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Wife getting fucked like a whore

My sexy latina wife is very sexy. She is back in the gym tryin to get to a size 4 sicne she currently is a size 6. She has a nice phat ass and D cup breast. She was born in New York like my self. This story is on our date night last week. I have been telling my wife to dress more slutty when we are out since it is a turn on knowing every one is staring. On this particular day I bought her a nice outfit which was a short mini skirt with dots and a tight black shirt, and some sexy heels. I bought her some tan crotchless pantyhose to get easy acess to her pussy.
We went out to dinner and she was enjoying her sekf very much drinking alot of wine. Net I decided to take to this underground caberet they have in NY which I heard good reviews. We sat down downstairs in a circle booth with a table cloth droping to the floor. I was excited to see some girls in stocking but what we got was even hotter. There was a d***k blond going around dancing on guys and taking shots. The blond came next to me and sat on my lap and my dick got hard. she felt it and told my wife and my wife suprisingly smiled. we took a shot with her and then the show began. there was a asian girl doing a strip tease in a sexy school girl outfit. next a black girl in black stocking gave a sexy dance. Next a white girl in white stokings got undressed with only pasties covering her nipples and a thong. I ordered more drinks and my wife was tipsy at this poing enjoying the show.
Later they called volunters to get spanked by a guy that looked like a brunette fabio. THe blond from earlier came and grabbed my wife. my wife didn't want to go but evey one was cheering. They instructed her to get on her knees and crawl to his lap. She got down and started to crawl slowly. Once her stomach was on his lap they told her to lift her skirt up slowly. She was hesitant and the blond f***efully pulled it up to her back. My wife was on her kness bare ass on some guys lap. Every one started whistling as soon as they saw her tan thong and crotcheless pantyhose. she was so embarrased but I was turned on seing this blond feeling on her ass and on her knees. The blond said you ready to get spanked you little whore and counted to three.
One, Two, Three and the man spanked her ass lightly and then she said spank her hard and he hit her ass harder. My wife was smilling and the blond said you think this is funny slut and told him to spank her and he spanked her over and over and over and over hitting each ass cheek with open and closed hand until my wife started lifting her legs to try to stand. Finally the spanking stopped and the blond took a shot and told my wife to open her mouth and gave it to her like snowballing and my wife swallowed it. Every body cheered and my wife was es***ted back to my table. then it continued with other couples.
My wife sat down and said this is crazy and I said it looked like fun. she was just laughing and I gave her more drinks to calm her down. Later another blond came out for a dance and I reached under the table to put my hand in my wife thighs. I moved up to her pussy and she was wet. I started finger fucking her and she began to stoke my cock under the table. When the show ended they threw candies and condoms to the crowd. I told my wife im using this as soon as we walk out and she was exited.
As we dr**kenly walked to the car she said she was horny and I tod her I wanted to fuck her before we got to the car. She said no lets wait to get home but I said lets go in this alley. The alley was medium lit and she was excited. I told her get on your knees and suck my dick you slut and she unbuckled my belt and put het mought in my cock. I began to mought fuck her in the alley pushing her head againts a loading dock and I can see saliva and cum druliing down her shirt and skirt getting drips of juices. I told her to squad and suck and the cum was now getting on her pantyhose. I said you ready to get fucked and she yes fuck me.
I lifted her to the loading down and stuck my cock in her nice wet pussy and fucked her hard. Afer a while she said we need to hurry some one is going to see us and I said come down . I told her turn around and Im gonna fuck you from behind. I pulled her skirt up and moved her tan thong to the side. I said you were naughty today and need to get spanked. She said yes spank me, I stuck my dick in her and began to spank her ass telling her she was a dirty slut. I grabbed her hair and pulled it really hard and slammed her againts the wall until I had to cumm.I took my condom off they gave us and told her to open her mouth. She opened her mouth tongue out and swaloowed all my load and had cum dripping down her chin. She put down her skirt and then we walked to the car. This was the beggining to a sluttier wife. see pictures of her outfit, and her getting spanked before I got yelled at or taking picutures but I got one good shot.

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