissue decorating the package to claim her
birthday present.

She pulled a set of silk lingerie from the bag. There
was a light pink camisole and matching panties trimmed
in a darker rose shade. She felt the smooth texture of
the silk material and smiled an accusing grin at Robert
that spoke volumes without needing any words. Was this
gift truly intended for her or him? Who would benefit
most, the wearer or the observer?

Guessing her thoughts, Robert quietly laughed, kissed
her softly on the lips and whispered a suggestion that
she go and try it on. With her face alight, Sharon told
him to allow her a little time to run through the
shower. Robert nodded agreement and said he would get
them a couple glasses of wine while he waited. They
entered the hallway and then split directions, he
heading to the kitchen and her to the bathroom in the
master bedroom.

Sharon closed the bedroom door, flipped on a light and
softly laid the lingerie on the bed before removing her
work attire and underclothing. She deposited the
laundry in the hamper in the bathroom before adjusting
the shower to a hot, tingly spray. The spray of water
intensified her sexual excitement that had begun with a
kiss earlier in the living room. The stream relaxed her
as well and she slowly lathered up and stroked over her
sex with her long thin fingers.

She felt some residual stubble around her pussy and
used a small razor from the shower basket to shave
herself to smooth perfection. She completed her
cleansing and, careful not to wet her hair, stood in
the artificial rainstorm of the shower to rinse her
body. She turned off the water, dried herself with an
oversized towel and wrapped it around her body like a
soft cotton robe.

Sharon returned to the bedroom and sat on a chair at
her dresser. As she brushed out her long white blonde
hair, she could hear the clink of glasses and footsteps
from the kitchen as Robert prepared their after dinner
bottle of wine. Smiling at her reflection in the
mirror, she finished brushing her hair and slipped out
of the towel to go and inspect her new outfit.

Sharon was tall, around 5'9", and slender without being
too thin. Her skin was evenly bronzed from regular
visits to the 'fake and bake' tanning beds that she
used for relaxation. Her long legs led up to a fine
behind and firm body that made her look nowhere near
her early 40's age. She had small firm breasts with
poker straight nipples and a small, wonderfully shaped
pussy that would look at home on a teenage girl.

She slipped on the camisole and enjoyed the sensation
of the silk slipping over her erect nipples. She picked
up the matching panties and looked a little perplexed:
they were the boy short type that she was unaccustomed
to wearing. It was then she noticed the extra hem at
the middle of the legs. She giggled aloud. They were
crotchless. Maybe this gift really was intended more
for Robert than her. She sat on the edge of the bed and
slipped her tanned legs through the openings before
standing up and pulling them the rest of the way up to
her waist.

Sharon walked over to the full-length mirror on the
back of the bathroom door and checked out the gift she
had just received. It looked great on her. The light
color contrasted perfectly with her darkened skin and
the opening on the panties flawlessly outlined her
beautiful sex.

She left the bedroom and walked down the hall to the
candlelit living room. Robert turned when he heard her
footsteps and his jaw dropped and he hissed in a breath
upon seeing her outfit. Two glasses of white wine sat
on the coffee table and a bottle sat in ice bucket on a
corner table. Sharon noticed that he had moved the
coffee table so that it was a right angle to the couch,
leaving the front completely open to the living room

Robert stood up and met Sharon at the junction of the
hallway and living room. He had already taken off his
shoes, socks and dress shirt and remained only in an
undershirt and dress slacks. He grabbed Sharon
f***efully around the waist and kissed her passionately
on the lips. He pushed her up against the wall and
continued his deep kisses. Sharon reached out, unzipped
Robert's pants, and let them slip to the floor. Robert
kicked them off and began exploring under Sharon's silk
camisole. She gasped as he pinched her nipple.

In retaliation, Sharon squeezed his cock, almost
causing his knees to buckle from under him. Robert's
hand slid down and cupped over her exposed sex before
suddenly raising her upward violently. They both were
now breathing hard with hands roaming over each other

Sharon was losing herself in the moment and expected to
be fucked right there against the wall when Robert
abruptly stopped and stepped back. Surprise and
disappointment filled her eyes as Robert led her to the
couch and handed her a glass of wine. He motioned for
her to sit down and remained standing, looking down at
her perplexed face. She was ready, fired up and did not
understand the delay.

Seeing her frustration, Robert smiled down at her and
explained that he had another gift that he wanted to
give her before things went any further. He told her to
relax and enjoy her wine while he retrieved it. He
walked back into the kitchen and Sharon downed the
entire glass of wine before refilling it from the
nearby bottle.

She heard Robert open the door to the garage and a
couple of minutes later heard the door shut and his
footsteps approaching her through the kitchen. She also
heard a strange cadenced clicking sound that she could
not quite recognize. The identity of the sound occurred
to her at the same moment that Robert turned the corner
followed by a gorgeous dog. Claws treading across the
ceramic tile floor of the kitchen made the clicks.

When Sharon saw the muscular Doberman that Robert led
in on a leash, she looked confused. They really did not
need a dog. Besides, would it not have been better to
get a puppy rather than a full-grown a****l? The evil
grin on Robert's face confused her even more.

In his usual story telling style, Robert recounted an
evening some time back when, after a few drinks, Sharon
had confessed to a deep fantasy about having fun with
an a****l. She was listening and nodding as he
systematically told her how he had researched the
subject and using the internet had found someone with a
trained a****l. He had arranged to borrow the dog,
whose name was Rocky, for an evening.

Sharon was stuck somewhere between shock and
exhilaration. Her body, already aroused from their
earlier play, was getting warm and butterflies filled
her stomach. Her pussy was drenched. Robert released
Rocky from his leash and the a****l happily bounded
across the room and sat in front of Sharon. He
playfully placed his paw on her bare leg. Rocky was a
beautiful specimen, all muscle and shiny coat.
Intelligent brown eyes stared up into Sharon's widely
opened green eyes.

Sharon protested that she could not do this, that the
fantasy was just that: a fantasy. Robert laughed and
told her that the entire thing was up to her. He had
only set the stage. If the play was to go on, it was
entirely her decision. Sharon was still stunned, but
had begun to absent mindedly begun to scratch Rocky's
ears. He responded by laying his head on her leg. The
scent of a clean a****l reached her nose and enhanced
her arousal.

An unbidden thought entered her mind: when would
anything like this ever occur again? She had a trained
a****l, it would always be confidential and she was
with someone who would not judge her. In fact, from the
look on Robert's face combined with the obvious effort
he had put into this, he wanted to see her experience
her wildest wish. Two pair of eyes, one human and one
a****l, both sparkling with desire, awaited her

The combination of her deep fantasy and the warmth of
the wine in her veins lowered her inhibitions and she
slid off the sofa onto the floor next to the gorgeous
b**st. In her mind, she knew she could always just go
so far, and if necessary, stop. Sitting on the floor
next to Rocky, she began to stroke his flanks and

Robert walked over and sat on the sofa for a better
view. His erection pressed against his snug underwear.
Sharon smiled up at him and grasped his cock in her
hands, giving it a powerful squeeze. Robert moaned in
response and his eyes rolled up in his head shortly.
Sharon released him and he went back to watching her
and Rocky.

Rocky was very well trained. He reacted to Sharon's
touch, but he did not jump on her or become too
aggressive. Sharon continued her caresses and Rocky
began sniffing her legs in apparent enjoyment of her
scent. Sharon shifted around until she sat with her
back against the front of the sofa with he legs
stretched out in front of her.

Rocky wasted no time pushing his snout along the inside
of her thigh until he reached her wet sex. Sharon had
forgotten all about the crotchless nature of the
panties she was wearing and instinctively spread her
legs. She was soon reminded of the missing section of
fabric when Rocky's tongue hit the outer lips of her
pussy. She gasped and tried to snap her legs closed,
but the big dog would have none of that. His strength
was obvious as he pushed further and began to use his
tongue to lap up Sharon's juice.

Sharon's gasps turned to moans as the long tongue
filled her tight pussy and it's slightly rough surface
stroked her clitoris. She always was quick to orgasm
and within seconds, her sex began rhythmically
constricting around the invading tongue. She shouted
out and her hips bounced up and down as Rocky continued
his oral massage.

The erotic scene was taking its toll on Robert as well.
He was rubbing his cock through his underwear and
watching intently. A wet spot appeared at the head of
his dick, soaking through his shorts.

After several minutes of pure ecstasy, Sharon came back
to her senses and managed to push Rocky away from her
pussy. As she gasped to regain control of her
breathing, Rocky stood up and moved back slightly. He
stood patiently, but clearly keyed up and wanting to be
satisfied. Sharon looked at Rocky and saw his cock
slightly extended from its sheath. She turned her head
and saw Robert was also lost in the moment. Curiosity
and lust combined in her mind to push her over the

Sharon raised herself up on her knees, slipped off the
delicate camisole, and tossed it next to Robert on the
sofa. She turned to face the couch and laid her torso
over it, leaving her knees on the floor and brazenly
spreading her legs wide while pushing her pussy,
swollen from the tongue-lashing it had received, into
the air invitingly behind her. It filled out the
opening of the crotchless panties and her juices
glistened in the soft candle light.

Rocky's training told him what this pose meant and he
paced up behind Sharon and gave her a couple more
swipes with his tongue. She moaned and lifted her
behind further into the air. Rocky jumped up and placed
his paws on either side of Sharon on the sofa. Sharon
felt his pointed cock jabbing around her waiting pussy.
Just as she was about to reach back to guide him, Rocky
found her entrance.

His cock slipped easily into her slick pussy. The
erotic nature of what she was doing made Sharon
immediately begin to cum. Rocky began pumping furiously
into the tight sex that awaited him. Sharon loved being
slammed hard, and this was by far the hardest pounding
she had ever experienced. She pushed back against the
b**st and constricted down on his expanding dick. Rocky
responded by pumping harder and faster. His knot
expanded and pushed tightly against Sharon's slim

With a f***eful thrust, Rocky jammed his knot past
Sharon's pussy lips and she screamed out as the bulge
locked the two of them together. She shook all over as
the b**st began spraying his hot semen deep inside her.
Wave after wave of spasms racked her pussy. Rocky
finally stopped his brutal assault and stood over
Sharon with his rock hard knot sealing her pussy as he
filled her with cum.

Robert was so entranced by the scene that he had taken
his cock free from hit shorts and was jacking off
openly. Sharon looked up, saw him panting, and near to
orgasm. She slid over slightly, took his dick from his
hand, and slipped it into her mouth. She sucked hard
several times and received a mouth full of cum as
Robert exploded and fell back onto the couch.

It was several minutes before Rocky shrank enough to
extract himself from Sharon. Their combined juices ran
down her leg as Rocky wandered over to a corner and
licked himself clean. Sharon looked up at Robert, who
was practically u*********s and still purring softly. A
bit of guilt entered her mind as she calmed down from
the wild experience.

Just as she thought she might begin to become emotional
or even cry, she glanced up to see Robert's eyes
looking at her with loving sparkles and a huge grin.
His smile always was contagious to her and her face lit
up and any thoughts of guilt washed away.

"Happy Birthday, my love," Robert said with sincere
meaning apparent in his voice.

She raised herself up on her elbows on the sofa cushion
and Robert leaned down for a long kiss on the lips. She
had just laid her head on the couch with her knees
still on the floor when the unexpected sensation of a
rough tongue traced her entire pussy. She yelped and
looked back over her shoulder to see Rocky starting to
play again.

It seems that one of the evening's gifts intended to be
received more than once.

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