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Babysitting Karen

My wife and I were babysitting Karen; the daughter of the
wife's b*****r.


Melissa, my wife and I have been married 15 years and we
have an incredible sex life and sex drive. We have tried
everything, or so I thought, until my niece came to stay
with us for a weekend.

Melissa's b*****r and wife had to go away for some
business seminar so asked my wife to baby-sit. Karen is
14 and very cute, but very tomboyish, the type that wears
jeans and loose fitting shirts all the time and likes to
play rough. She arrived on the Friday afternoon and
immediately became great friends with our dog Boris. He
is a shorthaired Setter and very friendly.

He was all over Karen, slobbering his big tongue all over
her face. We hardly heard a peep out of the both of them
for the rest of the day. They spent it together running
around our backyard, wrestling, and chasing each other.

Our normal routine is dinner about 6pm, then shower
before settling down for an evening in front of the
idiotbox. Quite often it is a porno. We have a fairly
extensive collection showing all types of sex. With a
visitor though we had to settle for the normal boring TV
viewing and we told Karen she could choose whatever she

She was happy with that, and went and had her bath ready
to settle for the evening. It was when she came out again
that the evening turned from boring to exciting. She came
out wearing just a white nightshirt with a big teddy bear
on the front. But it showed all her curves, of which
there did not seem to be any during the day.

The shirt was just see-through enough that you could tell
she wasn't wearing a bra or panties. Her tits were the
size of small lemons and her nipples were sticking out,
not far or big, but obvious. Mel and I were sitting on
the couch when she came out. I didn't realise it but I
must have been staring pretty intensely, mouth open or
something, because in the next moment I copped her elbow
straight in the ribs.

"Are you okay honey?" she asked sweetly and with a little

I smiled back at her, "Never better dear." I replied.

"You're hopeless, you know?"

"Yes, but can you blame me?" I asked weakly.

Melissa just shook her head and looked back at Karen, who
hadn't even noticed us. Her attention was elsewhere
because Boris had just come into the room. Karen sat on
the floor in front of the telly a few feet away from us
and with her back to us. Boris took this as a signal for
more play time and started trying to lick her face. Karen
was trying to fend him off, but without any luck. She
gave in and started to wrestle with him, which he loved.

Then it happened. Boris managed to knock her over and
twist her around, giving me a full view straight up her
nightshirt. Because she was so distracted, it was a good
long look, showing everything. A beautiful little slit
with a little tuft of blonde pubic patch. A nice tight
little butt with a light brown bum hole.

She looked so good; my cock went to full erection within
seconds. My pants were like a circus tent. The show
continued for ages, Karen wasn't concerned in the least
with covering up or protecting her virtue. As quick as a
cat, Melissa gripped my cock and put her lips near my

"Don't you even think about it, you dirty old man! She's
my niece, and too young."

"They are never too young" I replied. I looked at Mel's
face and her cheeks were red and she had a glint in her

"Admit it, you're enjoying the view as much as me."

I knew I'd hit the nail on the head because she went back
to watching Karen and Boris frolic, then slipped her hand
in to my pants and started wanking on my cock. It was a
beautiful show. Better than the TV.

It started to get even better as the wrestling became
more boisterous and we were given views of different
angles. Not all long views, but lots of glimpses. On her
hands and knees, in doggy style; legs splayed so that her
pussy lips opened a bit. Even got a look down the front
of her shirt at her titties, topped off with little pink
nipples and cone-shaped aerolas.

By this time I had my arm around Melissa, caressing her
breast, and my other hand dancing up and down her thigh,
getting closer and closer to her pussy.
Karen somehow rolled Boris over onto his back for a
moment, and that's when I noticed that his cock was
starting to extend out of its sheath. I was about to
point this out to Mel, but before I could she got up out
of the couch to leave the room.

"Karen would you like a hot chocolate? I'm going to make
a coffee. Dave come and help?" I was a bit surprised, but
I followed her out to the kitchen thinking that maybe we
were going to continue the petting in private.

"My God, that was so hot, Dave!"

"We didn't have to move."

"Of course we did you idiot. We were getting far too
carried away. I'm not screwing in front of my niece!"

All of a sudden we heard Karen shout, "Boris, NO. Get off
you stupid bugger. Boris NO!"

Melissa and I quickly walked back into the f****y room to
find Boris trying to mount Karen. She was on her knees,
with Boris's weight forcing her down onto her elbows. The
angle we were at, Karen couldn't see us but we had a
perfect view of everything. Boris's big 8" cock was fully
extended, with the tip just entering Karen's little
pussy. Karen was moving her arse around trying to avoid
him, but she was exciting him more than deterring him.

Melissa took a step toward them ready to intervene and
rescue Karen, but I caught her arm and whispered to her.
"No wait. Watch a minute."

"Are you crazy. He'll kill her!"

But it was too late anyway. Boris lunged again and sunk
his cock full length into Karen's cunt. She screamed.

"Boris, what're you doing? Oh you're hurting. Auntie

Boris started fucking Karen at a steady pace.

Melissa was frozen in place, biting her bottom lip,
staring at the action in front of us and her nipples were
sticking out like bullets.

Karen's pussy started to squelch, so either Boris's pre-
cum was flowing, or Karen was a little more comfortable.
More like the latter because her face was more relaxed
and the sounds from her had a little more excitement in

"Boris, you've made me all wet and hot. OH! OHH! OHHH!"

I got an idea, and quietly slipped away to get my two
cameras, one a Polaroid. For the next couple of minutes I
shot off a dozen shots.

When I came back, Melissa was even more turned on. She
was rubbing a breast with one hand and using the other to
finger her clitoris.

"Dave, I need your cock. Come on fuck me."

Mel grabbed my hand to drag me into the bedroom, but I
stopped her.

"Sure, but only if you get on your hands and knees for
some doggy style," I said.

"Ok, let's go. Hurry."

"No, now! Get on them now!"

She looked at me stunned, then back at Boris and Karen.
The timing couldn't have been better, Karen was starting
to fuck back onto Boris' cock. All of a sudden Karen's
voice got some urgency into it.

"Oh, Boris what are you doing? What's happening? OHHH!"

She then let out a long scream in orgasmic pleasure. Her
first ever maybe?
Melissa still had a hold of my hand squeezing it even
harder, when she pulled me to the floor.

"OK, but hurry get that cock into, I need it so bad."

I've never seen her move so quick, but then I've never
moved so quick either. I had my 8" up in her pussy before
you could blink, and it only took a couple of strokes
before Melissa started cumming. It felt like she was
pissing on my balls, she was cumming so hard. I pumped
her through another orgasm, when the main event stepped
up a gear.

Karen was going through another orgasm herself, I looked
down to have a peek at her cunt, it looked soaked and
shiny. Boris's cock was still pistoning in and out like a
jackhammer, but I noticed that near the base of his cock,
it had a big lump the size of a golf ball. Boris was
trying with extra effort to push it into Karen and with
another scream from Karen, he succeeded.

Her pussy looked stretched to the limit. She had her
mouth open and panting loudly, her eyes were shut tight.
The sight was absolutely beautiful and I felt my nutsack
start to tighten when the next chain of events began.

Karen screamed out, "Boris are you pissing in me?" and I
knew that she was getting filled with doggy cum. That
sent me over the top as I pumped what seemed like a
gallon into Mel. Mel then started to groan and shake
through the biggest orgasm I have ever seen her have. It
was so intense that she fainted. As I was catching my
breath I looked over to the star attraction. They were
both locked together, tail to tail.

Boris was facing us, Karen facing away. Boris was panting
heavily but looked like he had a huge grin on his face,
the lucky bugger. I could hear Karen whimpering and
moaning quietly to herself, head down between her arms. I
looked back to Melissa. She was still out like a light.
Her legs were still spread and pussy open slightly. I
could see my cum inside and around her opening. She
looked gorgeous and angelic. I came to my decision. I was
taking a huge risk but...

I retrieved the Polaroid's and approached Karen, still on
her hands and knees and locked to Boris.

"Well you really enjoyed yourself there, didn't you?"

"Uncle Dave!" She looked up startled. "Get him off me,
please uncle" Karen begged.

"I don't think I can. There will be a lot of pain for
both of you if I just pull him out. You have to just wait
until it slips out by itself. The more you relax the
quicker that will happen, I would imagine."

"I am so ashamed, please, don't look Uncle Dave."

"That's too bad, Karen, because I have some really bad
news for you."

"What are you talking about?"

"You see Karen, from now on my little pet, you are going
to do exactly as I say, when I say, no matter what it is.

She looked at me like I was crazy. But she knew exactly
what I was talking about and started to resist. "No way!
You keep away from me. I'll go to the cops. I'll tell mum
and dad."

"And exactly what will you tell them? That you fucked my
dog? No I don't think so. I think you are going to be
very happy with being my 'instructions'. And I am pretty
sure you won't be saying anything to anyone, even your
aunt Melissa. You wouldn't want to see these posted on
the Internet, now would you? Or how about if I left them
lying around your school somewhere?"

The look on her face when she saw the photos was
priceless, and I knew I'd beaten her when her shoulders
slumped and head went down. She had one last effort at
resistance though.

"You arsehole, bastard!"

I cut her off before she went too far. "Tut, tut. That's
enough of that. You can show your respect for me later.
It's time now to start your instructions."

"What do you want? What do I have to do?"

"Exactly what I tell you to do, no questions and no

"Now, crawl over on your hands and knees to auntie. Go
slow, so that your lover there doesn't get all excited

"What for?" asked Karen.

"That is your last chance! Next time you disobey I go
straight over to the computer. I won't be saying another
word to you and you won't know where you will see your
picture next. Got it?"


"Right, start crawling. Right up between Mel's legs, but
don't touch her."

It took what seemed like ages to get there, but was only
a minute or so, and it was not a moment too soon because
Melissa was starting to stir and my cum was starting to
dribble out.

"Ok Karen, put your nose as close to Mel's pussy as you
can, but don't touch. Let me hear you take a big sniff.
Again. Beautiful isn't it? Now try your tongue, puppy

She whipped her head around at me and looked to argue,
but I held my finger up and gave a stern look. That
silenced her pretty quickly. I pointed down to the sloppy
cunt in front of her face, then with a look of final
resignation, bent down and licked Mel's labia. Just as
she started, Boris slipped out of Karen and trotted off
to his corner in the laundry.

The licks were tentative, but after the first couple, she
took to it with gusto, pushing her tongue into the hole
as far as she could, sucking up all the juices. It wasn't
until I noticed the small humping movements from Melissa
that Karen was no longer cleaning up cum, but Melissa was
juicing up again.

I don't think there was any stopping Karen now, her chin
and mouth were glistening, and her face was full of lust.
It was difficult to get Karen's attention, but when I
did, I directed her lick Mel's clit. As she touched the
clit, Mel's hands took hold of the back of Karen's head,
directing Karen exactly where she wanted to be licked.
Her eyes were still shut, breathing fast with her mouth
open. It only took another couple of licks and Melissa
was off again.

"Oh Dave I'm cumming. Yes keep licking Unnhhh!!!"

Then she squirted a couple of times straight into Karen's
mouth. I let Karen have a few more licks, then I pulled
her away. "You've done well. Go have a quick shower,
clean yourself up then get yourself to bed. We'll
continue your education later. Remember, you're mine now,
obey me when I command, or else!"

As she turned and walked away, with her head bowed, she
didn't see the big smile on my face, I was just so
pleased with myself.

But then as she turned away from me I didn't see the big
grin on her face either...


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