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My step daughter Jenna 2

Our waitress on the beach told Jenna how beautiful she was as she delivered our drinks. She licked her lips looking at her bare breasts. Her hard nipples poked out against her thin blouse from her excitement.Her eyes moving down her body to gaze at her barely covered young pussy.

The young blacks and Mexicans selling their wares all stopped in front of Jenna to get a closer look at her beautiful hard body. Jenna was loving all the attention of being topless in front of them and was obvious about looking at their bulging crotches. One lovely older woman close to us never took her eyes from Jenna. She too was topless and had very sexy small pointed tits with hard, long nipples.

"I really love doing this and letting everyone see my boobs,especially you. Does that make me a bad girl?" she asked.

"No, it makes you a very hot girl who enjoys showing off her beautiful hot body.A exhibitionist, a beautiful exhibitionist Jenna." I replied. "There's nothing wrong with that. You won't tell anyone about this will you It should be our little secret."

"I'll just tell my best friend and no one else. Trust me, Sara won't tell anyone,she loves showing her body too. She leaves her blinds open all the time so her neighbors can see her naked,and shes always letting guys look up her skirt when shes not wearing panties.

I thought about the time I had got a glimpse of Sara's red bush when she spent the night. She was a beautiful natural red head with a killer body."So do you ever do what Sara does?"

She smiled and nodded her head,looking at my crotch." You won't tell anyone will you? Mom would really flip out!!"

I told her her secrets were safe with me watching her roll over on her stomach. Her perfect,snow white little ass on display now. I had always been a ass man and Jenna's tight firm round ass was the best I had ever seen.

She asked me to put lotion on her back and my heart was pounding as I sat up.I squirted lotion all over her smooth bare back thinking what she would look like covered in cum,my cum. Her moans covered up my moans as I slowly rubbed the lotion in on her smooth soft skin. I covered every inch of her back as I stared at her lovely little ass. I moved down to do her long well shaped legs.Taking my time feeling her firm,smooth, muscular legs. My rock hard cock was twitching around with excitement from finally touching her body. A dream fantasy coming true.

She looked over her shoulder at me,her blue eyes sparkling. "Will you do my butt too?" she smiled.

"My pleasure Jenna!" I moaned squirting the white lotion all over her perfect naked ass. Thinking of my cum gushing out on her sweet ass. My hands were shaking as I reached down and put my hands on the cheeks of her ass. So smooth,so tight,so perfect. I ever so slowly moved my hands over her hot flesh.Gently kneading the firm white flesh. It was so hot finally rubbing her sweet sexy ass. She moaned softly as I continued to caress her young perfect butt. Sliding my fingers over the string covering the crack of her ass. Putting a little pressure on her asshole. I spent at least ten minutes fondling her ass before I reluctantly stopped. She had told me three times how good it felt.

I took a long sip of my drink and laid back in the chair. My swim trunks were sticky inside from my pre-cum oozing out. This was my step daughter and I should not be doing or thinking what I was thinking. I was the responsible adult here,not the hot,sexy 18 year old.

The woman beside us and her black companion gathered up there things and she slipped me a note as they passed. The note said we should all get together so she could taste my young friend. It was signed Barb with her phone and room number. I watched her bare ass as she slowly walked away.

We stayed on the beach for another hour then went back to the room to get ready for a late lunch. Jenna went into her room to shower and I went into the master for mine. Fighting back the urge to jack off with a hard cock twitching around.After the shower my wife called and I talked with her for quite awhile,feeling guilty about what I was doing with her daughter.

Sitting on the bed with the towel d****d over me as Jenna came into the room without knocking. She was wearing a short little flowered summer dress and sandals.Holding out her hands she shrugged her shoulders mouthing I'm hungry as I continued talking to her mother. She sat in the chair across from me and crossed her long legs,her dress sliding high on her tan thighs.

My hard cock was making quite the tent with the towel and I made no effort to hide it.

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